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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christy Clark

Politics in the media age is rapidly descending into an issue free, image driven bunch of irrelevancy. Well, except for the fact that the results aren't irrelevant, because once the media annointed ONE assumes power, the same old behind the scenes elites continue to exert their control to get the results they desire - mainly profit for themselves, their associates, and they are of course clever enough to dispense enough crumbs to make it worthwhile for the media friendly face to play the role of governing, theoretically in the public interest.

Christy Clark is the most recent example of this tendency that was first exibited by the success of third rate actor, with the homey style, Ronnie Raygun who catapaulted a B movie and TeeVee host background into the oval office and was so successful that he is still considered by right wing whackos and the GOP faithful to be among the elite of presidents, to hell with Abraham Lincoln (the greatest and perhaps only decent RePuke excepting Ike and Teddy Roosevelt), Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the thirty five or more better and more effective presidents of the United States.

Once the political class realized how successful a famous name could be in fronting their agenda we've been innundated with "star candidates" like Peter Kent and successes (well successful campaigns, if not administrations) like Arnie the Guvernator and what we are faced with in British Columbia today - CKNW big mouth Christy Clark. I guess since so many folks pay so little attention to politics and actual issues, name recognition out of the gate is enough, and in Christy's case if you happen to be a young not un-attractive female - so much the better. Maybe this is why Sarah "Tundra Trailer Trash" Palin has been concentrating on her media presence since destroying John McShame's presidential hopes rather than actually studying the issues and/or trying to present a coherent policy package.

In the case of our un-elected premier, Crusty Cluck Cluck Clark, it is disturbing the degree to which it appears she seems to be continuing to conduct herself as a media personaltiy, even now that she is the highest elected official in poor abused AC (After Campbell) British Columbia. It apparently isn't enough that Christy inherits the largest news room and largest team of journalists(?), PR flacks and media monitors in North America*, the Public Affairs Bureau from her mentor and predecessor, but she is filling her administration with even more representatives of the lapdog inbred pack of liars that passes for media in our once fair province.

Blogger Alex Tsakumis, the Anti-Christy of the Bloggosphere, with whom I sometimes disagree on some issues does have a great knowledge of the media wasteland in BC and really lays out this outrageous state of affairs in a recent post - Premier Christy Clark’s Oath Omen; Her ‘Revenge First’ Agenda; and CTV Vancouver’s Credibility in Freefall. (Alex has the ability to compose titles longer than some blogger's posts at times - but the real meat comes below the extended title).

I recommend anyone interested in our Smile of the Day un-elected Families First Gal to check out Alex's piece at the link above. Here's a sample.......
Guess who Premier Clark’s new Deputy Communications Director is?

Rebecca Scott.

Don’t know her? Let me help. She is the immediate past producer of ‘The Bill Good Show’ (she just left). I know, I know, queue the maniacal laughter. But here’s where it gets interesting, and a CONFLICT! She is engaged to be married to Stephen Smart, formerly of CTV Vancouver and now the CBC Vancouver-Victoria Bureau Chief..../snip

Then CTV Vancouver’s Chris Olsen, who was clearly NOT ever ‘On Your Side’ but rather on Christy’s side, is her Communications Chief–Scott will report to him, you can bet on it; how cozy.

Add this to CTV Vancouver’s head bloviator Jim Beatty, who cherry-picked a narrow sliver of ‘Basi-Virk’ documents–that he erroneously claimed “exonerated” Clark, to release ONE WEEK prior to the BC Liberal leadership vote–and CTV alum Pamela Martin joining the Clark campaign, AND (!!!!) CTV alum Bill Good, Martin’s former co-talking-head playing the role of head cheerleader at CKNW through the campaign, and you get the idea…...../snip

There's lots more over at Alex's blog, so hie thee on over and see just how incestous and disingenous a web it is that passes for print and broadcast media in British Columbia, the jurisdiction that journalism forgot!

* The Public Affairs Bureau, created to monitor and manipulate BC public opinion on our own dime, following the example of Texas North (Alberta) just to our east who built one under King Ralph Klein is larger than the similar organization that serves the White House in the United States. In other words Barrack Obama has less than half the staff to manipulate the opinion of 350,000,000 Americans that the BC liaRs find necessary to keep about 4 million British Columbians dazed and confused. Mind you he inherited his information agency from the Bu$h/Cheney administration, who didn't really need one at all, thanks to Faux Snooze and Rusty Limpballs.

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