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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Living in the Land of
da Nile


Gordo, da Capo of the BC liaRs Crime Family, is back and "re-invigorated" after a vacation in Europe with his wife prop, you know Nancy, the one he brings out for ceremonial occasions and then sends back to Squamish or where ever it is he stores her in between ceremonies at the cenopah, the need to deflect gossip during campaigns or just any time the white haired prevaricating adulterer thinks a shot of old fashioned family values would be a helpful tactic. At least Wally's targets in Bountiful are out front about their life-style. How our lame media could jump on his bandwagon to dethrone Gordon Wilson over such issues and then put up such a wall between the public and Gordon Campbell's actual situation only goes to show how complicit an unpaid volunteer arm of the Public Affairs Bureau is what passes for media in this province.

As the National Post puts it:

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Campbell said he returned from a vacation with his wife (sic) on Tuesday with a new sense of purpose as Premier. "One of
the things about going on vacation is you come back revitalized and excited by the opportunities the job represents," he said. "I'm pleased to be back. I feel revitalized and I'm ready to go."

Mr. Campbell brushed aside calls from former Liberal party insiders, and the Opposition NDP, that he step aside for the good of the party in the wake of plummeting poll numbers and public anger at his government's handling of the HST. "I don't think anyone would ever suggest I was a quitter," he said.

I would suggest Mr. Campbell was/is many, many things before I got down the list to quitter - LYING SACK OF REFUSE comes to mind immediately!
Mr. Campbell insisted he still enjoys the full confidence of his Cabinet, caucus and Liberal party membership.

"As a government we are doing well. I think we're facing a pretty challenging political agenda right now from a lot of people, but we're going to have to work our way through it."

Well since Mr. Campbell still enjoys the full confidence of his Cabinet and caucus he could be assured of almost 50 votes if an election were called tonight. As to the full support of the "Liberal party membership," I would suggest he is speaking out of an entirely different orifice than his mouth on that one.

But hey, I'm glad he and his gang of fence-posts with hair and fellow bandits are gonna hang in there. Gordon Campbell doesn't deserve the dignity of leaving at a time of his own choosing - he needs seriously to be kicked to the curb and then scooped up and put in a cell.

My colleague Grant over at the Straight Goods, who listens to Bill "name should be changed to BAD" Good, Crusty and the rest of the idiots over at CKNW, so I don't have to, put up a good one last night titled "Kevin Kreuger admits man love for Gordon Campbell". He captures the Jim Jones/Jonestown style kool-aid induced zombie state of the sub-normal Kreuger (and most of the liaR caucus). A taste of Grant's transcription:
"Gordon Campbell is one of the most popular leaders in Canada, Gordon Campbell is a leader in trade relations, Gordon Campbell is respected in China" (Kool Kev)

"I want Gordon Campbell to be our leader in 2013.....I will follow Gordon Campbell anywhere"

You just keep saying that Kev, and the rest of you sleazy betrayers of the Public Trust, you know who I mean Shirley, Mary, Kevin "Birdbrain," Terry "whose head could be put to better use holding a" Lake and the rest.

It seems to me that all they dealt with today in the first BC Cabinet meeting was criminals. How much they love one (Gordo) and they are calling for an inquiry into the Pickton investigation. It is no surprise, and such an exercise could be constructive. However I think it more likely that this bunch of slime wanted to do something that most people would approve of and think that even more daily news about the Pig Farmer from Hell will be distracting from issues that ultimately are more relevant to most British Columbians - like Enbridge, Salmon farms, BC Rail and the Corruption Trial, the HST Follies, health and education cutbacks and so forth.

HST Follies
or Terry fails at Math,
but Les don't get it!

Les(s) "than bright" Leyne weighed in (lightly, of course) on yesterday's farce of a committee meeting by the Referendum Committee charged with handling the anti-HST petition. How out of touch he is with reality is clear from the title of his piece, Liberals might risk HST referendum, really you need not read any further. After all Les, what part of NON-BINDING do you NOT UNDERSTAND. The truly risky thing for the BC liaRs to do at this point, and why Jenny Kwan immediately moved for this to occur, would be to introduce the Bill VanderZalm HST exstinquishment Bill into the BC Legislature. Then each MLA would have the opportunity to cast his vote, and show his/her constituents whether he represented Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen (and the mostly offshore corporations) or the voters of their ridings.

Terry Lake, who with his buddy Kevie Kreuger might be responsible for lowering the combined I.Q. of Kamloops many points, shows that he either skipped math class or wasn't paying attention with:
"We're here because 18.6 per cent of eligible British Columbians signed a petition, many of whom have told me afterward that they were misinformed when they signed it," he said. "So we need to find out, I think, how British Columbians really feel now that they understand a little more of the HST, perhaps they feel differently, but that's the issue before us."

Let me explain Mr. Lake. If just shy of 20% of the eligible voters signed the petition AGAINST the HST, that isn't that much less than HALF of the people who bothered to vote at all in last May's election. Terry Lake realizes full well that in numerous ridings more people signed the petition than voted for the sitting MLA, so don't try to dazzle us with your math, unless you actually know how to work with numbers - I know Terry fractions and percentages are HARD! You with me still Les(s) or should I wait while you do some remedial work in vocabulary and math?

Actually Michael Smyth captured the "historic" meeting as well as anyone I've come across with HST circus evokes images of Monty Python.
While a "historic day" at the B.C. legislature was morphing into a Monty Python skit, the real circus over the HST was performing behind the scenes on Wednesday.

In Victoria, politicians from both parties got together to figure out what to do about ex-premier Bill Vander Zalm's anti-HST petition.

Things got so weird at one point I half expected John Cleese to goose-step into the room and start debating the budget for the Ministry of Silly Walks.

After an hour of ridiculous motions, counter-motions, amendments and general confusion, the Liberaldominated committee in charge of the petition decided to meet again next week to consider their options.

Sadly, while Les Leyne remains confused (or falls for the party line) and Mr. Smyth finds the humour in the situation, this gang of brigands continues to pillage the once rich and proud province of British Columbia to benefit only themselves and their elite group of "friends." or should we call them "associates" in the sense that the Mob or Biker Gangs use that term. They are so proud that Gordo has led them to victory THREE times, but I see nothing to take pride in when it was gained by non-stop lying. And of course the lies go on, they are convinced that if they say it (whatever - I won't sell BC Rail/I didn't sell BC Rail, We aren't even considering an HST/The HST is wonderful) enough and over and over, we sheeple will believe them, especially if we can still go to the mall and get a new large HD Flat Screen TeeVee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great piece tonight - particulary like the new potrait of our premier :-)

Reading Michael Smyth's piece brought to mind John Cleese returning a dead parrot to the petshop owner (Michael Palin).
He demonstrates how dead the parrot is by whacking the dead parrot on the shop counter - whack, whack, wack - "see it didn't move - it is bloody dead ain't it" says Cleese.

That dead parrot could be anyone one of several BC Liberal MLA's from what I have seen and heard - hardly an original thought amongst them. "Whack" any one of the MLA's onto a pet shop counter and you would get the same dead result - without fail.

Good piece tonight - I thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

Thanks for the laughs!


Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 7:24:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Gary E said...

If you think things are bad for Campbell just by what is said in some of the media have a look at Mike Smyths column today.

He got the scoop on Scott Nelson now he has the scoop on the whole Cariboo/Chilcotin riding association.

Apparently Kelly Reichart was here last July on damage control lying to the association. Now, with Campbell "refreshed" they are really pissed. Watch for more damage control.

Friday, September 10, 2010 at 8:51:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why, we went with a standing committee? Of course the committee would be loaded, and they would have got their instructions from Campbell. Campbell would even, instruct the ministers to mention, his strong leadership. Campbell has stolen, from this province. His corruption, has put BC into billions of dollars in debt. He stole the BC Rail asset from the people, and lined his and his business buddies wallets. Our rivers, went the same way. We are sick of, Campbell and Hansen's smarmy faces. For those two, that lied and cheated to win, they are despised, by decent BC people.

Friday, September 10, 2010 at 1:28:00 PM PDT  

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