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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Citizen Journalist 54

As parents and children begin getting ready for the new school year, I felt this was a great opportunity to review the first few months of the BC Rail trial and some other interesting developments as the trial restarts after a long summer break on Monday September 13, 2010.

I have been unable to find a legal case where a jury trial has taken a 2 month break over non-legal arguments, presumably to cover off lawyers' summer holidays. Nonetheless, I have to ask why the defence would agree to the 2 month break? There is no doubt that the testimony of Martyn Brown, Chief of Staff to Premier Gordon Campbell would have hurt the prosecution in presenting it's case as Mr. Brown had no recollection of key events and was having difficulty in remembering emails that he himself had written. Whether the email was about the BC Government approving a tax guarantee to CN, or emails from Brian Keiran discussing a fishing trip with former Deputy Minister of Finance Paul Taylor that then forced the Premier's office to order an investigation, or remembering the many key donors to the BC Liberal Party. Could this evidence have been forgotten by the 12 member jury panel? Time will tell as the trial continues. The Special Prosecutor indicated that Allan Wallace would be the next witness. Given that the defence lawyers have thousands of emails fromthe BC Government, I hope that Allan Wallace and other witnesses will be in a better position to remember the events that lead to the sale of BC Rail.

On August 6th, a hearing took place at the Vancouver courthouse. Upon furthur research of "EM", the names of Tony Young and James Duncan appeared as well. An odd development since the ALR case is a separate hearing but the dates and times are identical to the court lists for Aneal Basi and Bobby Virk. Is something in the works? How could all of the accused Basi, Virk Basi and Young and Duncan appear on the same day? What is "Inherent Jurisdiction"? Will the media ask Bill Berardino some questions about this development?

We also learned of new area codes for a key witness in this case. Brian Kieran, sold his property from idyllic Pender Island to move to Campbell River. Well, we all know how Kieran loves to go fishing with Paul Taylor, so perhaps he wanted to move to the salmon fishing capital of the world to catch the really big one?

Erik Bornmann is still awaiting his discilplinary hearing from the Law Society of Upper Canada. You may recall that the hearing into Mr. Bornmann's "good character" was to begin in November of 2006. I understand that he still holds the title of Articling Student, until the completion of his disciplinary hearing from the LSUC.

As we ready ourselves for the re-starting of the trial, let us hope that the courtroom observers will turn out in numbers and that more people will tune in to this blog and others to find out the real factsof the trial that the mainstream media are ignoring.

I will continue to attend Courtroom 54 for the duration of the trial and I hope to see many others. In my next piece, I will provide my observations of the courtroom attendees of which there have been some notable people in attendence.

Citizen Journalist from 54

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Good to hear from ya, CJ54. I'm certain I'm not alone in being glad to hear that you and your observational skills will be attending the Courtroom 54 Follies starting next week on September 13. (kootcoot)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sean Holman at publiceyeonline has an interesting take on what the insiders of the BC Liberal are thinking about the BC Rail Trial.

Here is the article:

Timed out
September 10, 2010

As many of you know, provincial Liberals are in the process of voting on whether they support Gordon Campbell's continued leadership of the party. But those opposed to him staying on might want to think twice before voting against him. The reason: the Basi-Virk trial is expected to conclude in April 2011. But the results of the Liberals' leadership endorsement ballot will be announced well before then - at the party's November biennial convention. As a result, there are some who think it would be better if the premier stepped aside after the trial concludes so he can take with him whatever baggage comes out during those legal proceedings

Friday, September 10, 2010 at 12:55:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That trial, is nothing but a farce. It is being tried in a corrupt court, by a corrupt judge, that allows, brain dead witnesses. Campbell controls, the judicial system. How many times, has the judicial system, crammed, crimes under the carpet? We all know, anyone opposing Campbell loses their jobs, that we have seen more than once. BC is rotten to the core, with corruption. Campbell is the cause. He is spiteful, arrogant and low of character. there is nothing, beneath Campbell and Hansen's dignity, they won't do for money. The lie about, not colluding with Harper, on the HST prior to the election, is exactly what I mean. The three of them all lied about the HST, from day one.

Friday, September 10, 2010 at 1:45:00 PM PDT  

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