One of the crime scenes

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Evening

British Columbia circa 1995!

 I confess,  I subjected myself to the New Christy Minstrel Show last night, too bad I wasn't in serious need of an emetic or purgative. I watched and listened to Christy, Minister of Everything Bigger than Big Rich Coleman, Dubious Mike DeDung Minister of $6,000,000 bribes, Mary Polak Minister of idiocy, washed up talking head/news reader Pamela Martin, Stockwell "the clueless" Day, Dave "babbling" Babych, old people, fat people, yellow people and brown people and lotsa babies and children and heard about a "scary horse." Mainly all I learned is that the picture above is how B.C. was in the dreaded nineties and I guess the Lying Liberals will turn off the lights again when they leave.  It is thirty minutes I'll never get back, but it was enjoyable in a masochistic way. 

I wonder if these people will be afraid to walk the streets of BeeCee when they aren't provided with security and handlers anymore. At the very least they should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves! 

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