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Sunday, April 11, 2010

"...Consistent with

Once upon a time, there was a flakey little political party in England called Social Credit. Their platform included some radical notions about money, the value of the arts and artists and various other issues. Eventually a party of God fearing farmers in Alberta chose to use this name for their fairly conservative rural oriented party, with little concern for actually adopting any of its policy proposals. Later on in British Columbia a co-alition without a name seized upon the name yet again and lo and behold we had the dynasty of the Bennetts - Bennett I and then - Bennett Too, the lesser. Father W.A.C. or Cecil was premier from 1952 until the early seventies when Davy Barrett finally led the NDP to power. The party then re-organized itself and shed some of its vision and integrity and managed to replace Davy Barrett and the NDP after a short but incredibly productive three years in power having to fight the vested interests of the powers behind the new and definitely not improved version of Social Credit.

The era of W.A.C., especially with twenty-twenty hindsight was a golden era for the province. Cece's rhetoric about the "socialist hordes at the gates" was one thing and the policies he enacted and the actions that ensued was a whole 'nuther thing. Thanks to W.A.C.'s vision the province was connected from the coastal center of suits to the far-flung resource towns and ranchs and mines. The ribbon of steel, BC Rail, and the BC Ferries, and the 24/7/365 paving and highway construction under Flyin' Phil Gaglardi meant that those in the interior and north could get themselves to the coast and the products to market. The suits could put on casual clothes and go to the Kootenays, Cariboo and other regions of paradise.

And then there was the jewel of Bennett Sr.'s legacy, BC Hydro, that had provided the citizens and businesses of the province with some of the cleanest and cheapest electricity in North America, if not the world. But like BC Ferries and BC Rail before it, BC Hydro is under attack and being weakened so more, or more of the same cronies can pick up the jewels at fire-sale prices thanks to a cunning and persistent mis-information campaign and plain old forced buy high - sell low policies inflicted on what's left of the crown corporation, BC Hydro. If Josef Goebbels were alive today and living in BC, he would certainly be a good fit at the Public Affairs Bureau, and most likely be running it.

But then the the party fell on hard times. Like so many European royal families, the progeny didn't have the same mojo (or integrity) as the Father. Under the careless and often mean spirited watch of mini-WAC, son of Cece - Bill Bennett and our warrior prince against the HST, Bill Vanderzalm, the brand name became irreparably tarnished. What were the scam artists and flim-flam gang that had taken over and run the Social Credit party into pariah status to do?

An evil duke named Lord Campbell took some cronies aside and planned an assault on the people and assets of British Columbia that was soon put into action and continues full speed ahead to this day. An important first step was a name, a brand and lo and behold there was Gordon Wilson. Basically a good man, and leader of the currently almost irrelevant BC Liberal Party, he was in the midst of personal conflict and crisis that could be used for his character assassination - having an affair with an also married female member of the Official Opposition. Then there was the matter of dis-crediting the sitting premier, Glen Clark, which was accomplished with what may be the most choreographed and re-broadcast excecution of a search warrant in history.

Yesterday, Norm Farrell over at Northern Insights, published a piece that eloquently ties together the almost seamless attack coming from the criminal organization we call our govermeant. If everyone in the province read and understood Norm's piece, and his writing is so clear and calm - you have to be on the kool-aid intraveneously to not get it, the BC Ferries would practically sink with the walk-on and drive on passengers from all over the province headed to James Bay to have a word with "da Boss."

I'll let Norm take it from here,. I'll print few teasers from Not merely consistent with guilt but inconsistent with innocence to stimulate your interest, but heartily recommend you continue on over to Northern Insights and read the whole thing. Actually, it is difficult to not just cut and paste the entire post, but I think you should go on over there, there is lots more good stuff where this came from. If you like it maybe let Norm know on the comments board, or maybe even if you don't like it, or disagree - just try to explain why in a civil manner. See ya'll over there!

Not merely consistent with guilt but inconsistent with innocence.

Throughout the Campbell Liberal years, British Columbia has been remade. The provincial economy grew but fortunes of ordinary people declined for the first extended period in history. Wealth has been redistributed to the disadvantage of all but a tiny minority. This is by design and not incidental. A design created - no surprise here - by the beneficiaries of change.


Message making began even before the 2001 election. Creating villains was the first act. A few old guard political opponents, Stupich and Williams come to mind as easy targets. Destroying Harcourt and Clark took longer because they were essentially good people, as lives after politics demonstrated.


A long history of inexpensive clean power was targeted for elimination. Premier WAC Bennett said that low cost power would be the foundation for job development as long as the resource was used at home, not exported south to run factories of the USA. Gordon Campbell turned that policy on its head. Now, BC Hydro is obliged to purchase high cost interruptible power so they can dump it in the export market at a loss.


Now, get outa here and get on over there......

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Help Wanted

Opening for a Solicitor-General for BC

This is a temporary position. Applicant must be available to start as soon as possible and willing to occupy position until November 2010.

The successful applicant cannot be one of these three guys:


  • Position as elected member of BC liaR Party preferred

  • Law degree and current member of the British Columbia Bar preferred

    Police Chief or other high ranking law enforcement official needing to retire to avoid disciplinary hearing will be considered

  • Preference will be shown to lawyers who didn't have to hire someone to write their bar exam.

  • Computer skills not necessary, inability to use email preferred.

  • Carry your currency in something other than a brown paper bag

  • Talent for photo-ops/vid clips at crime scenes a plus

  • Good Hair a must


  • None really, other than talking tough on crime and domestic violence, but actually doing anything will not be required.

  • The successful applicant must be aware that elected officials are incapable of committing criminal or unethical acts, unless of course they are members of the NDP.

Apply in person to either Patrick Kinsella or Ken Dobell - either one will set up an appointment with Lara Dauphinee if you manage to make the short list.

Salary, benefits and positions on corporate boards after November subject to negotiation.

Update: 7:42AM, April 10

I would like to commend Kash Heed for stepping down immediately and showing respect for Parliamentary tradition. I am sure that both he and the citizens of British Columbia hope that this matter is resolved in a more timely fashion than his predecessor once removed John Les' case or the mysterious matter of the Legislature Raids.

On another note, Lord Gord has announced he won't be asking for the resignation of Jane T, his caucus member facing DUI charges. This should come as no surprise, HOW COULD HE?

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

They Just Don't Make 'Em
Like That Anymore!

Minister Leadfoot shows da Boss,
Premier Lyin' Drunk
his souped up John Deere garden tractor*
capable of 150 kph (even more
if not trying to mow or plow at the same time).

(*license not required for operation)

Those of a certain age who also spent time in Kamloops in the sixties will never forget the flamboyant Flyin' Phil Gaglardi, who spent twenty years being a major minister in W.A.C. Bennett's Social Credit government after losing the leadership of the party to the grand old Cecil by one vote in 1952. Actually everybody anywhere in BC couldn't help but notice the Pentacostal Minister from Kamloops who paved the province while W.A.C. and the rest were building the legacy that Gordo the CEO has been voraciously dismantling for eight years and counting.

If the ground ever starts shaking in the Okanagan Valley, it won't be an earthquake, it will be because St. Peter told W.A.C. what Gordo has been doing to and with BC Rail, BC Ferries, BC Hydro and the infrastructure he helped create so that the loggers, miners and ranchers of the "hurtland" could supply the suits in Vancouver with commodities and support a health care system, schools and live a 20th century lifestyle. It will just be Cece spinning in his grave and trying to dig his way out to wrap his hands around the throat of the lying white haired drunk.

Phil Gaglardi earned the Flyin' appellation to his name for both the Lear Jet he convinced the Premier to acquire for the province and the way he personally performed the speed trials on the new highways that seemed to be opening almost weekly making all portions of the province accessible from and to the Lower Vainland. He even considered running for the leadership of the Federal Social Credit Party, until they refused to supply him with his own new Lear Jet for campaign hops and a million bucks for expenses.

Today we have to put up with pale imitations, like Carole James as "leader" of the "oppositon" instead of Davy Barrett. Even less impressively we now have to make do with speed demon John van Dongen as official tester of radar speed traps. How far we have fallen! Of course representing Kamloops now we have Kevin "I like to talk on my cell phone and cut deals while I drive" Krueger - not quite the same as watching old Flyin' Phil blast by at just below than the speed of sound on his way to deliver a passionate sermon on Sunday morning.

So last April the former Minister of Public Hazards Saftey had to step down as Solicitor-General (or top Law Enforcement Officer for the Province) when it was revealed he had been required to surrender his driver's license for too many (a number which he has so far refused to disclose) traffic infractions, many of which were for speeding - talking on your cell at the wheel being still legal at the time.

Last August almost immediately after being given another chance to drive legally in Canada, he got another ticket in Victoria "for disobeying a traffic control device" (i.e. running a red light or stop sign or ?). Mr. Speed Demon, like any British Columbian had 30 days to contest the ticket, and chose to essentially plead guilty by not appearing and it seems like maybe his license was once again yanked. Then in January of this year he went to court to have the conviction overturned and was laughed out of court, as would be anyone.

I will let the Vancouver Stunning Birdcage Liner take it from here:

In the documents filed in B.C. Supreme Court Wednesday, van Dongen asked the court to quash a Jan. 12 decision by a judicial justice of the peace to uphold the traffic violation ticket.

Van Dongen claims the justice of the peace made the decision based on "erroneous findings of fact that were made in a perverse or capricious manner or without due regard to the material before him."

He also claims the justice acted without jurisdiction and failed to provide the right to a fair hearing.

The court documents say the petitioner is an MLA in British Columbia and his right to drive a motor vehicle is an essential requirement for his employment.

I hardly know where to begin in listing the reasons why this foolishness is an insult to the people of British Columbia. For starters, Mr. Ding Dong Junior is wasting limited court resources that most British Columbians can't even afford to access. After all, he could have raised all these oh so important legal issues during the thirty days last August/September!

Though I know the loss of his licence was no inconvenience to da Boss after his adventures on Maui, but then we love Lord Gord so much that we taxpayers are thrilled to pay for his own personal chauffer, so he can sit in the back and plan his ongoing assault on British Columbians without paying attention to the road. Considering that Mr. van Dongen's job consists of yelling at the James Gang and refusing to answer any questions ever in the Stonepile in James Bay, unless they have bumper cars in the Legislature, I really fail to see where driving is necessary to perform his job. Actually, with him at the helm, his job is redundant for starters.

Dear John, I've known logging truck drivers, ambulance drivers and cabbies who lost their licence for DUI or too many tickets, hell I even personally knew well a Tow Truck operator who almost always had to hire a driver to accomodate the fact that he personally rarely could hold a valid driver's licence. So John, save your whining for somebody that actually gives a crap and let somebody use the court time for something less.....well.......effing ridiculous!


Could it be that the Campbell Crime Family helped themselves to three quarters of a billion from ICBC as atonement for their rudeness in asking Mr. van Dongen to pay for his "points?"

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Next Month's News

The toadies of the Lamestream Media in British Columbia, the same toadies who have made an art form out of looking the other way during the Kabuki Play we refer to as the Basi-Virk or BC Rail trial are already getting their final article ready for the gullible hoardes of BC citizens. Today on the CBC we have the following brief article which I will edit for its real intended future purpose. When I heard the last part of this on the CBC radio today, and then heard something about Gordon Campbell and his government in the next piece I thought that the Basi-Virk trial had heard a request for a mistrial, based on "prejudice" from a newspaper article. So I thought I would just publish the piece, with the relevant parts stricken out and replaced by the news to come in May!

Kembo murder Basi-Virk defence assails news report

Charles KemboDavid Basi testified in his own defence at his murder bribery and breach of trust trial. A newspaper report about the multiple-murder trial of Vancouver-area resident Charles Kembo trial of David Basi could lead to a mistrial, according to the lawyer for the accused killer sleaze bag former employee of former sleaze bag finance minister Gary Collins.

Kembo Basi is accused of first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife, her daughter, his mistress, and his best friend. of accepting a bribe and breach of public trust in the rigged giveaway of BC Rail.

At the B.C. Supreme Court trial on Wednesday morning, Kembo's Basi's lawyer, Don Morrison, said a front-page article in a local newspaper may prejudice the administration of justice in the case.

The judge called a recess to allow Kembo Basi and his lawyer to decide if they will request a mistrial. After the recess, Morrison Basi's lawyer said he would need more time to study the relevant case law, and the judge set aside time on Friday to hear the issue.

The trial then resumed and Kembo Basi took the stand once again in his own defence.

On Tuesday he denied he had anything to do with the deaths theft of BC Rail, which took place over a period of two years starting in early 2003.

Meanwhile the mealy mouthed excuse for an opposition Justice Critic Leonard "The Law is an Ass and I'm a Lawyer" Krog warned everybody to be careful in something the Vancouver Stun placed on their BLOG, in their ongoing efforts to not waste trees with their incresingly irrelevant drivel.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Canada Takes

Canadians (on left) Going for the Gold

As my regular readers might already know, I tend to be an early riser and begin my day hearing the early news. Even though I listen to the left wing, latte sipping CBC Mother Corp, I still wind up starting many days in a state of rage, before my feet even hit the floor. Like the other day, when the first thing I heard was that the mininum wage had been raised AGAIN in Ontario (to $10.25hr) while BC, arguably the most expensive jurisdiction to live in, remains stuck with the same minimum wage as prevailed in the last century AND enjoys a sub-minimum for those who are starting their slavery. Of course these new entrants, who hopefully can live at home, instead of on the street, and walk to work, will be rewarded with the munificent sum of $8.00hr, once they've put in 500 hours, or maybe they will be replaced with other new entrants, needing that first 500 hours.

But then the morning business report came on just before 6:00am as it does every weekday, and the headline was "Canada Claims Silver!" The fact that Canada beat out every country other than Mexico as a "cheap" place to do business was being hawked as a GOOD NEWS STORY.

Canada already among world's most competitive countries, KPMG says

OTTAWA — Canada is among the most competitive countries in the world to conduct business in, placing second in a group of 10 countries from Asia, Europe and North America, a new study says.

KPMG says Canada enjoys a five per cent advantage over its closest trading partner, the United States, and ranks only behind Mexico among the countries measured.

Yep, low wages, low taxes (for business), cheap (often subsidized) resources, a lax (and thus inexpensive) evironmental regulatory regime (soon to be even more relaxed thanks to Big Steve in Ottawa) make Canada the destination of choice for multinationals to exploit at minimal cost. Oh yeah, did I mention, that these wetbacks of the north are also comparatively well educated and their medical needs are looked after, thus saving corporations from the indignity of bearing those costs like they might have to in say the United States of much higher costs? Of course Vancouver is a nice place for the branch plant managers who can afford to keep a little mansion in West Van or a condo on False Creek, so they can occasionally supervise the worker bees in scenic luxury.

Then Saturday, I offended myself by actually purchasing a dead tree edition of the Vancoouver Stun and their main editorial thought that the KPMG study results were a GREAT NEWS story.

The best place in the world for business? Right here

KPMG noted that over the last decade Canada's tax status has moved from a high-tax jurisdiction to the most favourable tax regime in the G7.

According to the KPMG study, Canada has the lowest effective corporate income tax rate for manufacturing operations and among the lowest for corporate and information technology services. Canada also offers competitive rates on electricity and natural gas and facility rentals. Labour costs are lowest in Mexico, of course, but Canada ranks among the lowest of the industrialized nations......snip

Of course since the Vancouver Stun is still part of the not yet quite bankrupt Assperson Empire a story like this couldn't go by without a shot at both the Liberal Party of Canada AND the NDP, as in:
How odd then for the federal Liberal Party to propose at its convention in Montreal this week suspending corporate tax cuts as a major plank of its economic platform. Has the NDP's long-defunct Waffle faction found a new home?

The British news service Reuters, featured Mexico in their coverage of this story, and took pride that the UK had passed the US in the race for the cellar.
TORONTO (Reuters) - Mexico retained its top ranking as the most affordable place to do business, while the United States dropped to eighth, according to KPMG's report about cost-effective competition among 10 countries.

I guess the KPMG report IS good news, for the BC liaRs, their fat cat friends and their offshore corporate pig buddies, but somehow, I don't think it is in the interests of most Canadians to be runner-up in a contest that Mexico wins. Of course then I think about the child poverty in BC in particular, the widening gap between rich and poor and the increasing number of people without a roof over their heads and I guess it makes sense. Then I think of the ongoing gangland killings and drug wars and apparent government corruption in Victoria, and hey, with a little effort, maybe British Columbia can surpass Mexico and become a genuine third world jurisdiction. Now we have a target, the next time KPMG does this study, let's go BC, Go Canada Go! Let's leave Mexico in our dust!

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

CampBULL Heaves
Sigh of Relief

From the Portland Oregonian

BC Rail Trial Thrown Out

"Special" Crown Prosecutor Wild Bill Berardino and defence lawyers for Basi, Virk and Basi and Justice Anne Mackenzie have agreed to dismiss charges against the defendants, pay all their costs to date, including damages for lost income and damage to their sterling reputation as public servants. Unfortunately none of this information can be shared with the victims of the theft of BC Rail, the citizens of British Columbia due to a draconian publication ban issued by replacement justice Anne Mackenzie that disallows publication of anything according to the following conditions "there shall be no publication in any document or broadcast or transmission of any evidence, submissions, rulings or Reasons for Judgment given in these proceedings in the absence of the jury until the jury renders its verdict"

Since jury selection hasn't even begun after six years of obfuscation and possible evidence tampering, it will be illegal to tell the citizens of BC about this decision. However thanks to the Public Affairs Bureau (the taxpayer supported PR firm for the corrupt Gordon Campbell Crime Family) and the complicit corporate monopoly Lamestream Media in British Columbia, the average citizen thinks this case was resolved years ago already.


I would suggest that that if this ban is interpreted the way the forces of Gordo would like to hope, this may be what happened earlier this week. The above is a headline and article that could only legally be published by a paper like the Oregonian outside of Canada, whose reporter would then be banned from the court.

For further discussion regarding this bizarre and draconian publication ban and the confusion it has engendered, including whether or not even the publication ban itself can be mentioned please see - "Basi-Virk Publication ban: interpreted by Patrick Brown and Robin Matthews".

I don't know if I can be charged for Contempt of Court. But I will readily admit that I DO hold THIS court in the highest (or lowest) CONTEMPT!

No one should be surprised if British Columbians seem to be losing confidence in the administration of justice in our province. Events such as the recent judge replacement in this trial, StoneWally's prosecutor shopping over the Bountiful polygamists, the government's enthusiam for pursuing appeals in a Harper like fashion of any legal decisions challenging their all out attack on the people and assets of the "Bestest Place on Earth" (to be friends with the Boss - CEO Lord Gord)!

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