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Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Stephen
on the Mount

Stephen Harper lost out to his good buddy, Gordon "Kermit" Campbell and missed the opportunity to cast himself in the role of patron saint of the environment. His man crush on the Tar Sands also made it awkward for Stevie to aspire to be the king of green.

Now the brain trust has ironically decided St. Stephen will be the saviour of women and children in poverty. Rights for women, women's health, including maternal/reproductive health are all going to benefit from Harper's newly declared war on wimmen's problems.

There are notable disclaimers however, in Harper's War on women's problems.

1. The women and children must not be in Canada, especially northern or rural Canada (or downstream from the Athabasca Goo Sands).

2. No contraception, no condoms, no family planning, no birth/disease control and NO ABORTIONS.

3. No uppity women, unless they are Reformatory cabinet ministers AND it is their birthday!!!

Did smoke puffs appear from the Vatican when I wasn't looking and Bishop Cannon and his cronies have named the new Pope Stephen?

Dubya and his panel of experts exerting control over women's bodies!


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