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Friday, May 16, 2008

Justice, Lies and

To view the above video go to the CBC website at the crime/justice archives.

Just two recent incidents from the "important" towns of British Columbia serve to support the notion that the BC Rail Corruption trial should be televised and I hereby join my fellow bloggers BC Mary and Gary E in urging that these important proceedings be available to those affected no matter how far they may be from the center of Gordon Campbell's universe with its Victoria/Point Grey axis. When one considers how much manipulation, delay and shifting of dates happens, how almost impossible it is to pry what should be PUBLIC documents from the (in)justice system and how important this trial could be to people who live two days drive from the infamous Studio 54 at Robson and Smithe, it's a no-brainer. Well, a no-brainer to a government and justice system that truly is open, transparent and wants justice to both be done AND appear to be done!

When one compares the police testimony to the videotape in the incident above involving the 15 year old girl in custody in Victoria or the sad case of Robert Dziekanski arriving at YVR, it becomes clear that without video evidence, inconvenient truth tends to stay conveniently out of sight (and hearing). In the case of Willow Kinloch, the "official" story was that she was abusive and "assaulted" the matron and police officers. Amazingly, one of the "witnesses" maintained the "official" story in front of the jury (jury in the lawsuit just won by Ms. Kinloch), in spite of the fact that the jury had actually seen the video that begged to differ. Everybody is familiar with some "official" facts regarding poor Robert Dziekanski, such as the "crowded terminal" and his looming danger to the officers who arrived on the scene, having been informed that Mr. Dzieskanski spoke no English and in the span of 29 seconds, deemed it necessary to Taser him enough times to kill him. Lacking the contradictory video evidence it is difficult to believe that the original "official" stories wouldn't still be the accepted "truth" today.

I really doubt that even if the BC Rail Corruption Trial is televised that it will be available on a channel that I can actually access from my home which is fairly well served through community re-transmission but has no cable access. Perhaps those who've invested in satellite systems would be able to access such programming, depending of course on the package they had chosen. Thus, I won't be able to look forward to nibbling popcorn and watching sweat droplets explode from the brow of the Soup Nazi or watch the Ferret try to scurry around the witness stand. However, I would feel much better just knowing that these proceedings WERE being recorded, and WOULD be available in archived form to ANY citizen of the Greatest Place on Earth who might be interested in learning what happened to the Greatest Railroad we ever owned.

Over at the posting linked to above at Gary E's place there is a link to another case and its judgement that relates to the televising of trials in the public interest. Interestingly this judgement was sought by our buddies at Glow Ball, who apparently are our soldiers in the fight against censorship, when it affects them anyway! The judge in this case was also our own Studio 54 Matriarch, Justice Elizabeth Bennett.


Apparently the issue is greatly up to the various lawyers and litigants in our jurisdiction. Therefore communicating with the lawyers and parties involved your concerns for "open" justice may be the only way to influence the likelihood or lack of same in the airing of this matter. It is difficult to assume the Special Prosecutor would tend to favor televising of proceedings that he so rarely deems worthy of his presence, but perhaps the defense would be sympathetic to more public scrutiny as an antidote to perceived government secrecy and manipulation. All parties seem reluctant to make available e-mail addresses, but the recently un-earthed "affidavits" yield a bonanza of conventional mailing addresses for ALL parties. Some folks still feel that a genuine old fashioned letter is taken much more seriously than an e-mail anyway. After all, the sender took some time to slip it into an outgoing mail slot AND spent between at least fifty cents and a dollar on stationary and postage. I think it is still legal for a member of the public to address their concerns to Justice Bennett, Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino and his minions and the lawyers for the defense, Bill 42 not withstanding. Avoid including white powders or electronic gizmos that tick and your missives may even be read AND make a difference.


Blogger Gary E said...

Nice piece KootCoot. And thanks for the mention.

When I read the judgement in that link to the Clark/Pillarinos trial what stood out for me was that Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett had left the door open for future trials to be televised. Or at least the idea run by the courts. And for the Pit Bull media frenzie on the Clark case to, at this time, not ask for media coverage just re-inforces my beleif that the Media (at least in this province) is politically biased.

They (the msm) are the people in the know. They know how to go about getting this coverage (or not). We could use a little help here in the backcountry in getting this thing televised. It seems asking the lawyers is getting us nowhere. Or at least any slow answers appear to be slower than the snailpace that this trial is going.

The columnists and reporters appear to be moving ahead on reporting this case. So maybe we might ask them how to get it televised.

We used to have a knowledge network in this province but I think that cutting their funding was the first step this government took to muzzle everyone.

Friday, May 16, 2008 at 9:08:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few years ago there was a CBC relay outfit at 58 Ymir Road near Nelson. NO sign on building. Phone # was 352-5594 or 352-6433. They had a reporter at that time. If pressure came from that office, perhaps the CBC might respond and support caneras in the court room. It's a long shot but worth a try.

Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 2:35:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, Koot. Isn't Monday the day for mirth? No mirth to share these past weeks

Monday, May 19, 2008 at 5:27:00 PM PDT  
Blogger kootcoot said...

To Anon-0-Mouse above:

Nice to see someone is payin' attention. Actually, one week went by without any mirthful submissions, but some new ones are now in. Their publication has been delayed by the necessity to celebrate the birth of Queen Vicky. Stay tuned as they will be appearing soon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 7:48:00 AM PDT  

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