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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ignorance is Bliss,
...or the LIEberal Way!

Another Empty Head for Gordo's Gang!

It's beginning to seem like stupidity and ignorance are the primary qualities necessary to be part of the BC Liberal government or to work as a bureaucrat implementing their agenda. Lately we've been insulted with the spectacle of Gordo's chief of staff, Martyn Brown, for days on end swearing under oath that he actually remembers almost nothing that occurred in the last decade of Rape and Pillage of the province, its people and what used to be their assets. Then after a summer vacation for all the highly paid lawyers and defendants with no visible means of support, we are treated to the spectacle of the six-figure earning BC Rail Exec, Brian Kenning displaying the same lack of memory of anything he did to earn the big bucks at taxpayer expense.

Today, in the wake of announcement that once "oh so" Special Prosecutor Terrence Robertson must appear before the Bar's disciplinary committee, we learn that Kash Heed, one of many former Liberal solicitor-generals, is stoooooopid too (or might that be that he is also a LIAR?)!
According to a CBC report:He claimed Ignorance the range of stuff Kash Heed didn't know about his own campaign and those who worked for him is breathtaking, but hardly surprising in BC, the land that Justice Forgot.
According a search warrant executed during the investigation to the documents, Heed told police in May that:

* He wasn't sure how Barinder Sall became his campaign manager and didn't know his title.
* He had no idea how election campaigns were run and didn't know who was responsible for what.
* He didn't know who was in charge of printing his campaign pamphlets.
* He hadn't read the B.C. Election Act.

But then as Ian Reid at the Real Story points out:
But we find out today from Jonathan Fowlie in the Sun, that might not be so much the case:

“A recently released RCMP search warrant application from May 13, 2010, contains several other allegations, including that attempts were made to conceal the source of the pamphlets from police, and that Heed appeared to know about at least one of the pamphlets during the election campaign.

"The documents also quote Khanna's son, Amit Khanna, who worked on the campaign, as saying he saw Heed discussing one of the pamphlets with his aides. Amit Khanna recalled the Blue Pamphlet being on Kash Heed's desk, it had been translated by staff,"
A chip off the boss' shoulder. The guy’s a natural for Finance Minister.

I've heard all my life that ignorance of the law was no defense, in other words, if the police find 1000 pot plants in my bathroom, to tell them I thought that was legal is meaningless. Let us not forget also that Mr. Heed was not only the TOP COP in the province, but supposedly had been with the VPD and subsequently Chief of Police for those that provide law and order for Canada's richest postal code, West Vancouver. In other words, Kash and Karry Heed is one that could be expected to know more about the law than the average citizen.

For more on the angelic and oh so innocent Kash Heed - who still sits in the Legislature, or would if it ever actually SAT, see the Powell River Persuader.

I guess according to MacLeans, if you want to find normal everyday corruption - go to Quebec. But, if you want to dip your toes in worse, in complete and total slime, Welcome to British Columbia, the province stolen by Gordon Campbell and his Gang!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Control freaks like Gordo and Harpo would be threatened with any genuine intelligence around them thus they surround themselves with sycophants..brown nosers, bumfucks..and yes..really really stooopid people.

Friday, October 8, 2010 at 1:45:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We must remember, Campbell is not a Liberal, he works for Harper. The two of them, resort to dirty tactics, run and hide, refusing to account for themselves, and their devious actions. Campbell and Harper, have a very cozy relationship. They travel together, they have many photo-ops. Harper even gave a speech, in the BC Legislature. This summer, Campbell and Harper, attended a BBQ together. Campbell's face, actually beams in Harper's presence. They lied and colluded on the HST. No, the people are going to remember Harper, come Federal Election time. Canada, has the worst crop of politicians, ever in Canadian history. BC is the most corrupt province, in the country. Campbell and Harper, are the most corrupt, governing officials, in Canada.

Friday, October 8, 2010 at 6:33:00 PM PDT  

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