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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3rd Down and Infinity
$30 Million Punt

Campbell Kicks the Ball Downfield (late hit, please!)

So the LIEberals have taken (as suspected) the weasle way out of the HST brew ha ha. The hood ornament select committee (with six robot liaRS to four NDP, why not just ask Gord directly what to do?) has after consultation with the almost invisible Craig James decided on a $30,000,000 NON-BINDING refrendum in approximately one year from now. I guess this couldn't be dealt with for no extra cost in the Legislature for two reasons.

1. The province is apparently in a position to close another hospital or school and thus can afford $30 mil to do something we already pay our MLAs to do. But we wouldn't want to ruin their year by calling a session of the Legislature and making them earn their ridiculous salaries.

2. Those well-paid MLAs would have to show their true colours if they voted on the HST issue, and we know they are all spineless and frightened of both their boss, Gordo and their constituents who can smell recall already.

Now the legislation governing the referendum states that in order to win the anti-HST forces need to garner 50% of NOT THE PEOPLE WHO BOTHER TO VOTE, but of the eligible (I assume registered) voters in the province to win. Considering that it is almost impossible to expect even half of the eligible voters to even show up and vote in a general election, that would seem to be almost impossible. Then assuming the impossible occurs the result of the vote IS NOT BINDING. So we're certainly glad the province is so overloaded with bucks that $30,000,000 for a meaningless exercise in electoral manipulation/fraud is just spare change.

According to the CBC:
Campbell said the issue will be decided by a simple majority in a referendum to be held Sept. 24, 2011, and if more than 50 per cent of those who vote want the tax gone, the Liberal government will get out of the tax deal with Ottawa.

The move dramatically lowers the threshold...../snip

Of course if you believe this, I own a large Island (Vancouver Island it's called), that I will sell cheap, to make up for my losses in the derivatives market. I don't know if it is congenitally even possible for Gordon Campbell to speak without lying, after all he wasn't going to sell BC Rail, the HST wasn't even under consideration, he wouldn't tear up contracts.....on and on ad infinitum. I like to think that by next September, Mr. Campbell won't even be a sitting MLA, much less premier.

All the Gord is doing is stalling and all I have to say, is KEEP ON KEEPING ON - For Gordo's sake maybe he'll quit his stubborn refusal to step aside, ever tell the truth or revoke the HST, but I hope not. I don't think that his arrogant actions are helping him to win friends and influence people. He might not wish to push it to the point where he gets shot, not that I'd care, but he's got a long way to go, we're not in the United States of the NRA and it takes a lot to even get Canadians (apparently) into the streets much less get violent (unless they are undercover OPP or Quebec Provicial Police).

Assholes Elsewhere

Enbridge has refused to accept an invitation to attend a community meeting over the pipeline from Hell proposal from the village of Terrace. Terrace wanted a meeting that included members of council, residents, environmental groups, unions, natives and Enbridge. Enbridge wants to hold their own meeting where they are the only delegation and basically deliver a lecture telling the community what they want, and how wonderful the pipeline will be for Northern BC.


Blogger Gary E said...

To diffuse the fallout from the committees recommendation to go to a referendum over a year from now, Campbell said he would abide by a simple majority. He didn't specify how simple. And it's what he is not telling us that is the problem. For instance he's not telling us that in another year he's hoping we would forget about this or at the very least things would calm down. That's not going to happen. He's also not telling us that by next September he will have received most of the 1.6 Billion so at that time he can spin the farce that it will be impossible to cancel the money grab.
When he came out and said that he would listen to the simple majority in a year Vander Zalm said this may change the recall efforts. I'm not sure Bill realizes that there is already a huge move to recall that may be unstoppable. And in any event starting or stopping a recall is not his choice. It's the choice of an individual registered voter. And we won't be stopped. The liberal MLA's are not listening to us. They have a problem.

As for Enbridge Koot: did you see how they used the excuse that the meeting would be loud and disruptive? Making the statement in spite of the fact that previous meetings which had demonstrations outside, once the people moved indoors everything became civil. I'd say your analysis of their position is bang on.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 9:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Kim said...

I think they may have been frightened at this meeting, Lol!

Love that Terrace Daily!

I made mention of the issue, as well as Fish Lake yesterday at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 9:56:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enbridge has had 12 major spills. The Kalamazoo River, in Michigan. Cohosset Minnesota, Wisconsin, Glenavon Sask, and many, many more, spills. The Chinese bought a large chunk of the dirty tar sands in Alberta. Enbridge wants to lay a pipeline to the Port of Kitimat, where the dirty oil tankers, will transport the dirty oil back to China. Those seas are among the most dangerous, in the world. You dam right, we don't want the pipeline, going across hundreds of rivers, streams and land. As I said, pipelines leak and burst. They have found, deformed fish, in the Athabasca Lake, they have now found, oil has leached into the, mighty Athabasca River. We are supporting the First Nations People, to keep the dirty pipeline, off their lands, and the dirty oil tankers, out of their sea waters. The sea provides food for the F.N. People. The idiots, even want to drill, oil and gas wells, off BC's shores. There was a 6.6 earthquake, off the Queen Charlotte's. They also want to dump toxic mine waste into Fish Lake, which will leach into rivers and streams. All the fish will die, every animal and bird, that rely on the lake for nesting and drinking, will perish. The F.N. People, rely on the lake and area, to hunt and fish, to feed their people. Stupid Campbell, flooded the most valuable farmland, in all of Canada, for the dirty tar sands in Alberta. What kind of fool, floods prime farmland, there is a global shortage of food. And the idiots, flood our farmland. I don't give a dam, if China takes the oil, by individual jam cans. Keep the careless Enbridge, dirty oil pipeline, out of BC.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 1:50:00 PM PDT  

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