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Monday, September 13, 2010

Liar in Chief
or Mr. Popular!

I can tell a lie this BIG!

Update: 2:00pm

Quote of the Day!

"All I can do is go out and do the best I can -- tell people the truth, which is what I'm doing the entire time" ------- Gordon Campbell September 13, 2010

Well I guess I'm going to have to check with my doctor, about perhaps putting me on some medication that will stop me from living in fantasyland - because either Gordo is LYING or I'm living in an imaginary world. If indeed telling the truth is what the Gord of Greed does "the entire time," then it follows that:

  1. We still own BC Rail, and it was never sold
  2. The deficit is $495 million AT MOST!
  3. Gordo never tore up any HEU contracts
  4. Gordo's government is the most open and transparent in history and FOI's are rapidly responded to and hardly ever is anything redacted
  5. We don't have an HST, and if we do, I'm better off
  6. It is okay for Gordo to be an adulterer, but not okay for Gordon Wilson
  7. Rape of the River Pirate Power is GREEN
  8. BC Hydro isn't being broken up and gradually privatized
  9. Admiral Herr Hahn is the best thing that ever happened to BC Ferries
  10. I really don't have to travel 200-300 miles for medical services that used to be available in my community
  11. Education is sufficiently funded
  12. The carbon tax has cut down on carbon emissions
  13. It's a toss-up between Hitler, Stalin and Glen Clark as to who was the biggest enemy of humanity
  14. BC really is a net importer of energy
  15. It is fiscally sound to guarantee a purchase price to Pirate Power Corps and then sell the power on the Columbia grid for 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or less than the purchase price.
  16. BC really is the "Best Place on Earth!"

Speaking of the utterance of great truths, I had the misfortune (or opportunity to scoff and laugh) by hearing an interview with the APTLY named Gordon HOGG, Minister of Mines on my local CBC morning show. According to Mr. HOGG, the Prosperity mine is a wonderful thing because there are NO FISH in Fish Lake, nobody fishes in Fish Lake, there are no grizzily bears in the Cariboo-Chilcohlton to worry about (as he said we may as well worry about lions and elephants) AND the whole project is aimed at aleviating First Nations poverty.

These guys (and what may or may not be gals) only lie if their lips are moving, or they are typing, or writing, or tapping out morse code, or using sign language.

But at least Gordon is listening to me, because according to the Province, the most hated premier in Canada, is still Number 1. See Campbell says he's still No. 1
Despite dismal polling numbers, Gordon Campbell insists he's staying on as B.C. premier and Liberal Party leader

And that's just what I hope he continues to TRY to do..........

Original post*******************

Greed Bag and Prevaricator in Chief, Gordon Muir Campbell should be heartened by his latest Angus Reid poll. Apparently the pollsters were able to determine that there was an astounding 12% of the voters that actually approved of him. With the BC Rail Corruption Trial firing up again today, can single digits be coming soon? Even more illuminating was the fact that according to the poll EIGHTY THREE PERCENT of the electorate DOES NOT TRUST THIS MAN.

Hang in there Gordo, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't resign. I know your magnificent leadership can turn this around. I'm pulling for you!

By the way, Carole James' approval ratings aren't that hot either (though over twice as high as the Gord's. Ms. James has my full support in steppiing down to become a backbencher or Education Minister in Waiting or ANYTHING other than wannabe premier.


They say the BC Rail Corruption Trial, just like school last week, starts up again today. Of course until someone goes to the courtroom and verifies it, we really won't know as trial dates have a funny way of changing or not happening at the last minute in this case. For a survey of the Lamestream media's check out Ross at the Gazeteer and BC Mary who have provided links to the warm up commentary and articles in the most recent postings over the weekend. It is especially gratifying to see Ross back in fighting trim and hammering away at the keyboard at this perhaps critical time in the trial that may last forever.

I have a busy day (or week) so will leave it to Ross, Mary, Bill, Laila or whoever can devote more time in the next day or two at least to the trial. But I will be following it as closely as I can and will be publishing any reports Citizen Journalist 54 sends as soon as possible (same day).

I did notice a surprising awareness on the part of the CBC (Radio anyway) who if possible had been ignoring the trial in the past even more than the PABsters by another name Canned Waste drones in the past. However I do take issue with one CBC commentator I heard early this morning. He described the trial to date and characterized Martyn Brown's performance on cross examination in an inexplicable manner. The fellow, whose name I can't recall said that subjected to days of blithering cross examination Mr. Brown (approximate from memory) "adroitly matched wits with the defence counsel and denied any corrupt interference by the Campbell government in the transaction.

Well Mr. CBC, how you can call being unresponsive at best or committing perjury at worst "matching wits" is beyond me. Without the apparently biased judge hearing the case to protect him, Mr. Brown would have spent the summer break in jail on contempt charges. It doesn't take a mastermind to claim (falsely I think - which is where the perjury potential charge comes in) his mind is a complete blank for the last ten years, EXCEPT for the odd thing (factual or not) that seems to support the government's innocence.

Has anyone seen
or will anyone ever see
Craig James?

Word last week had it that the select committee on the Referendum was going to pick Mr. James' brain today. But on the other hand according to reports he has disappeared to some undisclosed location (BC's own DickHead Cheney?) after firing the second in command at Elections B.C.

Ah, ain't autumn great - I love the smell of BC Liberal blood in the morning!


Blogger Kim said...

Excellent summary of the mood in BC Kootkoot. Enjoy your busy-ness, I'll check in for reports from 54.

Monday, September 13, 2010 at 9:22:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless I am missing something, somewhere, was there not "organised crime and drugs" connected somehow to this case???

Justice Dohm was quoted as saying that they were so interwined as to be inseperable??? This is mentioned on Bill T's site - anyone know more ???



Monday, September 13, 2010 at 12:37:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless I am missing something, somewhere, was there not "organised crime and drugs" connected somehow to this case???

Justice Dohm was quoted as saying that they were so interwined as to be inseperable??? This is mentioned on Bill T's site - anyone know more ???



Monday, September 13, 2010 at 12:37:00 PM PDT  

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