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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


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Everyday is Christmas
in BC
for Cronies and Corps

Best wishes for the holidays and next year to my readers. Sorry, but I don't have any rivers, railroads, waterfront property, juicy contracts, high paid jobs, public utilities or crown corporations to offer as gifts, just my best wishes.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shocking Disclosure
from Doris

Stockwell 'Doris' Day

Day denies report of 2000 coalition plot with Bloc

According to CBC report linked to above:

Federal Trade Minister (of the Government in Hiding-kc) Stockwell Day denied on Wednesday he was aware of a secret plan in 2000 for him to take power through a formal coalition between the Bloc Québécois, the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives

In spite of the fact Gilles Duceppe was holding the document in hand while questioning the member from Orange County North the Okanagan, Mr. day insisted that:

.....the report was a "complete fabrication" and that he had never seen the letter, never endorsed it and would never sign such a deal.

"It would be against my very DNA to do a coalition deal with socialists, and it would absolutely go against my heart and the heart of Canadians to do a deal with separatists," Day told the House on Wednesday, in reference to the current proposed coalition.

The shocking disclosure wasn't that, like his evolutionary successor, St. Stephen Harper in 2004, he was willing to entertain the notion of "crawling into bed with the evil socialists or separatists," for the privilege of sitting in the Big Chair in the now defunct House of Parliament. No, it was the fact that he acknowledged SCIENCE and the fact that he actually contains DNA. I'm pretty certain St. Stephen will be on the phone as soon as he finishes locking up all the doors to the Parliament Building and arranging with Bekins to ship the Big Chair home to Calgary. This could be an early sign of a split in the upper echelon of the PsuedoCon Theocracy.

Meanwhile back in 2000: July 2000, Day indicated a willingness to form political ties with the Bloc if it meant ousting the federal Liberals from power. He said his party's position was "to be open to anybody who's interested in a truly conservative form of government.''

"I'm not big on labels," Day told reporters at the time when asked about a possible coalition to oust Chrétien's Liberals.

"If there are people who embrace the views of the Canadian Alliance and believe we need a federal government that is limited in size, that respects the provinces and that wants lower taxes, I'm not interested where they may have been in the past politically.

I know I will be able to understand how this doesn't mean that Minister Day was......well.......LYING, in Parliament yesterday. I'm just kinda slow at understanding this deep philosophical theorizing engaged in by members of the Party that had pet dinosaurs when they were children.

I really want to love St. Stephen and his Government in Hiding, and Doris, and the Pit Bull Baird, because......well, it appears I don't have a choice!

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Extra! Extra!
St. Stephen Harper
Appoints Himself

PM for Life!

Parliament LOCKED OUT

Since Steverino wasn't able to get his attack on workers' rights to negotiate and/or strike past Parliament, he has now attacked Parliament itself and engaged in an, if not illegal, certainly distasteful, Lock Out. He obviously assumes he has the right to devise policy and spend public funds when he so obviously doesn't have the support of two thirds of the ELECTED members of Parliament! I guess the Divine Right of Monarchs isn't some quaint notion from ancient history after all.

Contempt of Parliament

It took St. Stephen all summer to engineer a way to avoid the Fall Sitting of Parliament - by calling an useless, issue free election, violating his own Yankee style fixed date. To compound this sin he then conducted a "stealth" campaign by gagging almost all of his candidates and disguising himself with a sweater vest. Then it only took him six or seven weeks to kick the can into next year by essentially "pulling the fire alarm to avoid an exam," by convincing the GG to allow him to express his comtempt of Parliament by prorogue. By January 27 who's to say that the Legislature Buildings themselves won't be in private hands, having been one of the government assets that Jim Flaherty suggested would perhaps be sold to help weather the economic storm. So what is the likely immediate strategy of Stephen and his band of jolly pirates in the next couple of months.

The Immediate Agenda

  • Hire more lawyers, to lay SLAPP suits on any opposition MPs that criticize his reign, to research new ways to avoid having Parliament actually like......SIT!

  • Work on fanning the flames of separatists in the West and Quebec, because if everybody is distracted by fighting each other, they won't notice St. Stephen sitting in the catbird seat! It is irrelevant if various parts of Canada break apart, as long a King Steve gets to be Head Cheese of the part of his choice - or eventually governor of the 51st state of Alberta.

  • Consult with the other parties tell the other parties how you will solve the problems of Canada that they may as well look for a new line of work because in January St. Stephen will be declaring Parliament redundant and a waste of taxpayer money in the new Monarchy of St. Stephen.

  • List the Parliament Buildings with a realtor make a deal with some PsuedoCon supporters who have a better use for the buildings as a Mall, Wax Museum or residence for Brian Mulroney.

  • Encourage the corporate cohorts to book all available convention space in Canada, so that once the Parliament Buildings aren't public property anymore, there will be nowhere large enough to hold a meeting of the whole elected Parliament - Just a small banquet room large enough for the 1/3 who belong to the PsuedoCon caucus. Actually, if they decide to just include the PsuedoCons with functioning brains, a broom closet will do.

  • Perhaps most importantly, remove all books, videos and other media that explain the Parliamentary model of government, just in case the people, many of whom are obviously clueless now, start getting any fancy ideas not gleaned from the United States of Yokel Land or TeeVee.

Then again, some saner minds have suggested that perhaps Michalle Jean didn't cave in to Mr. Intimidation Harper quite the way it appears. Perhaps (without necessarily pointing this out to St. Stephen, or making it a condition) she basically said, okay Steverino, go home, enjoy Christmas as Prime Minister.

But - when he comes back in January, if he still cannot demonstrate he has the confidence of Parliament, she will not sign off on dissolution and another election, but give the (even more organized by late January) opposition, who do actually represent TWO THIRDS of the voters, a chance to demonstrate how difficult it would be to govern worse than Steve and his band of bumbling evil clowns. And Steverino can go home and enjoy Springtime near the Rockies, and not be missed by many Canadians - and have the added bonus of being surrounded by his redneck yokel friends and neighbors of North Texas. Meanwhile Jack, Gilles and Stephane can get on with tending to the problems of all Canadians, not just those who share Steverino's ideology.

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Thursday Morning


Meanest Dog in Show

Upon waking this morning in the west, I was able to turn on my CBC TeeVee and see veteran Don Newman futilely trying for ten minutes to get Pitbull John Baird to utter a true statement. While John Baird impersonated a tape deck playing a tape loop of his master Steve's scary message about the dreaded, evil separatists and the unholy plot to steal the big chair from Steve, Mr. Baird repeatedly refused to explain how what the co-alition proposes is any diffferent than what Stockwell Day proposed in 2000, Stephen Harper proposed (and signed and submitted to Adrienne Clarkson) in 2004 or frankly the manner in which the PsuedoCon government has been dependent on Bloc support for the last almost three years.

Then after Mr. Newman gave up trying to change Baird's record the next senior CBC pundit could only wonder if he had ever seen almost every member of the "government" make so many statements that needed to be "corrected" by the newsmen, before sharing them with the public.

It is refreshing to see that statesmen, pundits and newsman don't even seem to see any necessity to avoid the "LIE" word, the PsuedoCons and Steve, in their desparate attempt to cling to power, having lost any pretence of any need to include facts in the inflammatory rhetoric.

Ed Broadbent, found it unconscionable that Steve "Not to Believe" Harper could so recklessly fan the flames of both Western Separatism and Quebec separatism for the sole purpose of clinging to his unelected emperor status.

8:20am PST

Not so little Stevie (not so) Wonder(ful), has now been in Rideau Hall for over an hour and a half. At the least this would seem to indicate that the Governor General isn't about to rubber stamp whatever Stevie is asking her to approve. Though it is perhaps unprecedented for the GG to deny a Prime Minister's request to prorogue Parliament, it is even more unprecedented for a PM to make this request for the sole reason of avoiding having to face a vote of confidence by the House of Parliament.

Of course maybe Steve just wants to hang out, realizing this may well be the last time he will have the chance to visit Rideau Hall, other than as a tourist, like any other Canadian, or whatever it is that he actually happens to be.

8:30am PST

A podium is being implanted before the exit/entrance to Rideau Hall. The pundits reading the tea leaves opine that this means Steve has gotten some kind of answer.

Awaiting the Podium Performance

Not surprisingly the web is full of impassioned commentary from all directions this morning, as it has been all week. Upon visiting the CBC discussion following the article about this morning's visit to Rideau Hall by the PM this bit of stupidity was sitting on top, as the most recent comment - from someone calling himself, Mikethespike (whatever that means, an IV druguser, a skinny guy?).

Anybody who wonders whether the Liberals are qualified to govern just has to look at that Dion tape last night. I've seen better work from elementary school video assignments.
The coalition better hope that a lot of people got bored waiting and tuned out.
What an embarrassment.

I think the spike guy is somewhat embarrassing. Does Mike realize that HE and the rest of us paid for the production of Harpers video, in other words it was a government job, paid for by taxpayer's to further PsuedoCon political objectives. What else is new, abuse of Franking privileges, abuse of campaign financing - and abuse of Parliament and democracy - business as usual for some of the last standing acolytes of Karl Rove's politics by division and avoidance of facts/truth!

Over and Over Again

Bob Rae is pointing out that once again Steven Harper is suspending Parliament to cover his own political ass, more like a banana republic than one of the supposedly more established democratic nations. He already called an election to avoid Parliament in September, now he has done it in December - how long can he pretend that Canada has some other form of government, other than Parliamentary? So I guess St. Stephen Harper is Prime Minister for Life - (as long as he can keep the other two thirds of the MP's from getting to ever actually take their seats and exercise their votes)

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Ugly Canadian


Arrogance and Idiocy

Yesterday morning I woke up to the CBC telling me that Gordon Campbell, our own provincial petty dictator, had weighed in on the drama in Ottawa. According to the deluded, disingenuous or retarded news reader, Gordon was advising his "Federal Counterparts" to exercise restraint and give Stevie "non-Wonder" Harper a chance to present a budget and generally carry on with his plan for Canada, or just sit around playing king and engaging in petty partisan political gamesmanship.

To start with, the Liberal Party of British Columbia is no more actually Liberals, than Steven Harper's theocratic band of bumbling clowns are Conservatives. Like Steve, Gordo used political smears, character assassination and double crosses to steal the good name of a respected political party to disguise his band of retread Alliance/Reform (western separatists) and discredited SoCreds and other fundamentalist reich wing rejects who would be rejected by any voters who were fully informed of who they actually were and what they planned to do, given the opportunity. Steve and Gordo should come up with a common, shared honest name, and declare their shared vision of a diminished, and sold out Canada. Only then would either one actually deserve to form government and have a mandate. Otherwise they should just have a Man Date with each other and get over it!

Stevie most likely got cheesed at no-neck (or brain) Gary Lunn, when he strayed off the reservation during the last farcical election campaign and criticized the Campbell "Greener than Kermit" Plan. Stevie didn't want that mentioned, as otherwise Gordo is his best provincial ally, after BFF Stelmach, of course. That is undoubtably why Lunn was demoted to Minister in Charge of changing the oil in Zambonis in the new cabinet.

Who can Believe Steve?

Then there is the guy who can tell two different lies out of both sides of his mouth, simultaneously!

Steve demanded that the networks televise his abuse of the bully pulpit tonight, to take his argument to the People. Maybe he forgot that Rideau Hall isn't in Calgary, like his house, so a screaming mob is unlikely to surround the home of Michalle Jean demanding that she accede to whatever Stevie wants to do. Most folks think he will ask for approval to prorogue the Legislature so he can still be Prime Minister, in exile from the Parliament whose confidence he can clearly not claim to hold. He mainly in a quieter, more sweater vest manner, repeated the same inanities he has been screaming across the floor in the House all week. He primarily tried to scare people into thinking that somehow two thirds of the elected members of Parliament expressing their will through a vote would be the end of democracy and Canada.

His other main point was that by accepting the support of the 49 ELECTED members of the Bloc Quebecois, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton were willing to commit treason to stage a coup. I guess this is different than it was in 2000, when Doris Stockwell Day entered into a written agreement with the remnants of the real Conservative Party (those who survived Lyin' Brian's nearly successful destruction of the PCs) and the BLOC Quebecois. Of course Stock was even going to let the Bloc help draft the Speech from the Throne - I guess that isn't surprising though, literacy being in short supply among the Reform/Alliance Separatist types.

Then of course as leader of the Opposition St. Stephen himself actually signed a pact with Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe which was then submitted to then GG, Adriene Clarkson, to let her know they felt ready to assume government under Prime Minister Stevie Harper, should Paul Martin's minority government lose a vote of confidence. Of course they couldn't buy Chuck Cadman and had to wait and cool their heels in opposition awhile longer.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of Sweater Vest Boy without the Sweater Vest's little flagside chat tonight was the fact that the French version of his spiel substituted the word 'sovereigntist' for the English version's repeated use of 'separatist.' Those who would know say that all week his messages in French, to Quebec have avoided the term 'Separatist Bloc' preferring to stroke the 'Nation' of Quebec, while stoking the yokels in the West with more divisive language like "in bed with the evil Separatist Bloc." When asked to explain this, the communications director for the CPC claimed to lack enough fluency in the country's other official language to understand the question OR have an explanation - THE COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR, of the party that DESERVES to govern, because they WON the election with just over one third of the vote.

So, they lack real communication or literacy skills. They also appear to be weak mathematically, because to them to respect the will of two thirds of the members of the House is an affront to democracy. They've repeatedly demonstrated, especially Harper himself, that they cannot work or play well with others who don't share their ideology. What indication is there that they are fit to govern our great nation?

I can see no reason to let the government of Canada idle in limbo for another two months. Steve already prorogued Parliament once, in September, by breaking his own American style fixed election date law to call his absurd and wasteful election, and avoid three bye-elections and the imminent opening of Parliament. It seems to me that Steve is the one who will do anything to be Prime Minister, even if it means he has to hide out at home in his sweater vest to hold on to the throne.

Of course maybe he figures that given a couple months of high pressure hard selling, he might be able to buy enough MPs from ANY parties to get his coveted majority and thus get to be Prime Minister in the House of Parliament!

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Monday, December 01, 2008

The Ugly Canadian

Part Duh!

Playing Chicken, eh?

I must confess, I certainly am enjoying watching the man who thinks Parliament is a place to play chicken - squirm, now that the rooster spurs are on the other roosters' claws. And to see that pit bull dressed as a human , John Baird, trying to make nice - well, like the credit card commercial goes, that's PRICELESS! Stick a fork in Stevie, he's done!

Do They Teach Government Here?

It is disconcerting listening to many of the men/women on the street, especially here in BC, when they are asked their opinion of the last week's events in Ottawa. I would have an excuse, having been educated in the United States, but even there I learned about the parliamentary style of government, if only in contrast to the American form. Tell me it isn't true that, instead of Civics classes or some equivalent, students in Canada merely watch Judge Judy and other American fare on TeeVee while the teacher grades papers on other subjects. I have fairly recently attended post-secondary schools here and found them more than adequate, though was surprised at the lack of literacy skills in many of my peers - but I attributed that to the influence of TeeVee, video games and copying and pasting rather than any differences due to nationality or educational systems.

Pudgy Steve Won?

Many seem to think that the Opposition parties are trying to effect some kind of coup and steal power from the man who actually won the meaningless election (which was just another excuse to prorogue Parliament - rather than actually show up and face Question Period). So what did St. Stephen actually win, other than a riding in Calgary where anyone not labelled either Liberal, NDP or Bloc Quebecois is automatically given a ticket to Ottawa? Almost two thirds of Canadians said EMPHATICALLY that they preferred anybody but Steve to be Prime Minister of Canada. If Canada is a democracy, it only seems appropriate that their votes count as well as those of thirty thousand or so people in Calgary. Maybe Steve doesn't understand the traditions of Parliament either, maybe he has been too busy studying the methodology of his mentors to the south and Karl Rove. Perhaps Steve wasn't paying attention to the recent US election and the failure of Karl Rove's style, even there people seem to have tired of the ongoing 24/7 politics of division.

Merry Olde England

Our government model is patterned after that of the country whose monarch is still the nominal head of our government, the United Kingdom. These folks who think the current situation is unheard of and somehow WRONG, should ask themselves how John Major became Prime Minister, or how Gordon Brown became the current Prime Minister - in both cases they took power without another election - though there wasn't a change in parties, that is also irrelevant since their respective parties held a MAJORITY at the time. Steve, and his MINORITY, only had a tenuous grasp on power, and then only with the confidence or trust of the House itself. This means the opposition parties as well, since he has FAILED twice to get a majority for his theocratic separatists disguised as Conservatives.

Dem Scary Separatists

It is rich that Steven, spawn of the Western Separatist Reform, Canadian Reform Alliance Party of Canada (or CRAP) trying to pass as a Tory wrapped in the carcass of the real Tories, who were almost killed by his semi-Canadian mentor Brian Mulroney, would try to claim that somehow the support of Gilles and the Bloc invalidates the co-alition's right to govern. As I said THAT'S RICH - does he really think Canadians are that dumb? Bloc members are elected to Parliament and take an oath to serve Canada and the Queen (not to serve St. Stephen). Is Steve implying that a Bloc MP is a second class MP? Most likely he would have been one of the sitting MPs who refused to allow Louis Riel to take up his seat when he was elected to Parliament from Red River - I like to think that kind of divisive, racist thinking is at least out of style, if not illegal!

You Can Run
....but You Can't Hide

There's lots of talk that Stevie may try to prorogue Parliament, yet again, to avoid a vote of non-confidence. Well, at least he lives in Alberta, instead of a normal part of Canada. Anywhere else his house might be surrounded by a mob, possibly bearing pitchforks, encouraging him to get his butt back to Ottawa and let Parliament get down to the real business of dealing with the issues facing Canada, issues other than assuaging the EGO of St. Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper and Gordon Campbell, why is it that both of them prefer to avoid the legislative buildings as much as possible? Could it have something to do with being afraid to face questions that could expose hidden agenda, that aren't really in the interests of most Canadians?

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