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Monday, January 28, 2008

"Another Day,
Another Delay!"
-Mike Farnsworth

Well I thought I was going to have to sue Mr. Farnsworth, NDP public safety critic and today's designated Oppo CourtRoom 54 Monitor, for plagiarism, but then I checked and found that my July 17 headline read "Another Day, & More Delay." Well how many ways can anyone say "more of the same, namely nothing," anyway?

In spite of Justice Bennett's threat a week or two ago that they would stay in session starting today until resolving the ongoing disclosure problems, they adjourned again until tomorrow, at least. According to Neal Hall in the Stunned Vancouver Paper of Record:

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett had a hint of weariness in her voice today after learning the B.C. government has found more than 100 e-mails that were seized during a raid on the legislature more than four years ago

The documents have never been reviewed by the judge to decide whether the e-mails are relevant to a pending trial, slated to begin March 17.

The judge adjourned the matter over to 10 a.m. Tuesday to allow government lawyer George Copley to retrieve about 140 e-mails from Victoria and provide a written summary of each one.

Apparently these emails were "were seized in 2003 from the computers of Dave Basi and Bob Virk" during the original Raid on the Ledge in December of 2003. I guess it would be wildly optimistic and overly demanding to expect them to have been turned over to the defense ALREADY!

I think I'm just going start writing these things the night before. It isn't like there is any reason to expect anything to really, you know.......happen! Then again, I guess I should wait, I may not be able to guess the next EXCUSE!

In Other Legal Matters:
Also according to the Sun:

A six-year battle between the B.C. government and health care workers has ended in a deal that will protect current workers and compensate the thousands thrown out of work by the province, Hospital Employees' Union secretary-business manager Judy Darcy said today. ..../snip

The province was ordered to offer the unions compensation after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled the government had no legal right to rip up a contract and overrule the collective bargaining process.

The bolded sections are highlighted by me as the the Sun doesn't seem to emphasize a couple of points that I consider relevant.

1. How arrogant the Campbell Govermment was in the first place to assume that signed contracts weren't binding on them.

2. The fact that this decision by the Supreme Court of Canada was handed down almost one year ago, if I remember correctly.

3. This whole thing has taken SIX years to get to this state of resolution, so maybe Basi, Virk and Basi v. the Queen isn't going so slow after all. It isn't as if we are dealing with people with any RESPECT for the RULE of LAW.

I'm still somewhat surprised that they haven't just gone and changed whatever laws were necessary to invalidate the Supreme Court's decision. I guess it must have been Charter issues and they didn't want to waste a "WithStanding" claim on a special interest group like hospital workers.


Anonymous Gary E said...

I agree Kootcoot. We should justwrite or thoughts tonight. Save time tomorrow when we get more of the same. Nothing.
Tuesday Jan 29,2008: Today in court we heard Mr. C tell the judge that he was sorry he couldn't comply with her order to have the evidence in court. But you see your honor we sent it by Courier Ground (to save money) and the courier had to use the brand new ferry. Well your honor the new ferry quit dead in the water. What's that? No, they couldn't send another boat to fetch the documents because that would have cost too much. Gordo was told that they hadn't raised the fares enough to cover the costs. When will it be here? you ask. well your honor it may never arrive because this evidence will implicate other former members of the government. And we know that they have special priviledges over and above the rest of the people in this Province. No your honor the evidence may just burn up


Monday, January 28, 2008 at 7:16:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
google Campbell 'A made man' for an interesting take on this whole absurd Liberal corrupt government. It is at the top of the hit list and yet it receives no attention from the MSM and its minions. There is still no law suit re the article.

Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 7:51:00 PM PST  
Blogger kootcoot said...


That is indeed a velly interlesting piece - it was written by Kevin Potvin and published in May of 2005 (Republic of East Van). Like you, I find the lack of legal action kinda, well, verificationary like! By the way it is still available at the original location here:Made Guy

I can't imagine the coverage an extra-marital affair by, say, Glen Clark would have generated.

Why the MSM doesn't find any of this as fascinating as say a board being nailed down on a deck or two guys who appear like extras fromm the Sopranos walking out of a card club in North Burnaby, has always been a mystery to me. But then I'm a hick!

Monday, February 4, 2008 at 10:13:00 AM PST  

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