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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BC's Justice System

imgage from Betty's Early Edition

Just when one thinks that the reputation of the so-called Justice System in British Columbia couldn't sink any lower (See Robin Mathews' 10 point indictment based on just the BC Rail Corruption Trial IRREGULARITIES at BC Mary's) thanks to Alison of Creekside (crossposted at the Galloping Beaver) we learn that one of Mike DeJong's butt-boys in the AG ministry wants to put Betty Krawczyk away for LIFE as a repeat offender. Just this week a trucker caught with $6,000,000 of illegal drugs for sale walked free with a few months served, yet Betty K, who never "harmed a single person or piece of logging or construction equipment." and has the temerity to appeal the 10 month sentence SHE ALREADY served, will be answered in court with an attempt to lock her up for life. I can't express the outrage I feel any better than Alison already has:
After serving out her last sentence in full, Betty appealed it on the grounds that the squelching of protest inconvenient to corporations and governments is an illegitimate use of the legal system.
The Attorney General's response to her appeal has been to recommend the court re-sentence her under the rules of "accumulated convictions", designate her a chronic offender, and lock her up for life!

"When an accused has been convicted of a serious crime in itself calling for a substantial sentence and when he suffers from some mental or personalty disorder rendering him a danger to the community but not subjecting him to confinement in a mental institution and when it is uncertain when, if ever, the accused will be cured of his affliction, in my opinion the appropriate sentence is one of life."

"A serious crime"? "A mental or personality disorder"? "A danger to the community"? "Life" ? For an appeal to a sentence she has already served?
Good God.
Shame on you, Michael Brundrett of the Attorney Generals Office.

It was extraordinary enough that a provincial government now happy to take credit for having "saved" Clayoquot Sound was willing to jail for two and a half years a person prominently responsible for having forced them to do so. It is beyond heinous that they should now attempt to rebrand her fight for social justice and responsible environmental practices some sort of "mental disorder" worthy of a life sentence.

Betty's appeal will be heard this Wednesday Sept 22nd at 10am at the Court House, 800 Smithe St., Vancouver. She is asking for your support at a rally at 9:30am on the back steps of the Court House at Howe and Robson just before the hearing.

Please come. If you can't, write or email a letter to your local paper, your MLA.
Anything will do - the important thing is to let them know you are watching.
Betty is willing to go to prison for her beliefs; please take a few moments to write a letter to stand up for yours.

Speaking of Criminals

Some folks, mainly those whose opinion is of little concern to me, have accused me of being unreasonable, or unfair because I constantly refer to Gordo "da Capo" Campbell as a criminal and his collection of enablers as the Campbell Crime Family. So you can imagine my joy when I discover the man who may be the most articulate and UNDERSTATED blogger in British Columbia has come to the same conclusion regarding the nature of the ongoing criminal enterprise that poses as the BC Liberal Government. Norman Farrell of Northern Insights calls a spade a spade and a crook a criminal in A crime family depends on its enablers. Norman opens this post with the damning paragraph:
Premier Gordon Campbell, his political colleagues, back room puppet masters, greedy co-conspirators and all legitimately paid-up members of the BC Liberal Party are devoid of honor. Campbell, titular head of this west coast crime family, long ago lost integrity and his moral compass. His aim has been to convert public resources and assets to private control for private benefit. Soulless self-dealing manipulators, operating in the shadows, put Campbell in place to achieve their goals of personal enrichment. In the past few years, their appetites have grown because they sense the end nearing with curtains of concealment becoming threadbare.

Of course the criminals pretending to be MLAs get a lot of assistance in their lying and stealing from the so called "pundit" class:
Worst of all are the seasoned professional pundits, claiming to report objectively as servants of the public, but in reality, little more than water carriers, supporting the party line, helping sustain the comforts of British Columbia's ruling class.

If the reasonable Norm Farell finds it necessary to use such damning language, it is clear that something is rotten in James Bay and it is clear that it is the biggest criminals of all that are running the so-called Justice System to further their own greed and lack of concern for the province and its people.


Anonymous Grant G said...

Thanks Kootcoot...I`m speechless...eer..

I can`t say what I`m really thinking!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 5:51:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all thought that BC Liberals had reduced everything political, to a new low. Well we were wrong - they have gone even lower - much like Nazi'z that have gone haywire.
Will only get worse as the government tries desperately, to coverup, persuade or control the public disgust over what the BC Liberals are doing.

As Grant says, yea - it does kinda leave one absolutely speechless.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 12:47:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous BC Mary said...


It wasn't until Wed. evening that I read about Betty K's rally at the Court House (Vancouver) today.

Very sorry I wasn't able to say or do something in time for more people to be there.

How did things go?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 3:57:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This entire province is disgustingly corrupt. The BC judicial system, is pathetic. BC people have seen, exactly how corrupt the judicial system is, many times. Campbell should have been thrown in prison, when he fraudulently sold the BC Rail. The three patsies, were only following, Campbell's orders. The RCMP have refused to investigate Campbell any further, more stink. We are living in a fascist regime. Campbell is the dictator. Dictators, have a way of getting rid, of the honest. Dictators, can never stand up under honest scrutiny. Hitler would have had a, good solid henchman, in Campbell.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 12:14:00 PM PDT  

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