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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo Ops 'R' Us

We're Square, and Proud of It!

Since the last picture was so appreciated by my readers I thought everyone would enjoy another from what was apparently the same weekend of self congratulation and posing with oversize cheques. I don't even have to really add a caption to this one, as they themselves had the perfect title written on the sign behind themselves. This is Clod and Kevy once again with the mayor of Kamloops who obviously knows which posteriors require osculation.

I guess all mayors aren't as "adaptable" or how else explain that Stephen Harper didn't even bother to inform the mayor of Castlegar when he came to his town? Awhile back (not so)Little Stevie (no)Wonder flew into Castlegar and met with his local supporters in a rented broom closet and the Mayor of Castlegar heard about the visit from the PM the same way I did, on the radio news. I'm glad to live in an area NOT represented in Victoria by a BC Liar or in Ottawa by a ReFormaTory.

We still get the goodies locally as well! Just this morning we hear that that extra from the Sopranos, Rich Coleman - Minister of Housing, has addressed the homeless issue in Nelson. He has sent $65,000 to hire somebody, who already has a house to live in, to go tell the homeless why they are such losers and how they too can get their own home. Well maybe they could hire some of the homeless to harass those who owe student loans to BC. Oops, I forgot, they outsource that to Ontario, we're doing all we can to keep Ontario from becoming a have not province. Well, that's all I got, back to you Rich, don't leave home without your mousse properly applied!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

More Monday Mirth!

I hope I don't have to explain why I find the picture above humorous, especially since I find it so in so many ways. Also if this is a team pic, this team must have had the last two or three picks, judging from some of the losers they had to choose. I would like to point out the recycled SoCred deadbeat in the green Tee-Shirt to the upper left, yep Kamloops' own Claude Richmond, currently Minister in charge of Welfare. I heard him on the radio the other day responding to the recent study released about B.C. welfare rates and policies. Of course the people doing the study got it all wrong and in actual fact B.C. is a model of progressive solutions to poverty, homelessness and helping those with disabilities that should probably be studied by people in Scandinavia.

Meanwhile, the Soup Nazi himself is front and center like the captain of the team, dribbling, posing AND kneeling ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I wonder if he was chewing gum as well, probably not, eh? Otherwise I'm sure they would have mentioned it. He deprives us of the view of his legs, but then full length sweats often have pockets and hip-flasks are useless without a pocket. My thought is that if indeed Mr. Multi-Task is really so skilled in Multi-Tasking, perhaps he could even show up at the Legislature more often AND even answer questions when he's there. Oh yeah, I'm sure such a multi-tasking guy could find the time to answer a few questions regarding the BC Rail Trial and Basi, Basi and Virk down there at the corner of Robson and Smithe.

I received another consignment of humorous quotes from the correspondent that I will refer to today as the Anono-Mouse of Mirth and since all my other postings are still being researched or written, I will share my favorites this morning.

What They're Saying This Week:

Do horse buns contribute to climate change?

"The Campbell government has made a terrific political mistake in assuming that if they appeared to be doing big and fancy things over global warming that the public wouldn't notice things like fish farms, bad logging practices and devastating rivers and streams.
"In fact the very opposite happened as members of the public, seeing that global warming on the one hand and fish, water, and trees on the other were connected and that they could actually do something about the latter. They saw utterances by Premier Campbell and his ministers as being horse-buns such that few if any government statements are accepted at face value any more."
- Rafe Mair (The Tyee), April 21, 2008

Once again harsh words from the Mild One. Also I would like to remind Rafe that the BC liaRs aren't really Liberals. Actually they are his old colleagues, the ones that haven't died or retired, disguised as Liberals, because some folks kinda trashed the Social Credit brand. Notice your old colleague Clod Richmond in the picture above. It's kinda like the way Harper and his little band of fascists are about as far from the Progressive Conservative Party of Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark as is Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin - they just wear the skin from the carcass to fool the sheeples.

Hopefully, that was a recycled napkin

"Like so many of his environmental initiatives, it seems like his biofuels plan was sketched out on the back of a napkin."
- Esquimalt-Metchosin MLA Maurine Karagianis (letter to the Times Colonist), April 25,

There's only so much thought you can fit on the back of a napkin

"None of this inspires confidence that the Campbell government knows what it is doing on the climate-change file. The effect will be to reinforce doubts, particularly in rural and remote regions of British Columbia, that the gain the Premier sees accruing from his policies is worth the pain he is asking the rest of us to bear."
- Norman Spector (Globe and Mail), April 21, 2008

Well Golly Gee Normie, there ain't much in the premier's policies that look attractive to those of us in the rural and/or remote regions of the province. It is difficult to see how we benefit from the loss of local control, the closure of courthouses, hospitals, schools and other government offices that ONCE UPON A TIME provided services without a two, six or eight hour drive via routes that have NO ALTERNATIVE means of transportation. Or even when there is an alternative, like to get from my place to Kelowna, for example, a four or five hour drive or less by auto becomes a two day epic journey by bus, the only option other than hitch-hiking (or actual hiking on foot). Meanwhile we see billions being spent on the Sea to Die for the Rich Folks Games at the Town the Workers can hardly afford to live in already. We see billions going to various highway and transit projects that just by chance all happen to be in the Lower Pain in the AssLand. Then there's the Convention Center, don't even get me started on that, but it is appropriate that it is just across Burrard Inlet from where the Fast Ferries are parked. Of course the Fast Ferries were a genius stroke compared to the Convention Center and if the government which finally replaces the BC liaRs is half as petty as the Campbell Gang, they will put out tenders for demolition of the Convention Center and take the lowest bid that brings the least to Provincial Coffers.

Being a B.C. Liberal means
never having to say you're accountable

"Shirley Bond, the education minister, says the NDP never had any system at all for playground equipment when they were in power. But statements like that start to ring a little hollow when you've been in power as your party has been for seven years now. The onus is on you to fix it rather than going back more than a decade."
- Keith Baldrey (Cutting Edge of the Ledge -- CKNW), April 25, 2008

Wow, Keith, I've been saying this for at least a couple of years. One would think that somebody like you, that makes a living "covering" the provincial government beat might notice and mention this sooner than some hick in the backwoods. But then, I guess maybe you aren't as skilled at multi-tasking as our Premier and paying attention would be a distraction from writing promotional material to explain to British Columbians how blessed we are to be "served" by these crooks. I mean "served" in the way the Thanksgiving Turkey is served!

It's all good, unless you need child care

"In response to Linda Reid's latest 'my department is doing everything just great' missive, I'd like to ask the minister a simple question: Is there a single vacant daycare spot anywhere in Richmond? ... I could give a damn whether Linda Reid's bureaucrats are chewing up more taxpayer dollars this year than last.

"Getting a childcare spot in the Lower Mainland has become like getting a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan; if you don't have the cash to cut in line, you better have a good plan B."
- Chris Parry (letter to the Richmond News), April 18, 2008

I'm not up to date on childcare these days, my own children being grown ups these days. But as far as I can tell any problem that may have existed has been solved by Stephen Harper and his Magical Childcare Plan, or at least that's what the brochures I get in the mail from NoSoLittle Stevie NotSuchAWonder seem to indicate. Indeed, Linda Reid may find her position will be declared "redundant" thanks to Stephen and his complete eradication of any problem with childcare in Canada. Now if Stephen and Monte can just figure out how to outsource childcare while retaining corporate profit....................

I'm going to end with this one and not even make any comment as Kelly Patterson pretty well expressed it as well as possible.

It's all good, unless you need any government services

"I find the new British Columbia slogan to be morally offensive. The Best Place on Earth would infer a place where not only the physical nature of its surroundings would be spectacular, but also would be, the nurturing empathy of its government toward the most vulnerable of citizens. This is not the case.The Campbell government has demonstrated a callous disregard for those people, young and old, who most desperately need their care and compassion."
- Kelly Patterson (letter to the Prince George Citizen), April 25, 2008

I'm still feeling quite remiss in STILL not having awarded the Gyro and Vac for 2007 at this late date, as April draws to a close. So I will redouble my efforts to get that together before midnight Wednesday (at which time it becomes May). Of course one difficult part is finding pictures of the winners that won't scare the children in one case or get the females of the readership all a-twitter and likely to lose interest in their current significant others.

I guess part of the problem (with the delay) is that this time of year it is so easy to find other uses for my time than studying liars and their enablers, things that have to do with new life and the great outdoors. Then in the evening, well late afternoon out here in the west, there are the Canadians and the Penquins to keep track of as they work on getting to the Eastern final to decide who, hopefully, meets the Sharks, though things are grim in the Shark Pond presently.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Day for Mirth!

"I will not Sell BC Rail"

Monday is as good a day for mirth (or humour, to those not familiar with the way we spoke back when the Koot was just a little Cootie Pie) as any other. As has become a recent tradition, my correspondent Gail has sent another collection of humourous gleanings from the halls of the Legislature and the often fallow fields of the Media, or what passes for media in our "Bestest" Province in the Empire.

BC Mary recently got inspired to try to track down some notice, picture, commemorative plate or any form of evidence that the people of BC (or their elected representatives - gag ) ever really received anything for that railroad that used to belong to the people and serve the north and other regions. In my own attempts to assist her in her so far fruitless search, I came across the picture above of the apparently abducted by aliens (like Gary "ferret" Collins) Judith Reid as she explains the myriad benefits of letting Gordo and Gang give away our stuff before a blackboard containing all the great aspects of the bargain pounded out by our so far un-indicted guys. I must admit that the empty blackboard was too much for me to resist so I added the orange and yellow writing. Of course the actions of Ms. Reid and the sharp-toothed finance minister (that you wouldn't want in your trouser legs) may have only been setting an example for a government that currently appears to be collectively looking nervously around wondering if it is time to commence the genuine stampede for the lifeboats and shuttles to oblivia where they can join their former colleagues, Judith and the Ferret.

Gail's submissions were very numerous this last time, so I will only post my picks of the pans. I must admit as well that though they all had their humour, some made it necessary to move on before thinking about them long enough to cry or vomit. Especially difficult, I found, was seeing the humour in the government's handling (should I say ongoing mis-handling) of anything to do with domestic abuse and/or child neglect, especially those children unlucky enough to be in the care of the ministry. Memo to Gordo and Gang, you've been government now almost as long as I can remember, YOU CAN"T KEEP BLAMING the NDP for stuff, or just resign and swear them in already. Or I guess you could just come clean and admit that you don't care about certain issues quite as much as say, fish farms, RORs, real estate development on Agricultural Land, the conversion of timberlands into tourist destinations, and the privatization of everything that stands still long enough (and some that doesn't), but I won't be holding my breath. I'm beginning to think it would take "enhanced" interrogation techniques to get these guys to "come clean."

Coot's Picks of Gail's contributions:

The puck stops where?

"When I watch a Canucks game and see the B.C. Ferries' ads, I question whether it really needs to advertise in GM Place and whether this latest fuel surcharge is fuelling the ships or fuelling the perks for B.C. Ferry executives."
- Peter Pedersen (letter to the Vancouver Sun), April 18, 2008

Hahn the Americanized Hun has to advertise at the Garage, after all people might you know, take the alternative to Victoria, you know, swim, towing their vehicle on a zodiac raft.

Don't blame me, I'm only in charge

"[Transportation minister Kevin] Falcon was asked by reporters if the board was out of touch with its customers. 'That's a fair question,' he responded. It's not an answer, but the remark is at the limit of his ministerial powers."
- Les Leyne (Times Colonist), April 16, 2008

So, the Falconator actually has "powers?" Kinda like Luke Skywalker (wait a minute, he is Luke Skywalker, ain't he?) or his dad?

He's so outraged he's going to sit back and do nothing...

"If the provincial government is so upset about this - about a 60 per cent pay raise for these people cutting for themselves. They can do something. They could roll those pay hikes back today. The legislature's in session. Very simple, they could roll them back today. They won’t do it, but they do want to stand up there and somehow try and convince you that they're upset about it. That there's nothing they can do. This is similar to TransLink, of course. Of course it was the Board of TransLink that gave themselves some nice big hefty raises a little while ago."
- Mike Smyth (CKNW), April 16, 2008

If these guys don't prove they possess greed in an appropriate (BIG ENOUGH) amount they don't belong in this government making important decisions like how much to raise fares to underwrite their self-inflicted pay raise for "public service." They wouldn't make any of those "dedicated" folks pay taxes on their payment for performing public service, would they? That would be so unfair and MEAN!

...and here's why

"And, it's a comforting feeling isn't it? Kevin Falcon is Transportation Minister allowing these outrageous increases to the board members at BC Ferries saying 'Oooohhhhhh, I can't do anything about it. I am just the Minister.' He could sign a paper today to scrap it but he doesn't have the balls to do it."
- Joe Easingwood (CFAX), April 18, 2008

It ain't Kevin's fault, he just keeps forgetting about his "powers." Unfortunately none of his powers are of the mental variety, they are more in the "Austin" class! Forget about trying to ever be as "cool" as Austin Powers though Kevin, even though that ain't the height of cool, it is beyond your abilities!

The best qualification is a B.C. Liberal donor receipt, apparently

"No one gains positions of distinction that the 11 directors had prior to being asked to sit on the board without having those qualities. But it seems that contributing to the B.C. Liberal Party helps as well. The raise may well be in line with what other boards get and decided by an independent auditor, but it remains excessive."
- Editorial (Nanaimo Daily News), April 14, 2008

The corporation's owners are the people of B.C.

I think if the owners of the Ferry Coporation were the people of B.C., then the people of BC would have the right to inspect the books................I think someone got confused with present (are) and past (were) tense in the statement above!

"B.C. Ferries plays a critical role in the Island economy. Its decisions on issues like fare increases, as the corporation has acknowledged, can create serious economic hardship. Real, effective accountability is needed -- if not to stakeholders, then certainly to the corporation's owners. The current structure doesn't provide that. After five years, a review of the ferry's governance is in order."
- Editorial (Times Colonist), April 16, 2008

Government of the corporation for the corporation

"Our Liberal government, in its haste to sell off every asset in B.C., has allowed big business to prosper at the expense of the taxpayer. Wasn't it this same government that gave MLAs a huge pay raise, and then told everyone else they were limited to a two- or three-per-cent raise? As long as the Liberals continue to sell off B.C., this kind of shocking news will occur."
- Eddy Lang (letter to the Province), April 17, 2008

"There's No Bidness like giving away Public Assets Bidness, There's No Bidness They Know......................."

On the B.C. Liberal-manufactured crisis in health care

The public ain't buying what Campbell is selling

"Despite some fear-mongering by the government, British Columbians weren't overly concerned about paying for heath care. Not what the government had expected. Campbell had made much of the need to cut health spending radically to avoid a looming crisis. The public, rightly, didn't buy it."
- Paul Willcocks (Times Colonist), April 18, 2008

Well, they buy his line of crap once every four years, when it matters......

Refusing accountability: is there a pattern forming?

"The government has despaired of trying to manage health costs and is preparing to unload the problem on someone else -- us."
- Editorial (Times Colonist), April 13, 2008

As if the government was actually supposed to be anybody BUT US! When your city, town or village, or province, or regional district or Ottawa spends money, it's all money we are spending. Theoretically we elect these people(?) to make these decisions, based on our best interests. Does Gordon Campbell or Stephen Harper really seem to share YOUR interests (I'm not talking to you - CEO of TimberWest, CN, Accenture, etc. or Leonard Asper).

On the crisis in the forest industry

If an industry falls in the forest, will the Liberals hear?

"We sent lobbyists to Victoria to hear from ministers and MLAs firsthand what solutions and suggestions they offer. Their response was either that they don't believe there is a crisis, that the answer is the forest-sector roundtable Premier Gordon Campbell announced in January, or that our members should come up with answers because they haven't any. With respect, we suggest that those who don't believe there is a problem should give their heads a shake."
- Stephen Hunt, United Steelworkers (in the Kamloops Daily News), April 16, 2008

If courage was a P3, would the Campbell government be interested?

"Meanwhile, a feasibility study has confirmed that the local sawmill could be a viable operation. We suggest the only reason TimberWest said it is not viable is because it simply don't want it to be. We also suggest that if the provincial government had the courage to tell them, 'No sawmill? Then no trees,' the viability of the local operation would change immediately in the company's eyes. But that is not happening. It would appear that the provincial government is selling us out."
- Editorial (Campbell River Courier-Islander, reprinted in the Times Colonist), April 17, 2008

Shipping them thar raw logs down to Warshington saves having to clean up all that unsightly sawdust that results from actually....sawing logs into lumber! Cleaniness is next to Godliness and of course God loves the poor, or he wouldn't have made so many, so by pushing more BC residents into poverty everyday, the BC Rail (reverse to liaR) Party pleases the ultimate big guy, upstairs.

Gordon Campbell broke a promise? Surely not!

"One of the effects of the 'run of river' policies will be the weakening and effective privatization of BC Hydro, which will pay high rates for private electricity so that it will be reduced to the power sources, mostly dams, they now have. This despite Gordon Campbell's oft made promise to leave Hydro alone.
For God's sake don't buy the barnyard droppings that somehow this policy is competitive private enterprise. There isn't any competition at all, just private monopolies who will put dividends to its shareholders miles ahead of any obligation to British Columbians or concern for the environment. If there's one thing free enterprise hates, it's true competition."

- Rafe Mair (The Tyee), April 14, 2008

Pretty hot words from the "Mild One" on the Line................

Penny-ante stunts, however, are right up their alley

"The $100 is touted as a way of cushioning the impact of Taylor's new carbon taxes. But doling out penny-ante sums to all and sundry is a shabby PR stunt designed to disguise a dramatic policy change and fools no one. The money is coming from B.C.'s budget 'surplus.' But if there's a 'surplus,' wouldn't you rather see it spent on something urgently needed, not squandered on a cynical scheme to whip up popularity?"
- Alan Ferguson (the Province), April 17, 2008

What could I buy for that nice Carole lady with my $100?

Thanks again to Gail and the newsletter(s) where these may have previously been published. Sometimes a laugh is all that keeps us from crying WAAAAAAY tooo much!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Homeless In
the House

First things first - I want to apologize to Little Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band and a cast member of the Sopranos for using his picture to represent the reprehensible Rich Coleman, B.C.s Minister of Housing (and Staff Sgt. in the House in charge of hectoring and bullying the Opposition Members while Ding Dong DeJong is catching his breath). However yesterday on the news at six, I caught a couple clips of Rich doing his thing in the house and I swear, I thought maybe he was going to an audition after work in the Ledge, for Little Steven's part in some continuing saga of the Sopranos. He had it right down from the shiny suit to the scary greased up slicked back hair and his attitude made the Sopranos seem like pussycats. I couldn't find a picture of Mr. Coleman that featured his current look, so settled for the icon of the look he seems to be seeking. (emphasis- I respect and admire Steven).

As I was trolling through Hansard today, to verify that the stuff I heard on the TeeVee actually happened, I was somewhat taken aback to read this notice.

Use of this transcript, other than in the legislative precinct, is not protected by parliamentary privilege, and public attribution of any of the debate as transcribed here could entail legal liability.

Well dip me in batter and turn up the fat (not talking about you now Rich), because every time I figger these guys can't surprise me anymore, they go and do it. Need I point out that WE pay these buffoons, handsomely, to go to that Rattenbury Palace and discuss OUR business for what turns out to be VERY FEW DAYS per calendar year. It often seems like a dog and pony show, meant to distract the unwashed while the real decisions are made behind the closed doors of the Premier's office with the help of Ken and a few other good buds, but hey, this is all we get for our money, so don't play coy and/or petulant. Perhaps give some thought to what you say there in the House with your privilege (another word that I'm getting very tired of hearing or reading).

Besides, what are they going to do to me if I (shudder, shudder and quiver) repeat something they said - make me carry a blackberry and be Kevin Falcon's aide? Then what, conveniently frame me to take the fall for the next wrongdoing by the government that is almost brought out into the light of day? By the way Gordo, how much did you enjoy the "special accomodations" on Maui, or were you too drunk to remember? There's always the possibility that you could spend a more extended period in "custody," if there actually was something like a Justice System in these parts.

Heck, I'm not even going to bother gleaning the highlights of the low lights of the Hansard Blues today. I'm just going to provide a link to yesterday's Oral Questions, and the first topic is the Homeless Crisis. Just go to Hansard and if scrolling down is too strenuous, just put 'Oral Questions' or 'Homelessness' into the word search on your browser. Well I can't resist one little sample.

The Honourable (that is so difficult to type) R. Coleman said in response to an NDP member:

It's absolutely remarkable to me that this opposition won't stand up to the fact that members of their own caucus have actually written and begged me to buy buildings in their communities.

Well Rich, I have a memo from Garcia for you. YOU are the Minister of Housing, IN GOVERNMENT, who should they ask (though I know you prefer the term beg, does it make you feel bigger somehow?). You'd think that with all the real estate development skills possessed by members of your government that BC would have more housing than people to live in them (and of course NO AGRICULTURAL LAND). I wonder how much more "governmental expertise" in property development is still out there lurking behind the convenient cover of numbered companies - not really pointing at anyone in particular, just saying! We certainly are burning through the ALR though, in all kinds of innovative (perhaps, sneaky) ways. Don't worry though, the last I heard food is in plentiful supply worldwide, isn't it?

Welcome Gary E.

to the Blogosphere. I'm glad to see you started your own blog (without me) and I was just piqued about the picture because there wasn't a link. Feel free to use it if you like it. I wouldn't mind having downtown Vancouver wallpapered with giant murals of it. The Don't Care Card is on my site, but I had nothing to do with making it, but again, I like it, and think it conveys an......appropriate message. Anyway Gary's new blog is called How Bad is the Record? and I would recommend that anyone who can tolerate reading this stuff might enjoy sharing his thoughts. Good Luck with the new endeavor Gary! There will be a permanent link in the top drawer almost immediately................

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Humour Me,


What with Spring, threatening to be sprung and what seemed like a new scandal per day last week, the poor old BC Rail Trial got shoved aside, clear off of page 17 of the third Metro section, the last while has been kind of a case of the BC Rail Trial goes to Maui on holidays, and doesn't even get arrested.

I'm not sure how many potential "Special Prosecutors" there may be in the province, but perhaps some one should start trying to work in harmony with Immigration to bring in lawyers with "Special Prosecutor" training, what ever that may be. The five year old alleged theft of a railroad pales before the ever growing not less, John Les real estate tricks and then the ever expanding IckyBycky "Chop-Shop" without "colours" distraction of ICBC run amok. These investigations are covered over at BC Mary's as well as a brief discussion about the importance or lack of importance of the Bobby Virk defense team appearance last week in BC Appeal Court.

For the last couple of weeks a reader has sent me an entertaining and relevant collection of quotes, assembled, I believe, by some members of the NDP. The Liberals don't have to have any sense of humour, the stuff they say in all seriousness is funny enough - and then if one thinks too long about their policies, it becomes more of an occasion for tears. So without further ado, I will present:

Giggles and Guffaws from Gail

On salmon farming and its impact on the wild stocks

In 2005, Premier Gordon Campbell included four B.C. Liberal MLAs on the Special Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture. The vice-chair of the committee was Nanaimo-Parksville MLA Ron Cantelon. It seems he didn't learn much about fishing or salmon during his time on the committee. His solution to save wild stocks isn't to protect their habitat, but this:

"Stop hunting them commercially for food. They are the last wild animal we hunt commercially for food."

- Nanaimo-Parksville Liberal MLA Ron Cantelon (in the Parksville-Qualicum Beach News), April 1, 2008

Breaking John Les' record for fastest flip-flop

"Not only did Ron Cantelon mull over the idea of stopping the fishery in favour of keeping fish farms open, he also said a moratorium on fish farms off B.C.'s north coast is likely the only aquaculture policy change we'll see from the provincial government. Does Cantelon stand by those statements today? Depends on what time of day you ask him... When we first asked him about it, Cantelon denied making the statements... But an hour later, a complete reversal... he says he has no regrets, now stands by his statements... It's perhaps not the kind of publicity the Campbell government is looking for as it gets ready to release that long-awaited aquaculture report."

- Shachi Kurl (A-Channel News), April 3, 2008

The voice of reason, part 1

"Ron Cantelon's review of sea lice science in your paper ... is so flawed I can only marvel at the ability of this man to serve the public."

- Alexandra Morton (letter to the Parksville-Qualicum Beach News), April 4, 2008

The voice of reason, part 2

"I just find it astonishing, actually, that somebody who's apparently on this committee for coastal aquaculture would know so little about the resource."

- Dave Boyes, commercial fisherman (A-Channel News), April 3, 2008

And by the way, this is what the Liberals promised

"To lead the world in sustainable environmental management, with the best air and water quality, and the best fisheries management, bar none."

- 2005 BC Speech from the Throne

On the scandal-plagued Campbell government

The Solicitor General resigns...

"But after dealing with the Dobell affair, and with the BC Rail corruption scandal still hanging over their heads, this (the John Les resignation) is not good news for the Liberals."

- Paul Willcocks (Times Colonist), March 31, 2008

... which just might be a good thing ...
"The resignation of John Les from the B.C. solicitor-general's post isn't much of a loss. He was a weak solicitor-general in some respects -- his response to the death of Robert Dziekanski was indecisive, his views on regional policing antiquated, and his role in the scapegoat firing of B.C. Lotteries Corporation president Vic Poleschuk hardly stellar."

- Editorial (Kamloops Daily News), April 4, 2008

... and doesn't follow the example his boss set

"The resignation of John Les from his position as solicitor general and minister of public safety raises some interesting questions.
"First and foremost is why Premier Gordon Campbell would accept his resignation when he set a precedent against doing so.
"Campbell, it will be remembered, was arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii in January 2003. Several months later he pleaded 'no contest' (guilty in the Canadian justice system) and was fined $913 US.
"The premier broke the law, albeit in a different jurisdiction, and though it was downplayed by his colleagues as a terrible mistake, it remains an offence of some seriousness."

- Editorial (Nanaimo Daily News), March 31, 2008

In wacky B.C., hedges trim you!

"Only in wacky British Columbia can the province's top cop be happily trimming his hedges one minute and then find out his own boys in blue are breathing down his neck the next."

- Mike Smyth (the Province), March 30, 2008

ICBC customers are the ones horrified

"ICBC's research facility reeks of scandal, and it's going to be [van Dongen's] baby for the next while... It will likely be known as ICBC's Little Shop of Horrors when the investigations have run their course."

- Les Leyne (Times Colonist), April 2, 2008

Advanced Education Minister lacking primary arithmetic skills

"Advanced Education Minister Murray Coell's comments about funding for post secondary education just don't add up."

- Editorial (Prince George Free Press), April 4, 2008

The Ag plan is just warmed-over mystery meat

"Val Roddick, Legislative Secretary of Agricultural Planning, is fond of proclaiming 'We all have to eat to live.' Well, if agriculture was looking for a big nutritious meal in the new B.C. Agriculture Plan, it will be disappointed. The meal looks good on the plate - it's attractively presented, nicely sugar-coated ... But when you really bite into it, the meat and potatoes are missing and a lot of what's there is reheated leftovers!"

- Editorial (Country Life in B.C.), March, 2008

Forest workers should just eat cake

"In the past year alone, 10,000 forest jobs were lost. Rarely a week goes by without news of another closed mill. And many families are packing it in for better opportunities east of the border.
"The Campbell government's response to this suffering would make Marie Antoinette cringe."

- Carole James (Vancouver Sun), April 3, 2008

That last quote really gets my goat! I mean doesn't Carole James realize that them poor old Forest Companies don't have time for mundane activities like logging or manufacturing wood products? For these highly skilled and altruistic CEOs and their friends in government, the business of recreational real-estate development takes precedence over manufacturing lumber, particle board or toilet-paper. These new waterfront recreational properties will be so COOL, that the holidayers won't even need to USE toilet-paper, much less worry about who makes it and/or where!

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