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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Other
House of Infamy

The Clown Prince and Princess
of the

Perhaps the biggest fan of the PseudoTory power couple of Rahim Jaffer and Helena "It's My Birthday, and I'll Screech and Stomp if I Want To" Guergis is Maxime Bernier. His practice of storing government papers at the home of his (a)Mafia Moll or (b)Biker Chick girlfriend seems almost quaint in retrospect. Indeed, he could even argue that the aura of Julie's former associates lingering about the premises would protect the most sensitive of documents, especially from the clutches of those opposition MPs who after all only took a loyalty oath to the Queen and Canada, but may have had their fingers crossed behind their backs.

But as the "Tough on Crime" Conscammers pretending to govern in Ottawa today repeatedly make obvious, and the voters of Maxime's riding in Quebec made clear during the last sparsely participated in election, Reformatories answer to a higher authority - THEMSELVES and St. Stephen Harper.

Blogging Tories and slimey unemployed wannabe journalists in the Con Camp have been working overtime. They try to claim that anyone who thought Rahim may have benefitted from some favoritism when charges of impaired driving and possession of cocaine mysteriously turned into a traffic infraction are wearing more tin-foil than 9-11 "truthers" or those who won't deny climate change. However, even in BC, the province where justice up and left, the police, crown and courts at least explained (or have tried to do so) their (faulty) reasoning for not pursuing impaired causing death (or even impaired) charges against Mountie Monty Robinson, who just by chance seems to "accidentally" or justifiably KILL someone annually. So maybe the white powder was the "fruit" of a poison tree, illegal search - but hey, was the breathalyzer broken as well - or not calibrated recently enough? And the Blogging Tory Types who try to imply that since Rahim is no longer an MP, that any political connections he ever had (including a cabinet minister wife) ceased to exist once he lost his seat are assuming the sheeple are even dumber than they are.

Of course Rahim Jaffer is way past his expiry date as a PsuedoCon politician, but that is for committing the most egregious sin imaginable in Reform/Alliance/Wildrose/Canadian Taliban circles - losing a seat to the commie hordes of the NDP in ALBERTA! Besides as Rahim patiently pointed out, over and over and over again in response to being excluded from seeking the nomination for the seat he lost for Stevie, he is busy, thinking about producing and raising a family, after he finishes completing his MBA. I did mention the MBA, didn't I, he mentioned it repeatedly, so I figure it must be important. If you see Rahim be sure to ask "how's it going with the MBA?" - the modern day must have credential for white collar criminals from Wall Street, to Bay Sreet to Howe Street?

But Rahim's case is pretty much business as usual, and not even peculiar to the Cons, although with their Old Testament style Law and Order agenda, it seems even more absurd when they ignore bad and/or criminal behaviour than if Taliban Jack or Just Visiting Iggy were to do the same.

As Rick Mercer, the real deal in political punditry from the Rock (sorry Rex), will mention in his weekly much anticipated rant tonight: With St Stephen and the Knights from the Calgary School of Economics, "it ain't so much what you know, but who you know in the PMO"

Now Mrs. Jaffer or Helena Guergis, that's an even more entertaining and, for the Refromatories, perplexing issue. I mean, Hel(l on wheels)ena is not only a sitting MP, but a cabinet minister as well, though a junior one. She is the Minister for Women after all, it would have to be a junior ministry, as in the Catechism according to St. Stephen women are the JUNIOR GENDER.

Amazing as it is(n't) that Helena still has her post, even more amazing is the fact that some on the Con Game side of the aisle are grumbling that MAYBE she should resign. Recently she has been depending on a surprisingly froth free, weary looking defense from the usually rabid spit missile launching Minister of - something more important - Transport, which includes airports.

But Helena provides evidence that she has lost touch with reality when she issues a threat (Threat to sue does little good...) to SUE airport employees for libel, for reporting on her childish display - a display that would probably have gotten most of us tasered and incarcerated if not renditioned to a torture friendly jurisdiction.

For a real laugh check out Helena Guergis deserves a medal by Kelly McParland, who while adding a weird bolded disclaimer at the end, seems to indicate it really isn't a parody, but reflects his actual reasoning (sic).

Thank you Helena Guergis. Thank you for acting like a normal human being up against the blank stare of pointless government harassment. Thanks for doing what we'd all like to do, standing up for a bit of common sense. I bet you don't find much of it in Ottawa.

If I had a medal I'd send it to you. Gold.

Now the Reich Wing wankers say that racial profiling would solve the inconvenience, at least for all of us of the proper racial/ethnic persuasion. After all, Ms. Gurgitating Bile is a not un-attractive "white" "well dressed" (I guess well-mannered is out) woman, AND The decry the security staff at the airport for putting a cabinet minister (tho a minor post) - and thus should be spared the harsh treatment the rest of us are expected to tolerate. But hold on a minute, that is just a typical response from the hang-em high, immediate re-tributionn for whatever crowd. Who decides who is guilty - ON THE SPOT? What if the airport personel didn't happen to recognize Ms. Guergis, no matter how impotent she may think she is, some people wouldn't recognize Stephen Harper's face on a dart-board. Even after she possibly produced ID, showing how truly important and entitled she truly is, HOW DO THEY KNOW THE ID ISN"T FAKE?

Shut up Helena,and take off your fucking shoes, oh yeah get to the fucking airport on time, (by on time I mean however EARLY they recommend - otherwise YOU are late), like the rest of us. If that don't work for you fly on chartered or private flights, they have special provisions for the TRULY entitled who board their own (leased/rented/chartered) plane and in their own private hangar/boarding area.

Oh yeah, Happy Fucking Birthday BeYatch!
When do you grow up? - next birthday?


Anonymous Grant G said...

Very Stylish,if this,

"house is rockin,don`t bother knockin"

I`ll be back for more.

Thanks Koot

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 8:31:00 PM PDT  

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