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Sunday, May 24, 2009


The Re-Elected Criminal Type
Ya'll re-elected the sleazebag!

Maybe Nixon really wasn't a crook, after all he got re-elected and heavily, after Water-gate! Maybe he just wasn't as successful at crime as some folks! Or maybe he got a bad deal. I'm gonna start a cult of worshippers of Richard "Shooter" Cheney. After all, anyone that can shoot a lawyer in the face and have the lawyer apologize for having his face in the way once he recovers enough to speak, must know special stuff. Maybe we'll call ourselves the International Brother/Sister Hood of DickHeads!

Sitting here doing some stats and listening to so-called environmentalists and Green Party poobahs bashing Carole James and singing the praises of Arnold the weight lifting hummer fleet operator and Gordo the environmentalist, on the CBC. Arnold is a "leader" in fighting climate change and Gordo MUST be right because he won a third term. I guess Nixon really shouldn't have resigned by that criteria.

Do these people ever actually listen to what they say? Gordo "good" because he's a good "salesman" (well it's easy to sell BC when you're GIVING IT AWAY) and Stephane Dion "Bad" because not only could he not sell a carbon tax, he couldn't sell his way out of a wet paper bag, I swear, they actually said THAT! So Gordo can make ranchers, loggers, everybody in the north and beyond the reach of transit PAY for pollution while subsidizing the big polluters and that's cool. He can build hiways, bridges and mega-ports for trucks and cars and wild salmon killing farms, push drilling and oil shipments off our coast, AND an LPG terminal on Texada and HE IS MR. ENVIRONMENT. And he can support the devastation that is the TAR SANDS of Alberta and even assist in getting it over to China, to pollute the atmosphere of the ENTIRE PLANET, after they are done devastating the MacKenzie drainage and the Arctic with the extraction alone. Do you see why I wonder why I even try to care?

By the way, the Fraser Welfare Work Project for Right Wing Wanks has determined that Kootenay Boundary Regional Medical Center (yep - ours in Trail) is in the bottom three in the province - but George "Bobble Head" Abbott says it doesn't matter cause there ain't that much difference between 'em, which I interpret to mean, none of 'em are very dependable and you could easily contract a fatal infection in any one of them - assuming you could actually obtain a bed there, of course!

By the way the people on the front lines at the Trail Regional are ACE Number One and wonderful during times of stress. They do the best they can with the lack of resources they have to manage and triage - with compassion and skill. As far as I know they might not have "entirely" privatized (read de-unionized - minimum waged) the support services there, after all, Trail is a Union Town!

I swear I'm teetering on not giving a half a shit anymore. I think today I'm gonna concentrate on what I did yesterday (tho I did do a post) and work in the garden, play some guitar and catch a hockey game. Playing a tune and growing a tomato may actually be more productive than trying to awaken sleeping minds.............

Bump and Grind!

There was quite a bump in traffic here at the house and some other blogs that are less than fan clubs for the BC liaR Party. I'm beginning to think that all the traffic was just guys WE PAY to sit in the basement of the Legislature monitoring what we might say. Then they can massage and reshape it before Canned Waste and Glow Ball feed it to the kept in a coma, or so busy they can't think, masses. Goodbye B.C., you once were truly "SuperNatural" and at least "one of" the Bestest Places on Earth!

click to enlarge
Click on image to see full size and read text. The busiest day here was May 11, the Eve of the Disaster caused by less than half of the electorate! Let's face it, twenty percent of the eligible voters elected these guys, I hope the folks that didn't bother are happy with the results. I'm still rooting for Vicki Huntington and Charlie Wyse though, and who knows, with all the investigations ongoing, maybe he BC liaR caucus will shrink, if you catch my drift. If the finger is deep enough in the cookie jar, sometimes just resigning a cabinet post don't quite cut it!


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