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Monday, April 28, 2008

More Monday Mirth!

I hope I don't have to explain why I find the picture above humorous, especially since I find it so in so many ways. Also if this is a team pic, this team must have had the last two or three picks, judging from some of the losers they had to choose. I would like to point out the recycled SoCred deadbeat in the green Tee-Shirt to the upper left, yep Kamloops' own Claude Richmond, currently Minister in charge of Welfare. I heard him on the radio the other day responding to the recent study released about B.C. welfare rates and policies. Of course the people doing the study got it all wrong and in actual fact B.C. is a model of progressive solutions to poverty, homelessness and helping those with disabilities that should probably be studied by people in Scandinavia.

Meanwhile, the Soup Nazi himself is front and center like the captain of the team, dribbling, posing AND kneeling ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I wonder if he was chewing gum as well, probably not, eh? Otherwise I'm sure they would have mentioned it. He deprives us of the view of his legs, but then full length sweats often have pockets and hip-flasks are useless without a pocket. My thought is that if indeed Mr. Multi-Task is really so skilled in Multi-Tasking, perhaps he could even show up at the Legislature more often AND even answer questions when he's there. Oh yeah, I'm sure such a multi-tasking guy could find the time to answer a few questions regarding the BC Rail Trial and Basi, Basi and Virk down there at the corner of Robson and Smithe.

I received another consignment of humorous quotes from the correspondent that I will refer to today as the Anono-Mouse of Mirth and since all my other postings are still being researched or written, I will share my favorites this morning.

What They're Saying This Week:

Do horse buns contribute to climate change?

"The Campbell government has made a terrific political mistake in assuming that if they appeared to be doing big and fancy things over global warming that the public wouldn't notice things like fish farms, bad logging practices and devastating rivers and streams.
"In fact the very opposite happened as members of the public, seeing that global warming on the one hand and fish, water, and trees on the other were connected and that they could actually do something about the latter. They saw utterances by Premier Campbell and his ministers as being horse-buns such that few if any government statements are accepted at face value any more."
- Rafe Mair (The Tyee), April 21, 2008

Once again harsh words from the Mild One. Also I would like to remind Rafe that the BC liaRs aren't really Liberals. Actually they are his old colleagues, the ones that haven't died or retired, disguised as Liberals, because some folks kinda trashed the Social Credit brand. Notice your old colleague Clod Richmond in the picture above. It's kinda like the way Harper and his little band of fascists are about as far from the Progressive Conservative Party of Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark as is Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin - they just wear the skin from the carcass to fool the sheeples.

Hopefully, that was a recycled napkin

"Like so many of his environmental initiatives, it seems like his biofuels plan was sketched out on the back of a napkin."
- Esquimalt-Metchosin MLA Maurine Karagianis (letter to the Times Colonist), April 25,

There's only so much thought you can fit on the back of a napkin

"None of this inspires confidence that the Campbell government knows what it is doing on the climate-change file. The effect will be to reinforce doubts, particularly in rural and remote regions of British Columbia, that the gain the Premier sees accruing from his policies is worth the pain he is asking the rest of us to bear."
- Norman Spector (Globe and Mail), April 21, 2008

Well Golly Gee Normie, there ain't much in the premier's policies that look attractive to those of us in the rural and/or remote regions of the province. It is difficult to see how we benefit from the loss of local control, the closure of courthouses, hospitals, schools and other government offices that ONCE UPON A TIME provided services without a two, six or eight hour drive via routes that have NO ALTERNATIVE means of transportation. Or even when there is an alternative, like to get from my place to Kelowna, for example, a four or five hour drive or less by auto becomes a two day epic journey by bus, the only option other than hitch-hiking (or actual hiking on foot). Meanwhile we see billions being spent on the Sea to Die for the Rich Folks Games at the Town the Workers can hardly afford to live in already. We see billions going to various highway and transit projects that just by chance all happen to be in the Lower Pain in the AssLand. Then there's the Convention Center, don't even get me started on that, but it is appropriate that it is just across Burrard Inlet from where the Fast Ferries are parked. Of course the Fast Ferries were a genius stroke compared to the Convention Center and if the government which finally replaces the BC liaRs is half as petty as the Campbell Gang, they will put out tenders for demolition of the Convention Center and take the lowest bid that brings the least to Provincial Coffers.

Being a B.C. Liberal means
never having to say you're accountable

"Shirley Bond, the education minister, says the NDP never had any system at all for playground equipment when they were in power. But statements like that start to ring a little hollow when you've been in power as your party has been for seven years now. The onus is on you to fix it rather than going back more than a decade."
- Keith Baldrey (Cutting Edge of the Ledge -- CKNW), April 25, 2008

Wow, Keith, I've been saying this for at least a couple of years. One would think that somebody like you, that makes a living "covering" the provincial government beat might notice and mention this sooner than some hick in the backwoods. But then, I guess maybe you aren't as skilled at multi-tasking as our Premier and paying attention would be a distraction from writing promotional material to explain to British Columbians how blessed we are to be "served" by these crooks. I mean "served" in the way the Thanksgiving Turkey is served!

It's all good, unless you need child care

"In response to Linda Reid's latest 'my department is doing everything just great' missive, I'd like to ask the minister a simple question: Is there a single vacant daycare spot anywhere in Richmond? ... I could give a damn whether Linda Reid's bureaucrats are chewing up more taxpayer dollars this year than last.

"Getting a childcare spot in the Lower Mainland has become like getting a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan; if you don't have the cash to cut in line, you better have a good plan B."
- Chris Parry (letter to the Richmond News), April 18, 2008

I'm not up to date on childcare these days, my own children being grown ups these days. But as far as I can tell any problem that may have existed has been solved by Stephen Harper and his Magical Childcare Plan, or at least that's what the brochures I get in the mail from NoSoLittle Stevie NotSuchAWonder seem to indicate. Indeed, Linda Reid may find her position will be declared "redundant" thanks to Stephen and his complete eradication of any problem with childcare in Canada. Now if Stephen and Monte can just figure out how to outsource childcare while retaining corporate profit....................

I'm going to end with this one and not even make any comment as Kelly Patterson pretty well expressed it as well as possible.

It's all good, unless you need any government services

"I find the new British Columbia slogan to be morally offensive. The Best Place on Earth would infer a place where not only the physical nature of its surroundings would be spectacular, but also would be, the nurturing empathy of its government toward the most vulnerable of citizens. This is not the case.The Campbell government has demonstrated a callous disregard for those people, young and old, who most desperately need their care and compassion."
- Kelly Patterson (letter to the Prince George Citizen), April 25, 2008

I'm still feeling quite remiss in STILL not having awarded the Gyro and Vac for 2007 at this late date, as April draws to a close. So I will redouble my efforts to get that together before midnight Wednesday (at which time it becomes May). Of course one difficult part is finding pictures of the winners that won't scare the children in one case or get the females of the readership all a-twitter and likely to lose interest in their current significant others.

I guess part of the problem (with the delay) is that this time of year it is so easy to find other uses for my time than studying liars and their enablers, things that have to do with new life and the great outdoors. Then in the evening, well late afternoon out here in the west, there are the Canadians and the Penquins to keep track of as they work on getting to the Eastern final to decide who, hopefully, meets the Sharks, though things are grim in the Shark Pond presently.


Blogger BC Mary said...


Where the heck did you find that photo of Premier Campbell?? It is so dazzlingly gorgeous, I may have to move where I can vote for him. Point Grey, isn't it?

As for the recycled re-treads, I didn't even notice them until I read your lovely introduction. Poor Clod, staring so hard at his shoes that only the top of his head shows. Isn't he the guy who said "Okay fine!" when A.G. Rich Coleman and the RCMP came to an airport near him, seeking his consent for a raid on the B.C. Legislature? A penny for your thoughts, Clod.

Who are those other guys? I mean, after 7 years, who are they and what are they doing for a living -- surely not representing The People's Best Interests?


Monday, April 28, 2008 at 4:09:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Gary E said...

Well Koot this photo takes the cake, if not the gyro. Do you think this guy actually beleives he can tun the province on Photo Ops and Lies? Jeesh.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 at 5:54:00 PM PDT  

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