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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Who is the Minister
of Ideology?

Maxime Bernier former Minister of Idiocy

To answer my title question, every member of the HarpoCon caucus is a minister of Ideology, that's why generally even ministers aren't allowed to SPEAK unless their statements are vetted in advance by the PMO. Now if Psuedo Prime Minister and President of Canada in his Dreams, Stevie Harper were to create a Ministry of Idiocy, he could easily have a committee of Ministers with their own table in the cabinet room. But now that Helena Guergis has been banished from caucus, her husband lost his election and Rona Ambrose is busy with whatever she does (other than her hair) - the Man that makes Max Headroom seem smart, Maxime Bernier would be an excellent candidate for Minister of Idiocy.

Maxi(mum) Stupidity Bernier's most recent gaffe to come to the public's attention is his claim from 2006, when he was the minister in charge of the census, that he was receiving 1000 complaints about the privacy intrusion of the long form census PER DAY. Now of course Mr. Stooopid hasn't been able to produce any of those complaints, but then his mob moll/biker chick ex-girlfriend most likely has them. However the CBC managed to actually make a Request for Information function and their findings were very different than the mentally and ethcally challenged Mr. Bernier's claims.

According to the CBC's findings, according to what was then Mr. Bernier's own ministry the complaints about the census averaged more like 25-30 PER YEAR.
Industry Canada's "internal survey of correspondence did not show anything close to a thousand a day," he wrote to Statistics Canada's Connie Graziadei, adding in brackets "we got a standard 25-30 a year."

Even more interesting is that MOST of the complaints (the non-imaginary/not made up ones) were either from people who hadn't received their census form and wanted one or those who were not happy that the military contractor Lockheed-Martin had won the contract to administer the census. Hmmmmmm, the same guys that recently won an untendered contract to provide Canada with overpriced ATTACK fighter jets that we don't need.

I think MacLeans got it wrong when they claimed Quebec is the most corrupt province - British Columbia wins that title, hands down. However with representatives like Helena Guergis and Maxime Bernier, they have a real shot at being the DUMBEST!

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, current Minister of Industry Tony Clement (who seems smarter than this) insists that the long form census has to go because Canadians feel their privacy is invaded by the nature of the questions. Well Tony, GET RID OF THE INCOME TAX FORM FORTHWITH...............


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For sure, BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. However, Campbell works for Harper. Campbell's corruption, is approved of by Harper. Harper, will not allow, scientists to publish their findings. We know, there are deformed fish, In Lake Athabasca. They have now found oil in the, mighty Athabasca River. So, the Athabasca watershed, is contaminated. I saw on TV, two M.P's, from the east. They said, Harper is a fascist, a dictator and too stubborn to work with. For certain, the BC people, do not trust Harper, because of his close relationship with, another dictator, namely Campbell. We need a fall, Federal Election, to get rid of Harper, who tries to pass himself off, as a christian. Harper and Campbell are a gruesome twosome, who lie and deceive their people. There is no goodness, in either of them. All I see, is evil.

Friday, October 8, 2010 at 6:55:00 PM PDT  

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