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Saturday, August 14, 2010

BC liaRs hellbent on
Self Immolation

BC Liberals assisting respecting "Process."

According to the CBC.....
Former premier Bill Vander Zalm says if B.C.'s chief electoral officer won't send the anti-HST petition to the legislature, he will.

Vander Zalm insists the Initiative Act gives him the power to forward the results of the petition against the harmonized sales tax.

However, legislative committee chair MLA Terry Lake disagrees, saying Vander Zalm should know the process must be respected.

Lake said he won't touch the petition until it is officially forwarded by Elections BC — something that's unlikely to happen until after the courts deal with a business group's challenge of the petition's validity.

It is unknown just where the BC Liberals hide their brain trust, but it clearly isn't in Kamloops. Terry Lake and Kevin "I can drive and take orders from gambling capos at the same time" Krueger have almost the I.Q. of a new born ewe between them and less spine combined than the average jellyfish. But keep it up dunces, you are a bigger enemy of Gordo and your party than even myself, and that's saying a lot.

But with even rabid anti-NDPers praying for a....shudder....Carole James government and the Great Prevaricator hisself in need of a suicide watch, if anybody cared, thanks to guys like Lake, the hole is just never deep enough for the mass grave becoming more necessary for the perverse alliance calling itself the BC Liberal Party, so far this millenium. I'm sure y'all can do even more to irritate the more than 700,000 voters who have made their feelings clear on the HST issue and even those who for whatever reason didn't sign the petition now being held up, against the will of more people than elected this excuse for government. So please keep it up boys and girls and, oh yeah, I'd start thinking about a new career if I were a member of this criminal organization posing as a government.

Even the flacks, drones and masters of fiction that write (sic) for the Sun, Province and Times-Colonist seem to be peeking out from Gordo's back pocket and testing the air outside, and wondering if they can remember how to be journalists rather than PR flacks for Gordon Campbell and Gang.

Yesterday, on Friday the 13th, just another UNLUCKY day for Gordo Groupies, Michael Smyth came out in the Province to point out how absurd, and self destructive this attempt to delay and/or deny the will of the people has been and will continue to be in HST petition: Bench-clearing brawl that's set to turn uglier.
The irony of the whole HST-petition snafu is that the province's citizen-initiative law was supposed to give people just a little bit of power to influence their government — without politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, judges or special-interest groups sticking their noses in.

Sounds good in theory, right? But now we're seeing the reality when the people actually dare to use that little bit of power — everybody throwing punches in a bench-clearing brawl that only threatens to get uglier.

On Thursday, former premier Bill Vander Zalm consulted lawyers to see if he could go to court to force Elections B.C. to send his successful petition against the harmonized sales tax to the provincial legislature, as required under the law.

Great, just what we need. More lawyers. More judges. More special-interest groups throwing their weight around in what was supposed to be a pure exercise in citizen democracy.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.


The lawsuit against the petition was brought by business groups that have collectively donated $381,500 to the B.C. Liberals since 2001: the Council of Forest Industries, Mining Association of B.C., Coast Forest Products Association, Western Convenience Store Association and the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association. The B.C. Chamber of Commerce is also involved.

Although these business groups must believe they're doing the government a favour, their actions could have the opposite effect, breathing new life into the HST saga, and making people even angrier. The government is that much more vulnerable to Vander Zalm's threatened recall campaigns as a result.

The Liberals should have just taken their medicine: let the people have their day at the legislature, and summoned the moral courage to vote down Vander Zalm's repeal bill. Instead, this circus will just compound their problems.

So keep it up, and if you see Gordo anywhere in BeeCee (I think he's in CallyFournia seeing if his bud Arnie can get him work in the movies), say hi and goodbye for me, willya? Delay and deny the toothless "paper tiger" that is the anti-HST petition. meanwhile we'll be getting our VOTING LISTS (which Elections BC HAS to provide to the Recall proponents) and preparing to put as many of you as possible on the street by early in the New Year - have a NICE DAY!


Anonymous Grant G said...

Kootcoot.....I sent Johnaton winters an email...

I thanked him over and over again for guaranteeing a successful "Recall in the Fall" Campaign...

As for Gordo....His office pictures are being boxed up as we speak....

Miss Anderson...Campbells Long time press seceretary has seen the writing on the wall and is running away.....

To of all places, a communications director for a private school...

Not exactly a big promotion...


Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 12:21:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Sirree !

It sure looks like the rats are starting to leave the sinking ship eh ! - women and big babies first :-)

It is interesting that Gordon "the Liar" Campbell's own press secretary is the first to go - any bets on who will be next ???

Oh well - if no one else in the party (BC Liberals) has the balls and courage to do the right thing FOR NORMAL PEOPLE, then they deserve to get chucked out by the RECALL IN THE FALL !!! and participate in making Canadian history !



Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 2:17:00 PM PDT  
Blogger North Van's Grumps said...

I'm in Los Angeles, have been since last Sunday, will be here till Thursday.....haven't seen any motorized convoy's containing our premier or the governor. Maybe I'll have to go back up to Sacramento to catch a glimpse of our working Premier.

Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 9:46:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Might be worth checking out the local casino's the ones with the free BIG alcoholic drinks, first !!


Monday, August 16, 2010 at 8:20:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Skookum1 said...

The Liberals should have just taken their medicine: let the people have their day at the legislature, and summoned the moral courage to vote down Vander Zalm's repeal bill.

Mike Smyth plays his "I'm an eager propagandist/Liberal sissy boy" card blatantly here - as if voting against Vander Zalm's repeal bill would be an act of moral courage. What such a vote would be is not only immoral, but cowardice. But trust a CanWester to call white black, and impose an out of place "moral" judgement and pretend it's somehow objective to say such an utterly stupid thing.

Moral courage would be to do what the people want, not to continue to suck up to the Premier's wishes.

Smyth should learn that himself.

The genii's out of the bottle now, advised - weathervanes that try to stand up against a hurricane generally don't change direction....they get blown away. If nothing else, what the history of the incestuous relationship between the newspapers and the BC Liberals has proven the obsolescence and political irrelevance of newspapering. The print media have failed in their attempts to continue to control public opinion despite the prevalence of the internet; they took their own poison pill by letting the Devil call the tune, and chiming in....

I hope somebody else has the sense to launch another newspaper, so that the incoming BC government can have somewhere else to take its considerable whack of advertising dollars.....

There'd be enough money there to turn the Georgia Straight into a daily.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 6:59:00 AM PDT  

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