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Monday, October 20, 2008

Court Date Today,
Does it Matter?

This morning the gang meets yet again down by Robson Square to engage, yet again in the Kabuki Theatre we've come to expect from time to time as justice continues to be frozen, obstructed or just plain forgotten in what is known as the Basi-Virk Trial, or perhaps more appropriately the BC Rail Trial. As we watch the world economy collapse, while to the south the criminal organization known as the Bu$h Administration tries to help their cronies steal everything left, that they haven't stolen already, it is hard not to notice the same thing occurring here much closer to home.

The Campbell government continues to drag its feet on disclosure while hiding behind StoneWally's immortal tape loop - "It's before the Courts." Meanwhile the looting of what used to be the assets of the people of British Columbia continues behind the scenes, unabated, indeed perhaps accelerated by the realization of the crooks on every level that the game is almost up. BC Rail, BC Hydro, every watercourse in the province, formerly productive and job providing forest lands being converted to speculative recreational developments to benefit the "right" people - pretty well everything in our province is for sale, cheap, if you know the right folks, or so it would appear.

Even Bill Tieleman and his few colleagues in the so-called media who even pay attention, can hardly keep count of the numerous ongoing investigations into lobbyists, cabinet ministers and other sordid affairs directly connected to the suspects that ever so rarely actually show up in the fancy digs where they are supposed to conduct the people's business down there in James Bay. They won't convene the legislature, because (they say) there is no business to conduct - everything is going soooooooo well. I guess maybe things are going well in the back rooms, but not so much in the kitchens and dining rooms of many other British Columbians. Meanwhile the "Loyal" Opposition under Carole "don't rock the boat" James can only seem to oppose the phoney Campbell Green Plan, thereby putting them firmly in bed with Steven Harper and Gary Lunn(khead). Where is it that the so-called Loyal Opposition's loyalities actually lie? Now there is a word that seems appropriate when referring to politics - LIE!

This morning back east in Montreal our Mob Chieftan Gordon Campbell is touting TILMA as the tool to save western Canada from the economic Karma raining down on the world after decades of Golden Showers Economic Theory, or trickle down, pillaging the planet. Can anybody say DISASTER CAPITALISM? Everybody is already stunned enough to send Sweater Vest Boy Steve back to Ottawa with an increased majority, the best time to shove policies down the throats of the uninformed and barely concious. I fear that by the time enough folks wake up Alberta and BC will both be hollowed out, evironmentally ravaged shells full of really hungry and angry people fighting among themselves for their next meal and looking for a drink of non-toxic water. Meanwhile the crooks will be ensconced, comfortably cushioned by their piles of ill-gotten gains, agonizing over the difficult decision of whether to have a Piña Colada or a Mai-Tai.

I would recommend that those who are interested, while they are waiting for whatever B.S. may spew from 800 Smithe Street today, go back to Bill Tieleman's Tyee article from June 5, 2007. This piece, written almost a year and a half ago, provides some context, especially because, as BC Mary points out in her court date notice this morning, that Application for disclosure of February 26, 2007, a key issue in Bill's article, is on the agenda for today's performance in Studio 54, or which ever set they are using today in the Hall of Mirrors Justice. On Monday of that week in June 2007, Justice Bennett was really annoyed at the RCMP, the Special Prosecutor and the Government and demanded that they comply with the February disclosure "orders" forthwith!

"In terms of police notes, I make the following order: Every police officer or civilian who touched or spoke about this investigation, regardless of what branch of the investigation they were involved in and regardless of rank or role undertaken will review every piece of paper he or she has and ensure it is submitted to the Crown forthwith. This includes but is not limited to notes, briefing notes, continuation reports, e-mail and anything marked 'not for disclosure'," Bennett wrote.

I guess the question we need to ask is just how promptly the word "forthwith" is meant to express. I wouldn't have thought it would refer to a time period measured in years. Somehow I doubt if I would have more than say thirty days to comply with a court order from the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Then again, I'm not part of the supreme group of British Columbians and don't hang out with, or donate to, the right crowd.


It seems that I could almost have written today's report this morning, as once again little (or nothing) occurred of any importance. The only correction according to an early report from BC Mary is the note that today's Kabuki performance took place in Studio 67. The only other news to report, or all that apparently happened was:

The Crown presented a single sheet of scheduling for times into late November when materials will be (?) placed in the hands of Defence and Defence will respond.

Other than this order or notice, or stall, the only other possibly significant information is the next scheduled court appearances, or as Mary's post concludes:

For those with the stomach, the next court sitting is on November 17 or 19th. Chatter at the edges of the arena suggests the trial could happen anytime - AFTER the next B.C. Election. As the road signs say all over B.C. - "EXPECT DELAYS". And as British Columbians are becoming aware, more and more - justice delayed is justice denied.

I guess the only lesson we can gain from today's performance is that the length of time described by the term "forthwith" is at least damn near two years, at least! I have to go to the store now, FORTHWITH, but I actually mean this afternoon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Over at The Legislature Raids, I've just posted Mark Hume's article from today's Globe and Mail in which he seems confident that the Basi-Virk / BC Rail Trial will get under way in January 2009.

I can't figure where he got this information. Neither Robin Mathews, Neal Hall, nor Bill Tieleman in their yesterday reports seem to be certain of anything except -- in varying degrees -- that there will be a brief session on November 19 to see if everybody's ducks are in order ... and then a 3-week session beginning November 24, signifying what? they did not say.

A sane and sensible person might assume that a 3-week session is another word for SERIOUS PREPARATION and that a full-blown trial might follow ... that is, as soon as the Western World has completed the Religious Festival, welcomed the New Year, and ... blthwthwthwth ... gotten our heads clear, that possibly could be mid-January 2009. Or 2010. You just never know, do you.

Let's keep a bright light shining on them anyway. I have this special feeling that if we keep watching them, they'll be so embarrassed they'll start to behave.

BC Mary


Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 6:54:00 PM PDT  

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