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Friday, March 15, 2013

My A$$!!!

Billy Bob Bennett - properly equipped for exposure to people

Since the LIEberals have now ended their 19 days of actually sitting in the Legislature for the year with the release of Deputy Minister John Dyble's report following a brief and not very thorough investigation of Ethnogate, various retarded or lapdog commentators have yet again claimed that Christy Clark is "exonerated" and the bad things, perhaps illegal things, that happened on her watch mixing public/partisan efforts and money were just the result of some underlings getting carried away and making some "mistakes." Just like the only thing wrong with the BC Rail Scam was what Virk and only one Basi (the Six Million Dollar Men) did, and Gordo, Dobell, Kinsella, Ferret Collins and Dave MacLean are as pure as the angels. Or just like when she was running for the leadership the groveling lap poodles of PostMedia and the compromised Stephen (not so) Smart of the CBC claimed a pile of documents that clearly indicated the opposite, instead proved that Christy had been absolved of any participation in the major crime we call the BC Rail Theft. Either these folks can't read or will only read and comment on what pleases their masters.

If I had just one lawyer as good at getting me acquitted as the Lamestream Media energetically working to clear Christy (and her predecessor who now lives the high life in London) manages to accomplish, there would be no reason for me to not embark on a high paid career in major criminal activities. I would be the Teflon Don of the Kootenay!

Our unelected and unelectable Pretend Premier says "serious mistakes were made." She must have meant the mistake of getting caught because when you have someone on the public dime e-mailing a cabinet minister (on private accounts to avoid FOI) say "I have to send (sic) them reminder emails to double check.......and ultimately check for any trace of I and Brian's (Bonney - recent communications director for multiculturalism) involvement. It is absolutely critical that we do not leave any evidence...."(bolding kc) it is pretty clear they are fully aware they are doing something WRONG!.

While the LameStream tries to minimize the damage to Christy and her Court, if they can't ignore it altogether or create a false equivalency with a completely made up charge that the NDP were doing the same thing. Various bloggers like the Powell River Persuader, (this link to tJohn Dyble's Ethnicgate Review, Two Legs Short - but the preceding posts are relevant as well), the full time mad scientist/part time blogger and musician the Gazetteer (all posts for the last few days) amd even Paul Willcocks from all the way down in Central America lay out the facts minus all the spin, deflection and complete bullshit spewed by Billy Bob Bennett who should only be rolled out in public ala Hannibal Lector strapped to a dolly and wearing a mask. For a real clarification about the phoney ass equivalent NDP Scam visit Ian Reid here.

Actually the man I wish had won the NDP Leadership, John Horgan very succinctly summed up the issue with his first question of yesterday's QP, almost definitely, barring a coup, the last one where Christy can pretend to be Premier and hide behind Rich Coleman, Hairy Bloy, Foghorn Kreuger, Squirrelly Bond or Bill "Hillbilly Hannibal Lector" Bennett.
J. Horgan: Today at 11:30 the opposition and the public received a scathing indictment by the deputy to the Premier, John Dyble. It was a scathing indictment of a plan concocted and contrived in the Premier's office, executed by staff in the caucus and, sadly, involving public servants.
Mr. Dyble says in his report, in conclusion: "The terms of reference for this review do not extend to making findings with respect to cabinet ministers or to caucus employees. The public service 'Standards of conduct' do not apply to these groups. Therefore, this report makes no assessment of their conduct."
My question is to the Premier. Surely, based on the findings of Mr. Dyble, it's past time for the Premier to call a full and independent inquiry into the multicultural outreach scandal.
The bold portion is particularly accurate, because it is clear that any "Standards of conduct' do not apply to" the
premier, her cabinet or her caucus. During a supplemental Mr. Horgan pointed out:
J. Horgan: In the "Summary of Events and Facts" Mr. Dyble lays out quite clearly the individuals involved in the preliminary meeting that set in motion the plan to harvest names from government sources and transfer them to the B.C. Liberal Party. In fact, he says as follows: "Attendees generally agreed that the meeting, chaired by the deputy chief of staff…was an effort to capture current activities of the attendees related to multiculturalism and to bring better coordination among the three groups."
The three groups were the government, the caucus and the party. This is a three-legged stool. Mr. Dyble investigated one leg.

Polls are for dogs with full bladders department:

The sorry excuse for government (or humans) that is our soon to be former government got more bad news yesterday also. One of their chief cheerleader organizations (Global and its new spawn BC 1) commissioned a poll that showed that the BC liaRs were now twenty points behind the NDP and the NDP was even over 50%, almost unheard of for any party in BC......ever. Billy Bob doesn't believe it, Crusty prolly can't understand it and the worst part is, I'm pretty sure the poll was taken before even Dyble's kinda limited report was issued. On another question though Christy came out on top. While Adrian Dix was considered more competent to lead the province more folks wanted to have a beer or dinner with Christy. Or perhaps those with lower standards than I, would like to give her a chance to prove the MILF in Chief wouldn't make them limp also - it's difficult to figure, just like it is scary to realize that 32% of my neighbors (well not mine, but in the province) would STILL vote for the criminal organization called the BC Liberal Party. I'll give that last word to my friend Ross the Pacific Gazeteer on this creepy finding.
Don't forget that, before he almost singlehandedly destroyed their country, most Americans really, really wanted to have a beer with the Shrubbery.
 If anyone still wants to read more go see Bob Mackin at Quick Wins scandal report soft on Clark, and Mr. Mackin has lots more about how fortunate we are (not) to be governed by these kleptocrats at his 2010 Gold Rush blog.

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