One of the crime scenes

Monday, September 25, 2006

Feel the Disgust!

Wow, I could say wow over and over again, though you probably wonder what I'm so floored about. Well, I'm overwhelmed at how in lockstep that which passes for media in this part of the world is with the forces of greed and crime. The trial (will there ever really be any?) of David Basi and Bob Virk on charges stemming from the unprecedented raid on the Legislature in Victoria seems to have gone to some other dimension. Not only do people (the government or even more powerful criminals?) with power have the ability to delay things maybe forever, but even when something happens, the bought and paid for media is on their honor not to mention anything.

BC Mary, who has really performed a service this summer by trying to keep the players and the plays in sight. Since little has been happening, she has gone digging in the archives to add background to this important story that should be center stage this winter, finally. Also she has tried to cover what little has been happening over the last few months, but it seems that powerful interests would prefer that the public stay in the dark regarding this whole incident and the resulting charges. To anyone who remembers the 24/7 coverage of the deck that Glen had built, the silence about this RCMP search and the resulting charges seems DEAFENING!

Do I need to post the pictures again of the Mounties wheeling dollies of files into vans from the People's Legislature? All the information used to gain the warrants was redacted for a couple of years and even today isn't all in the public domain. The trial that was originally supposed to begin almost one year ago has yet to begin, and some folks suspect that the sitting of the Legislature was cancelled so the government wouldn't have to answer questions about the legal proceedings that MIGHT start SOMEDAY.

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I am virtually speechless and livid at the moment because I just checked out the posting that Mary had promised for Monday, today and I want to go to Victoria and get in some people's faces. Last week there was a pre-trial hearing in the Virk/Basi case and assuming that we live in an open and free society, Mary thought there would be some information forthcoming, even if it wasn't a lot. I'll let Mary take it from here, as she queries the Time-Colonist (whose editors apparently feel that this trial isn't of interest to the public)---

Did the trial take place, as forecast, to discuss the status of evidence and to confirm the trial date? If so, what was the decision?
If not, was the trial delayed? postponed? stayed? what?

Mary got this reply from a Ms. Chodan - Editor in Chief of the Times-Colonist

There was indeed a pretrial appearance by Basi, Virk et al yesterday. Our
reporter staffed the appearance, and nothing of note happened. As is the case in such instances, the reporter consulted with his editor and did not write a story. When there is news, we plan to report it.

Oooooh, maybe Ms. Chodan is mad at me too now, as she was upset that Mary would share the editor's response with the readers of her blog. Poooooor, pooooor Ms. Chodan, the fact that you and your paper find the legal events stemming from this unprecedented seizure of evidence at the Legislature Buildings does not rise to the level of NEWS, is to put it simply, crap. Think about it Ms. C, and then think about how that print media like yourself is losing market share steadily, and wonder if they are related. Maybe people are deciding to read say.... Grisham, when they want to read FICTION!

So Ms. Chodan, (or would you rather I call you Lucinda?) please e-mail me the answer to this Question.

Why does the impending trial of Basi and Virk not rise to the same level of news worthiness as the irrelevant details of the card room in North Burnaby that was so intimately tied in with Glen Clark's deck in East Vancouver, that in the end was totally legit, in spite of how IMPORTANT Can(of Crock)West tried to make it seem?

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