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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who'd a thunk?
More Delay!

BC Liberals excercising "PRIVILEGE"

Yesterday the gang got together in B.C. Supreme Court to discuss the latest in delaying tactics by the Crown in the matter of HMTQ v. Basi, et. al. Somehow Keith Baldrey had already either ferreted (don't be self conscious Gary) out or had been tipped off that the hearing over the Crown's appeal of the defence getting to attend the Star Chamber "secret" hearing with "secret" witness(es) had been set for early June. That seemed to make it unlikely that much of import was likely to happen yesterday, or indeed until sometime in June, when and if the "secret witness" issue is resolved. One would think that all parties could continue to work on the outstanding disclosure issues and who knows maybe sometime before the 2010 Olympics this matter could actually go to trial. I don't want to seem like I'm rushing people or anything.

It is difficult not to note the timing which seems to have delayed any possible explosive disclosures until comfortably after the current Legislative Session. For some in-explicable reason I get the impression that Gordon Campbell and Stonewally both just hate having to respond to questions that arise from Justice Bennett's courtroom during the abbreviated little sham that pretends to be Question Period in James Bay. Apparently the Crown according to Wild Bill Berardino, who legend has it was actually in attendance yesterday, is willing to waive "cabinet" privilege on "certain" documents requested by the defence, but are still intending to claim "solicitor-client" privilege about others. I'm sorry Mr. Transparent Gordon Campbell and Gang, but I don't really see this as much of a concession to the pursuit of truth and justice. I'm kinda stubborn in my belief that all documents concerning business done in the name of the citizens of British Columbia is the business of those citizens. I don't care who you sold your car to, Gordo, and how much you got for it, but I do think you owe me and everybody else an explanation about what you did with our railroad. Call me old-fashioned!

Gyro Alert!

I would like to remind people that just like the Oscars and the Grammies it is the season of the Gyro Awards. See last year's presentation and this post if you aren't sure what a Gyro (and Vacuum) are awarded for. This year there is a nominee with a very good shot at taking home the hardware in each category, but the koot is open to suggestions. In brief, the Gyro is awarded for the article about the BC Rail Trial that spins the hardest while the Vac is awarded for the best job of ignoring significant news. The criteria for this year's awards is the article had to have appeared before midnight December 31, 2007 and the ignored event had to have happened by the same deadline. Last year's winners were.

The Golden(painted lead) Gyro - Gary Mason in the Globe and Mail for taking us to bed with David Basi and his wife.

The Vacuum - Lucinda Chodan - who was kind enough to define for us what was news and what wasn't. It didn't hurt that she got a little snippy about being quoted, a surprising shyness in a pro media person.

If you have any nominations for 2007, please submit them in the comments. Thanks

This year I am also considering awarding a new award for coverage that actually, really, genuinely is GOOD and of all things serves the public interest. Suggestions are welcome in this positive category also!



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