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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Do I Smell

Note the Mugshot in Hand

Do You Really Want to Go Here,
......... Gordo?

As I was waking up to the CBC Radio news this morning I almost spewed up my beer, except I hadn't started drinking yet that early, at least not today! There was the voice of Premier CEO telling the fine folks of Logan Lake (a town that is a text-book example of the failures of the boom-bust approach to "business as usual" promoted by the BC liaRs and other neanderCons) that the nasty NDP, if elected would make them pay $3.00 more for a six-pack of beer. Oh yeah, and also cost how ever many thousand jobs (that he hasn't killed off already) that he chose to pull out of his rear orifice this morning.

Aside from the fact that this was a FLAT OUT lie, it doesn't even make any sense. What he was referring to was the fact that someone in the NDP had thought it wasn't right that private "Cold Beer" stores, usually attached to licensees who have "certain" connections, get a discount on their wholesale cost compared to so-called Franchised LCB outlets,* usually attached to general stores, and completely unknown, most likely, to residents of the part of BC that really matters and is well served by multitudinous actual BCLCB outlets open almost 24/7.

In my part of the province BCLCB outlets might be a hundred or more miles away and these "LCB franchise" outlets perform a service by making LCB products available AT LCB prices, which anyone who can count their change knows the "Cold Stores" DO NOT! Meanwhile these general store operators still have to hire staff and pay wages of AT LEAST as much, or sometimes more, than the typical clerk in the "Cold Store." Then of course there is the actual BCLCB stores where the UNION employees actually make a living wage WITH benefits AND return vast revenues to the provincial coffers for things like health care, social services Olympic (can I type that word without being sued?) venues, costly convention centres, new roofs for ugly mushrooms and other PPP3 games to rob the public's purse.

Meanwhile, in spite of the advantage Gordo gave the "Cold Stores" for purchasing stock, they INVARIABY charge a hefty premium over and above the price paid at the real or franchise BCLCB outlets.

But the real question, to me anyway, is why Gordo would even want to bring the subject of alcohol into the campaign. After all, he is the main guy I remember that got arrested for something that would have been a criminal offense had it occurred in his own jurisdiction. As it was, unlike most people, and cops who get transferred to a desk, he at least had a job that comes with a driver (paid for by us), making the whole thing just a minor inconvience except for having to fake an apology and most likely lie about the incident being the first time in 54 years that he had ever gotten behind the wheel while impaired. If anyone believes that one, I'll will sell them the new Port Mann bridge, after all, it is finished already!

As the headline implies -

I Love the Smell of Desperation in the Morning!

* Some folks refer to these as "LCB Agency Stores." I'm not certain what their exact title is, but living here in the hinterlands I often have occasion to patronize them! And this type of outlet was around, perhaps to keep us country mice from having to make two hundred mile round trips to pick up a six pack and waste all that time that we could otherwise devote to hewing wood and carrying water to provide riches for the city mice on Howe Street, long before the Social Credistas started handing out the now familiar "Cold Store" type of license.

More Work by the PABlum Brigade?

As an added aspect to this whole story, when I went looking for a different version of Gordo's world famous mugshot, other than the one that permanently lives to your right, was I in for a surprise! I sorta, kinda wanted to use the four panel version with ID, full frontal, and both profiles - but even though not that long ago all one had to do was type "Gordon Campbell" into the search text box at Google Images, multiple images in various sizes cluttered the screen, now that version seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs! Not only that, but when I wanted to refresh my memory by re-reading some of the articles about Gordo Five-OH, many were now unavailable - even three out four in the archives.

Meanwhile, everything questionable even mentioned over a neighbor's fence that reflects bad on Gordon Wilson or Judy Tyabji or anyone related to them even back before the turn of the century, is still up and accessible to the interested public. I can only speculate that this is the result of my tax dollars at work paying the PABst Blue Ribbon Brigade to scour the net and lean on various organizations to scrub images and prose that reflects badly on our Great Leeeder!

Of course as BC Mary's brand new post this morning illustrates, not that much in that vein (reflecting poorly on Our Leeeder) ever even makes it to any media controlled by Gordon's Private PR Firm run by the ASSperson Family.

If anyone finds the post linked above interesting or enlightening, they may be interested in checking out Rot in Press,Rot in Politics from ViveleCanada by Robin Matthews, or Is Campbell a Made Man? in the Republic of East Van!

Is it the drinking, the gf, or both?If you read Mary's current post, and the two mentioned above, you might realize why this lady (to left) doesn't get to/have to glare at the Gord in person much anymore!

   No More Gordo!


Blogger G West said...

Man oh man...that little picture says a thousand words, doesn't it?

You have to wonder how things are in that Squamish school these days don't you?

Nice pickup koot.

Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 4:37:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I accidently left this on the wrong thread earlier:

A good piece in the Tyee on this issue is sub headline states it clearly

"Well-connected private stores make big margins while rural agency stores lose money on every bottle."

and some of the money (or no money) quotes are

" And rural agency store owners argue they lose heaps of money on their liquor sales. "We subsidize beer with milk," says Jon Guy, a partner in the Saturna General Store."

"Hlokoff says his annual liquor sales of $300,000 comprise a third of his business. Yet he says he doesn't really care that he's not allowed to put up a sign saying he sells booze. "If we're losing money, why would I want to advertise?"

"They don't have to lose money if they don't want to. They could let the bootleggers provide the service. Customers on Saturna Island could take the dawn boat to Victoria if they want to. Customers in Anahim Lake could drive 320 kilometres to Williams Lake and then drink all the way home if it suited them. In other words, rural agency stores provide a community service by selling liquor. It's not like an actual business at all."

And Patrick Kinsella could have helped poor Gordon Campbell give away BC Rail as a public service instead of accepting $6,000 per month from just BC Rail for a couple or three years and who knows what from CN, but I know, that's different.

Of course nobody knows what even happened, or who was involved, because like almost the entire business of BC is "before the courts."

Monday, May 4, 2009 at 11:25:00 PM PDT  

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