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Monday, October 31, 2011


VPD Chief Jim Chu

Politicians, and there is certainly a political aspect to being the Chief Constable of a big city police department, and the lazy corporate lapdogs of the Lamestream Media regularly resort to hyperbole, I guess because it makes anything seem important and is certainly easier than investigation and/or analysis. This afternoon I was momentarily stunned to hear that the recent Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver are being "....called the largest crime spree in Vancouver history"

At a press conference to announce the recommendation of 163 charges against about thirty perps ranging from 16 to 52 years of age, Chief Chu himself said that:
"It became, by many measures, the largest crime spree in the history of B.C.,"

.....the investigation was the largest in the city's history and he expects the massive investigation involving thousands of cellphone and video camera images will result in the most charges of any Canadian investigation.

I kinda consider Robert Pickton's killing spree of unfortunate women of the Downtown Eastside a bit larger and even the investigation, quite likely larger, even if there was little investigation apparently done, even failure to follow up on tips for years, until the massive archeological dig at the Pickton Pig farm was undertaken admittedly outside of Vancouver proper as the victims were only picked up in Vancouver while the real crimes were done in neighboring Port Coquitlam, or was that just Coquitlam?

The recently departed Clifford Olsen, originally from Richmond, was a pretty big and grusome trail of blood also, though he seemed to operate in or on the outskirts of any municipality in the Lower Mainland, until he was captured and stopped.

I didn't attend the recent riots, or the earlier riots after future Canuck Captain Mark Messier led his NY Rangers to victory in Game 7 in Madison Square Garden, in a much more competitive game than the Game 7 lost to the Big Bad Bruins this spring. From my distant perch both riots seemed similar, with the main difference being the earlier riot wasn't conducted with thousands of video cameras and smart phones recording the action for posterity and now, hopefully, evidence in court.

Many have been frustrated with the perceived slowness of this investigation, though it seems like a law enforcement blitzkreig compared to the alacrity with which the mystery of disappearing women from the DTES was pursued. Often Mayor Moonbeam and Chief Chu's lack of haste has been unfavourably compared to the seemingly instant justice dispensed for the recent riots in London, Manchester and other UK cities filled with an underclass, and unemployed youth. Of course with the neo-facist Cameron at the reins, it's a wonder everybody wasn't arrested before committing the crimes at all. Of course in Merry Olde, the upper class can hack royal cell phones and commit other outrages and perhaps be punished with only a job in PR for the Prime Minister himself.

Some Numbers to Chew On!

Analysis by the numbers

49 rioters identified after 125 pictures posted online.
50 forensic analysts from 40 police agencies involved.
Over 100 different formats of video and images submitted.
Over 5,000 hours of video examined and processed.
Over 4,000 hours spent analyzing video and images over 14 days.
Over 15,000 criminal acts and suspected rioters tagged.
Over 30 terabytes of data processed (equivalent to 7,500 DVDs or 45,000 CDs)

Investigators have identified more than 15,000 criminal acts on the videos and between 500 and 700 people may be charged by the time the investigations are concluded.../snip

Charges by the numbers

163 charges recommended.
35 breaking and entering charges.
41 mischief charges.
60 participating in a riot charges.
50 men and 10 women suspects.
One individual facing 10 charges.
Youngest male is 16 years.
Oldest male is 52 years.
Youngest female is 17 years.
Oldest female is 22 years.
Average age is 21 years.

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Another Dip in
the Cesspool

Here it is Halloween, and November starts tomorrow, so it seems that it is time for my annual review of the self proclaimed "King of Bloggers," who is not only perhaps the most arrogant and self promoting man on the internet (Sorry Ezra), but is also often downright rude and insulting to anyone who deigns to disagree with him or his tenuous grasp of, or outright disregard for facts. For a man who claims to have visited the White House to meet Presidents who were in office when he was a child, and implies he chats with Popes (though he isn't Catholic, while being married to a "good" Catholic, which is amusing considering that a friend of mine's father was excommunicated because his wife wouldn't convert to Catholicism or agree to raise their children in the Holy Roman Church)and is on a first name basis with P.M.s, if only some on the rightward side of the spectrum - he certainly seems to have a thin skin, perhaps a result of his hide being stretched over so much acreage! If you missed last November's paean to the Arrogant One it can be found at A Cesspool in Cyberspace.

I took the summer off from blogging and barely even kept up with the news, preferring to enjoy the external joys, like mountains and lakes etc., of the paradise I choose to call home. With the weather deteriorating I'm starting to spend more time online again and it certainly didn't take long to offend the sensitive one and according to him I am now banned from his site. I'm not sure what he means by that, because he tried that before and all that happened was he wound up blocking half of his potential audience in this (SE) part of BC, since I regularly use Dynamic Hypertext Transfer Protocol, meaning to block me, he must block entire large blocks of IP addresses allocated to telus and uniserve. Meanwhile I just use proxy servers in Russia, Romania, China or where ever just to see what crap he is putting out on a given day and leave him little love notes that he won't publish, but will be read by he to whom they are addressed.

Since my return to Cyberspace, I've included visits to his joint and even left the odd comment, which he even published as long as I maintained a sufficiently adoring tone. But then he applied his idiocy to the OWS movement, which frankly freaks him out, just like it does for the crooks of Wall Street and the MSM that just doesn't get it, though they couldn't give enough coverage to the idiotic armed TeaBaggers financed from behind the scenes by the Koch brothers and the rest of the greedbags that helped elect Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Michelle Bachmann and others of that ilk. So now I am the left leaning loonie draft dodger "hiding" in the kootenays again, and maybe he'll start fantasizing me being in a jail cell with an eight foot member of the black persuasion named Bubba who is horny and doing life as he did a couple years ago.

He took offense because I took him to task for taking Harv Oberfeld to task about Harv's fine balanced post about the Occupy Movement. I must admit, I was wrong over there, because I said that the "king," who had been the fifth or sixth commentor and pointed out how flawed Harvey's analysis was, was then promptly put in his place by Harvey's reply. It took a couple days but the "king" had to gall to return to defend the indefensible after all, and attack me, going so far as to chide Harvey for even allowing me to comment over there. He went into the typical bullshit he drags up, which is shameless, as he knows better, or should. For example, I AM NOT A DRAFT DODGER, anymore than Gordon Campbell, who after all attended university at Dartmouth - and deserves an honourary US citizenship to recognize the British Columbian assets he has given to US corporations. I've explained the difference to him privately and publicly, but the "king" was never one to let the facts (or spelling, or logic) interfere with his Grade A Crapola.

Readers can go over to Harv's, if they are interested in the exchange over there between Harv and the "king." Meanwhile back at the cesspool of Rubbish without a Pause, the "king's" sycophants have taken up the call to insult me, and praise their leader to the sky. Frankly, I've ALWAYS suspected that some of the usual suspects that comment there are merely the "king" himself using another alias, either that, or his acolytes love him so much they copy his writing style - too bad it isn't handwritten cursive or identifiable like an old manual typewriter! Anyway, I shall close for today with an annotated example of some drivel from the Rubbish Pile!

George says:
October 28, 2011 at 6:13 PM

Alex I am writing this post/rant with all due respect to you,and your readers, but I can’t seem to let this slide…the one thing I despise in life is a hypocrite. That being said I address this comment to Kootcoot..
(depised, by this crowd is a badge of honour to me - while I would return an Order of BC, choosing to not be in the company of Campbell, Dobell or Seckel, were I to be offered one!)

I can’t help but wonder why you bother to read this blog or better yet why you comment. I’ve noticed for some time now that you seem to vacillate between praising Alex Everything Alex writes doesn't come out of his butt or swearing at him,(swear at him????) if his opinion is different than yours…(everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not even the "king" can have their own facts)
What I take great offense to is your going behind Alex’s back and calling Alex’s posters names, as well as making ignorant comments about the host…Do you really think we don’t read other blogs where your comments about us can be read (it is normal blog discussion to reply to other commentors on the same thread) look at your HERO who regularly gratuitously slags the Persuader, BC Mary, Laila and others when they haven't even been around, I think because he feels his sense of royalty is challenged by them) have no idea who we are yet you have the audacity to call us Sir are an absolute hypocrite..(if you haven't noticed, the "king" can hardly refer to anyone, excepting his heroes without calling them names, if you haven't noticed that you can't read)

Dear readers I’d like to share just part of a comment Kootcoot left on Harvey Oberfelds blog. Where Kootcoot shows himself to be an absolute arrogant jerk..

if you feel this way about Alex and his readers why are you here..but then again you just can’t help yourself can you because you know Alex has the documentation and your curiosity is killing you…you’re a hypocrite,
(do you mean the "documentation" he has been threatening to publish for half of forever, meanwhile regularly slagging BC Mary, Robin Matthews - who attended almost every session of Basi Virk, and Laila - all of whom have dug into the BC Rail Scam as much or more than the johnny come lately king of rudeness) you have just shown us the disrespect you accuse Alex of.

kootcoot // Oct 26, 2011 at 1:11 am
Good job on the arrogant one, he hasn’t been back – he doesn’t need to apologize, his retreat shows he has nothing and he doesn’t want to go back behind the woodshed with you again on this one which is a loser for him. Besides his fawning sycophants miss him when he isn’t back at BS with Seldom a Pause threatening to blow wide open the BC Rail Scam and disrespecting BC Mary, Laila and pretty much anyone that dares to not adulate him and won’t believe that Fox is actually a news outlet.

AGT says:
October 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Yes, thank you very much. I saw koot’s cowardice on Harv’s blog.
ooooh, how macho you are - you had been there, what's cowardly about responding to your drivel? it's cowardly to challenge your imaginary facts?

It’s not surprising. He’s a left wing, draft dodger from the United States, who I thought could be civil, but the insult to my readers is more than I will accept. this canard again, you know my mommy didn't want me to take on the FBI, the US Department of Justice and most of San Diego County and fight an eleven year battle in Federal Court over an illegal war either, but I was a man and stood up for my beliefs, unlike someone who claims he wanted to go to Vietnam or join the US Army (as if you were old enough) but for the fact his mommy wouldn't let him - and then had the gall and illogic to claim I insulted his mother by quoting him on this)

And you’ll see exactly what I mean soon enough.

So will he.
more threats, eh? By the way, didja ever get up to the Sunshine Coast to carry out your accepted and welcomed threats to the Powell River Persuader?
George says:
October 28, 2011 at 7:39 PM

draft dodger…and then slags the Prime Minister of the Country that gave him refuge while he avoided responsibility
(no George, I took on my country over the issue AT MY OWN EXPENSE ) it would have been EASY for me to avoid the draft, but I didn't think that would contribute to getting the US out of Southeast Asia - in case you hadn't noticed, this CHICKEN HAWK P.M. who never found a war he didn't want Canada involved in, yet never wore a uniform except inappropriately to play pretend and NEVER gave refuge to anyone, excepting fugitives from justice and felons who work in the PMO) to his Country…got it…all round user and abuser..
AGT says:
October 28, 2011 at 8:40 PM

The hallmark of the far loonie left…
(the epitome of an ASSHOLE)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things Go        
Better With

US signs Free Trade Agreement with Columbia
Canada's is already in effect!

The flailing/failing nation to our south seems to get more gonzo by the day, not that our own Spiteful Steve doesn't emulate and try to follow their failed policies at every opportunity. Since more and more of the money in Amerika is in the hands of people who don't like to pay taxes, preferring to buy the government outright, the US of Assholes (actually not most Americans, just the corporations and elites running the joint) stays awake at night trying to figure out ways to collect taxes from those who live elsewhere.

Lately there has been the spectre of massive fines on Canadian residents who didn't even know they were also American citizens because maybe their parents were attending university there when they were born and hadn't necessarily been there themselves since they can remember. Then there are those who knew they had US status, but didn't earn any money there or necessarily much money where ever they were. All these people are subject to a minimum $10,000 per year (times six or seven years back) per each bank account they hold in another country like Canada, if they didn't report it on the tax return they didn't know they were required to file, EVEN IF THEY DIDN'T OWE ANY TAXES!!!!!! Of course the masters of the universe who own the US government and actually live in say Florida, Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara, but store their money in Switzerland or the Caribbean, aren't likely be affected by this, after all they are too busy creating jobs......... in China!

Most likely the US will try to tax the sweat shop labor in Asia and elsewhere that makes the gee gaws some Americans and Europeans can still afford to buy. The will do anything rather than tax the corporations, the banks or the 1% who drive the market, for yachts and Beamers, Benzes and guitars once owned by dead rock stars! Subsidies, bail-outs and corporate welfare are the only things the rulers think appropriate for tax dollars to support, they'll take care of their own health care and education, thanks and they don't really need pensions, though they generally have Admiral Hahn Style rich plans anyway. It is government of the one percent, by the one percent and for the one percent. In the meantime they've come up with yet another way to tax people that might actually be able to pay them but can't vote for Congress Critters or the Preznit. According to CTV:

Flying to the U.S.? Get ready to pay $5.50 tax

Canadian travellers heading to the United States will once again have to pay a $5.50 levy when they enter the country by air or sea.

The return of the tax comes as Washington signs a new free trade deal with Colombia, which has a provision that does not allow tariff exemptions for travellers from the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada.

The trade deal was passed last Friday, leaving Canadian officials like International Trade Minister Ed Fast disappointed.

"Raising taxes at the border just raises costs on consumers," Fast said in a statement. "Canadian officials have raised concerns about the removal of this exemption at the highest level. We will continue to raise Canada's concerns with U.S. lawmakers."

It wasn't immediately clear when the charge will go into effect, but the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has been analyzing its 2012 budget shortfalls.

The charge exemption was brought into effect in 1997 under provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

But with the U.S. facing a national debt of $14 trillion, Washington is looking for ways to cut costs and increase revenues.

Still, critics say that the new tax shows that the Conservative government isn't doing enough to represent Canada's interests in Washington.

"When it comes to defending the interests of Canadians, Conservatives have shown they cannot be trusted," said Robert Chisholm, who is the NDP's international trade critic.

Around 7 million Canadians fly to the U.S. annually, with thousands arriving by boat aboard ferries along the coasts and in the Great Lake region.

Columbia of course has a terrible record regarding human rights and labor standards and its main export is cocaine and if I recall correctly Columbia produces its own marijuana, thus not really likely to be a market for BC Bud!

Free Trade..... is mainly for Capital
..................and the interests of the US

It was just last week that our current overseer from DeeCee, U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson - according to the CBC:

.......... told a business crowd in Ottawa that a Buy American clause wouldn't hurt Canadian business as much as continuing trouble in the U.S. economy. Jacobson said U.S. President Barack Obama's failed attempt at a stimulus bill would have improved the U.S. economy, which is the best way to help the Canadian economy.

Think of it as "trickle down economics" on an international scale.

Perhaps it's time the rest of the world, especially America's closest neighbors like Mexico and Canada got up on their hind legs and followed the example of the mythic "founding fathers" and actual tea party participants and said loud and clear....


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Saturday, October 08, 2011


Much Ado about Not Much!

Returning on a Lighter Note!

Kootcoot is back! After taking off the summer due to technical issues and a desire to shake up my routine and delve into other aspects of life, I thought I would restart on a light note (and this isn't a pun on "a Tempest in a C cup."

I could have restarted alphabetically, but since I almost always write about a subject under the first letter of the alphabet (A is for Assholes) I thought I would be progressive and move on to the second letter or B is for Boobs.

Last week former NDP MLA David Shriek Shreck embarrassed himself by criticizing Crusty Clark our Pretender to the Premiership and going all twitter about the fact that she may or may not wear a push-up bra to work at the Ledge. As one who never has been offended by seeing breast cleavage or even entire breasts singly or in pairs, I can only wonder if Mr. Shreck is suffering from super prudishness or can't think of anything else to be critical of Ms. Gordo over - difficult to imagine for a sentient being, much less a supposedly politically astute pundit.

As the CBC put it in Premier's cleavage sparks Twitter flurry in B.C..
The political analyst and longtime NDP supporter posted a comment on Twitter suggesting that the premier's clothing was inappropriate and revealed too much cleavage when she appeared in the house.

"Is Premier Clark's cleavage revealing attire appropriate for the legislature?" Schreck posted on Wednesday afternoon, touching off a firestorm on Twitter.

Even the geeks and nerds over at the website Tech Vibes weighed in with:
Twits Tweak on Twitter over Christy Clark's Cleavage.

I'm confident that Crusty herself is quite happy to deal with discussions about the boobs on her body rather than the boobs in her caucus like (to name just a few) Ding Dong DeJong, Ding Dong Jr. Dongen, Ding Dong III Pat Bell, Les than ethical John, Kash and Karry Heed, Birdbrain Falcon, BobbleHead Abbott and Boy Toy Bloy - not to mention the queen of Josef from the Skagit Valley's wet dreams, Contrary Mary Polak.

Hopefully I can take the threat that Crusty Clark and her clowns pose to British Columbians and humanity in general a little more seriously and examine some more serious issues than Queen Bee Cee's bra size soon. So I'm thinking of growing up tomorrow or soon.......

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