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Thursday, April 08, 2010

They Just Don't Make 'Em
Like That Anymore!

Minister Leadfoot shows da Boss,
Premier Lyin' Drunk
his souped up John Deere garden tractor*
capable of 150 kph (even more
if not trying to mow or plow at the same time).

(*license not required for operation)

Those of a certain age who also spent time in Kamloops in the sixties will never forget the flamboyant Flyin' Phil Gaglardi, who spent twenty years being a major minister in W.A.C. Bennett's Social Credit government after losing the leadership of the party to the grand old Cecil by one vote in 1952. Actually everybody anywhere in BC couldn't help but notice the Pentacostal Minister from Kamloops who paved the province while W.A.C. and the rest were building the legacy that Gordo the CEO has been voraciously dismantling for eight years and counting.

If the ground ever starts shaking in the Okanagan Valley, it won't be an earthquake, it will be because St. Peter told W.A.C. what Gordo has been doing to and with BC Rail, BC Ferries, BC Hydro and the infrastructure he helped create so that the loggers, miners and ranchers of the "hurtland" could supply the suits in Vancouver with commodities and support a health care system, schools and live a 20th century lifestyle. It will just be Cece spinning in his grave and trying to dig his way out to wrap his hands around the throat of the lying white haired drunk.

Phil Gaglardi earned the Flyin' appellation to his name for both the Lear Jet he convinced the Premier to acquire for the province and the way he personally performed the speed trials on the new highways that seemed to be opening almost weekly making all portions of the province accessible from and to the Lower Vainland. He even considered running for the leadership of the Federal Social Credit Party, until they refused to supply him with his own new Lear Jet for campaign hops and a million bucks for expenses.

Today we have to put up with pale imitations, like Carole James as "leader" of the "oppositon" instead of Davy Barrett. Even less impressively we now have to make do with speed demon John van Dongen as official tester of radar speed traps. How far we have fallen! Of course representing Kamloops now we have Kevin "I like to talk on my cell phone and cut deals while I drive" Krueger - not quite the same as watching old Flyin' Phil blast by at just below than the speed of sound on his way to deliver a passionate sermon on Sunday morning.

So last April the former Minister of Public Hazards Saftey had to step down as Solicitor-General (or top Law Enforcement Officer for the Province) when it was revealed he had been required to surrender his driver's license for too many (a number which he has so far refused to disclose) traffic infractions, many of which were for speeding - talking on your cell at the wheel being still legal at the time.

Last August almost immediately after being given another chance to drive legally in Canada, he got another ticket in Victoria "for disobeying a traffic control device" (i.e. running a red light or stop sign or ?). Mr. Speed Demon, like any British Columbian had 30 days to contest the ticket, and chose to essentially plead guilty by not appearing and it seems like maybe his license was once again yanked. Then in January of this year he went to court to have the conviction overturned and was laughed out of court, as would be anyone.

I will let the Vancouver Stunning Birdcage Liner take it from here:

In the documents filed in B.C. Supreme Court Wednesday, van Dongen asked the court to quash a Jan. 12 decision by a judicial justice of the peace to uphold the traffic violation ticket.

Van Dongen claims the justice of the peace made the decision based on "erroneous findings of fact that were made in a perverse or capricious manner or without due regard to the material before him."

He also claims the justice acted without jurisdiction and failed to provide the right to a fair hearing.

The court documents say the petitioner is an MLA in British Columbia and his right to drive a motor vehicle is an essential requirement for his employment.

I hardly know where to begin in listing the reasons why this foolishness is an insult to the people of British Columbia. For starters, Mr. Ding Dong Junior is wasting limited court resources that most British Columbians can't even afford to access. After all, he could have raised all these oh so important legal issues during the thirty days last August/September!

Though I know the loss of his licence was no inconvenience to da Boss after his adventures on Maui, but then we love Lord Gord so much that we taxpayers are thrilled to pay for his own personal chauffer, so he can sit in the back and plan his ongoing assault on British Columbians without paying attention to the road. Considering that Mr. van Dongen's job consists of yelling at the James Gang and refusing to answer any questions ever in the Stonepile in James Bay, unless they have bumper cars in the Legislature, I really fail to see where driving is necessary to perform his job. Actually, with him at the helm, his job is redundant for starters.

Dear John, I've known logging truck drivers, ambulance drivers and cabbies who lost their licence for DUI or too many tickets, hell I even personally knew well a Tow Truck operator who almost always had to hire a driver to accomodate the fact that he personally rarely could hold a valid driver's licence. So John, save your whining for somebody that actually gives a crap and let somebody use the court time for something less.....well.......effing ridiculous!


Could it be that the Campbell Crime Family helped themselves to three quarters of a billion from ICBC as atonement for their rudeness in asking Mr. van Dongen to pay for his "points?"


Blogger BC Mary said...

Phantastic Photo, Koot ...

a perfect choice to accompany one of your best-ever analyses of our troubled land.

In fact, I think that the whole province is liable to be in Contempt of Court (such as we're worrying about with regard to Judge MacK's blanket publication ban) ...

how could we avoid feeling contempt for these courts and those politicians?

Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 5:49:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Gary E said...

Great piece again Koot. I wonder if the courts will pick up on the "right to drive" which it is not. It's a privilege. And if you abuse that privilege you're suspended.
And I also fail to see where it affects his job. Because from what I see he isn't doing his god damn job.

Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 8:40:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one set of laws for the, BC Liberal government officials, and, a different set of laws for the peasants. That has been made abundantly clear. Strange though, Van Dongen resigns over speeding tickets, and Campbell and Thorthwaite, are allowed to stay in office, with DUI's. DUI's are a criminal offense????? Go figure.

Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 8:57:00 AM PDT  

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