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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Ugly Canadian


Arrogance and Idiocy

Yesterday morning I woke up to the CBC telling me that Gordon Campbell, our own provincial petty dictator, had weighed in on the drama in Ottawa. According to the deluded, disingenuous or retarded news reader, Gordon was advising his "Federal Counterparts" to exercise restraint and give Stevie "non-Wonder" Harper a chance to present a budget and generally carry on with his plan for Canada, or just sit around playing king and engaging in petty partisan political gamesmanship.

To start with, the Liberal Party of British Columbia is no more actually Liberals, than Steven Harper's theocratic band of bumbling clowns are Conservatives. Like Steve, Gordo used political smears, character assassination and double crosses to steal the good name of a respected political party to disguise his band of retread Alliance/Reform (western separatists) and discredited SoCreds and other fundamentalist reich wing rejects who would be rejected by any voters who were fully informed of who they actually were and what they planned to do, given the opportunity. Steve and Gordo should come up with a common, shared honest name, and declare their shared vision of a diminished, and sold out Canada. Only then would either one actually deserve to form government and have a mandate. Otherwise they should just have a Man Date with each other and get over it!

Stevie most likely got cheesed at no-neck (or brain) Gary Lunn, when he strayed off the reservation during the last farcical election campaign and criticized the Campbell "Greener than Kermit" Plan. Stevie didn't want that mentioned, as otherwise Gordo is his best provincial ally, after BFF Stelmach, of course. That is undoubtably why Lunn was demoted to Minister in Charge of changing the oil in Zambonis in the new cabinet.

Who can Believe Steve?

Then there is the guy who can tell two different lies out of both sides of his mouth, simultaneously!

Steve demanded that the networks televise his abuse of the bully pulpit tonight, to take his argument to the People. Maybe he forgot that Rideau Hall isn't in Calgary, like his house, so a screaming mob is unlikely to surround the home of Michalle Jean demanding that she accede to whatever Stevie wants to do. Most folks think he will ask for approval to prorogue the Legislature so he can still be Prime Minister, in exile from the Parliament whose confidence he can clearly not claim to hold. He mainly in a quieter, more sweater vest manner, repeated the same inanities he has been screaming across the floor in the House all week. He primarily tried to scare people into thinking that somehow two thirds of the elected members of Parliament expressing their will through a vote would be the end of democracy and Canada.

His other main point was that by accepting the support of the 49 ELECTED members of the Bloc Quebecois, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton were willing to commit treason to stage a coup. I guess this is different than it was in 2000, when Doris Stockwell Day entered into a written agreement with the remnants of the real Conservative Party (those who survived Lyin' Brian's nearly successful destruction of the PCs) and the BLOC Quebecois. Of course Stock was even going to let the Bloc help draft the Speech from the Throne - I guess that isn't surprising though, literacy being in short supply among the Reform/Alliance Separatist types.

Then of course as leader of the Opposition St. Stephen himself actually signed a pact with Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe which was then submitted to then GG, Adriene Clarkson, to let her know they felt ready to assume government under Prime Minister Stevie Harper, should Paul Martin's minority government lose a vote of confidence. Of course they couldn't buy Chuck Cadman and had to wait and cool their heels in opposition awhile longer.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of Sweater Vest Boy without the Sweater Vest's little flagside chat tonight was the fact that the French version of his spiel substituted the word 'sovereigntist' for the English version's repeated use of 'separatist.' Those who would know say that all week his messages in French, to Quebec have avoided the term 'Separatist Bloc' preferring to stroke the 'Nation' of Quebec, while stoking the yokels in the West with more divisive language like "in bed with the evil Separatist Bloc." When asked to explain this, the communications director for the CPC claimed to lack enough fluency in the country's other official language to understand the question OR have an explanation - THE COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR, of the party that DESERVES to govern, because they WON the election with just over one third of the vote.

So, they lack real communication or literacy skills. They also appear to be weak mathematically, because to them to respect the will of two thirds of the members of the House is an affront to democracy. They've repeatedly demonstrated, especially Harper himself, that they cannot work or play well with others who don't share their ideology. What indication is there that they are fit to govern our great nation?

I can see no reason to let the government of Canada idle in limbo for another two months. Steve already prorogued Parliament once, in September, by breaking his own American style fixed election date law to call his absurd and wasteful election, and avoid three bye-elections and the imminent opening of Parliament. It seems to me that Steve is the one who will do anything to be Prime Minister, even if it means he has to hide out at home in his sweater vest to hold on to the throne.

Of course maybe he figures that given a couple months of high pressure hard selling, he might be able to buy enough MPs from ANY parties to get his coveted majority and thus get to be Prime Minister in the House of Parliament!


Blogger BC Mary said...

Great work, Koot. Keep it coming!

I just wondered if you had read the excellent summary of events provided on Friday Dec. 5, 2008 in The Globe and Mail by our own Rick Mercer, pundit formidable? It's called No Two Ways About It.

Rick explained who those people were, standing in the dark, cold, and sleet at the gates of 24 Sussex Drive (the house we provide for the prime minister).

The poor sods were paid staffers, ordered to show up at 6:15 AM to cheer, applaud, wave the Canadian flags, and sing O Canada when Harperino drove off to work. Or breakfast. Or whatever. Rick reports that Harper didn't know the crowd was being paid to fake it; because "he's easier to manage when he thinks people love him".

It felt a bit odd, watching our government employees at work like that, on our money. A bit like Campbell's Public Affairs Bureau busily propagandizing at us, faking things for the news cameras.

Plus the crowd at Government House staring at that open door for 2 hours ... mostly the same folks, bolstered somewhat by members of the media.

Citizen Journalists are going to have to work like mad, to overcome these tactics.

Thanks for your insights, starting us off.


Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 8:21:00 PM PST  

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