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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Morning


Meanest Dog in Show

Upon waking this morning in the west, I was able to turn on my CBC TeeVee and see veteran Don Newman futilely trying for ten minutes to get Pitbull John Baird to utter a true statement. While John Baird impersonated a tape deck playing a tape loop of his master Steve's scary message about the dreaded, evil separatists and the unholy plot to steal the big chair from Steve, Mr. Baird repeatedly refused to explain how what the co-alition proposes is any diffferent than what Stockwell Day proposed in 2000, Stephen Harper proposed (and signed and submitted to Adrienne Clarkson) in 2004 or frankly the manner in which the PsuedoCon government has been dependent on Bloc support for the last almost three years.

Then after Mr. Newman gave up trying to change Baird's record the next senior CBC pundit could only wonder if he had ever seen almost every member of the "government" make so many statements that needed to be "corrected" by the newsmen, before sharing them with the public.

It is refreshing to see that statesmen, pundits and newsman don't even seem to see any necessity to avoid the "LIE" word, the PsuedoCons and Steve, in their desparate attempt to cling to power, having lost any pretence of any need to include facts in the inflammatory rhetoric.

Ed Broadbent, found it unconscionable that Steve "Not to Believe" Harper could so recklessly fan the flames of both Western Separatism and Quebec separatism for the sole purpose of clinging to his unelected emperor status.

8:20am PST

Not so little Stevie (not so) Wonder(ful), has now been in Rideau Hall for over an hour and a half. At the least this would seem to indicate that the Governor General isn't about to rubber stamp whatever Stevie is asking her to approve. Though it is perhaps unprecedented for the GG to deny a Prime Minister's request to prorogue Parliament, it is even more unprecedented for a PM to make this request for the sole reason of avoiding having to face a vote of confidence by the House of Parliament.

Of course maybe Steve just wants to hang out, realizing this may well be the last time he will have the chance to visit Rideau Hall, other than as a tourist, like any other Canadian, or whatever it is that he actually happens to be.

8:30am PST

A podium is being implanted before the exit/entrance to Rideau Hall. The pundits reading the tea leaves opine that this means Steve has gotten some kind of answer.

Awaiting the Podium Performance

Not surprisingly the web is full of impassioned commentary from all directions this morning, as it has been all week. Upon visiting the CBC discussion following the article about this morning's visit to Rideau Hall by the PM this bit of stupidity was sitting on top, as the most recent comment - from someone calling himself, Mikethespike (whatever that means, an IV druguser, a skinny guy?).

Anybody who wonders whether the Liberals are qualified to govern just has to look at that Dion tape last night. I've seen better work from elementary school video assignments.
The coalition better hope that a lot of people got bored waiting and tuned out.
What an embarrassment.

I think the spike guy is somewhat embarrassing. Does Mike realize that HE and the rest of us paid for the production of Harpers video, in other words it was a government job, paid for by taxpayer's to further PsuedoCon political objectives. What else is new, abuse of Franking privileges, abuse of campaign financing - and abuse of Parliament and democracy - business as usual for some of the last standing acolytes of Karl Rove's politics by division and avoidance of facts/truth!

Over and Over Again

Bob Rae is pointing out that once again Steven Harper is suspending Parliament to cover his own political ass, more like a banana republic than one of the supposedly more established democratic nations. He already called an election to avoid Parliament in September, now he has done it in December - how long can he pretend that Canada has some other form of government, other than Parliamentary? So I guess St. Stephen Harper is Prime Minister for Life - (as long as he can keep the other two thirds of the MP's from getting to ever actually take their seats and exercise their votes)


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