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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Homeless In
the House

First things first - I want to apologize to Little Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band and a cast member of the Sopranos for using his picture to represent the reprehensible Rich Coleman, B.C.s Minister of Housing (and Staff Sgt. in the House in charge of hectoring and bullying the Opposition Members while Ding Dong DeJong is catching his breath). However yesterday on the news at six, I caught a couple clips of Rich doing his thing in the house and I swear, I thought maybe he was going to an audition after work in the Ledge, for Little Steven's part in some continuing saga of the Sopranos. He had it right down from the shiny suit to the scary greased up slicked back hair and his attitude made the Sopranos seem like pussycats. I couldn't find a picture of Mr. Coleman that featured his current look, so settled for the icon of the look he seems to be seeking. (emphasis- I respect and admire Steven).

As I was trolling through Hansard today, to verify that the stuff I heard on the TeeVee actually happened, I was somewhat taken aback to read this notice.

Use of this transcript, other than in the legislative precinct, is not protected by parliamentary privilege, and public attribution of any of the debate as transcribed here could entail legal liability.

Well dip me in batter and turn up the fat (not talking about you now Rich), because every time I figger these guys can't surprise me anymore, they go and do it. Need I point out that WE pay these buffoons, handsomely, to go to that Rattenbury Palace and discuss OUR business for what turns out to be VERY FEW DAYS per calendar year. It often seems like a dog and pony show, meant to distract the unwashed while the real decisions are made behind the closed doors of the Premier's office with the help of Ken and a few other good buds, but hey, this is all we get for our money, so don't play coy and/or petulant. Perhaps give some thought to what you say there in the House with your privilege (another word that I'm getting very tired of hearing or reading).

Besides, what are they going to do to me if I (shudder, shudder and quiver) repeat something they said - make me carry a blackberry and be Kevin Falcon's aide? Then what, conveniently frame me to take the fall for the next wrongdoing by the government that is almost brought out into the light of day? By the way Gordo, how much did you enjoy the "special accomodations" on Maui, or were you too drunk to remember? There's always the possibility that you could spend a more extended period in "custody," if there actually was something like a Justice System in these parts.

Heck, I'm not even going to bother gleaning the highlights of the low lights of the Hansard Blues today. I'm just going to provide a link to yesterday's Oral Questions, and the first topic is the Homeless Crisis. Just go to Hansard and if scrolling down is too strenuous, just put 'Oral Questions' or 'Homelessness' into the word search on your browser. Well I can't resist one little sample.

The Honourable (that is so difficult to type) R. Coleman said in response to an NDP member:

It's absolutely remarkable to me that this opposition won't stand up to the fact that members of their own caucus have actually written and begged me to buy buildings in their communities.

Well Rich, I have a memo from Garcia for you. YOU are the Minister of Housing, IN GOVERNMENT, who should they ask (though I know you prefer the term beg, does it make you feel bigger somehow?). You'd think that with all the real estate development skills possessed by members of your government that BC would have more housing than people to live in them (and of course NO AGRICULTURAL LAND). I wonder how much more "governmental expertise" in property development is still out there lurking behind the convenient cover of numbered companies - not really pointing at anyone in particular, just saying! We certainly are burning through the ALR though, in all kinds of innovative (perhaps, sneaky) ways. Don't worry though, the last I heard food is in plentiful supply worldwide, isn't it?

Welcome Gary E.

to the Blogosphere. I'm glad to see you started your own blog (without me) and I was just piqued about the picture because there wasn't a link. Feel free to use it if you like it. I wouldn't mind having downtown Vancouver wallpapered with giant murals of it. The Don't Care Card is on my site, but I had nothing to do with making it, but again, I like it, and think it conveys an......appropriate message. Anyway Gary's new blog is called How Bad is the Record? and I would recommend that anyone who can tolerate reading this stuff might enjoy sharing his thoughts. Good Luck with the new endeavor Gary! There will be a permanent link in the top drawer almost immediately................


Blogger Gary E said...

Thankyou so much Koot for the welcome to the Blogosphere. I know it's going to be an uphill battle.

I plan to try and do some dot-connecting (Baldry calls it conspiracy theorism) and some limited reporting from the Courthouse.But it's a stretch getting down there on limited retirement income.

I see you also picked up on the question of who should the opposition ask if not the minister of (non)housing. Maybe Stonewally could have given an answer. NOT!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at 6:45:00 PM PDT  
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