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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

on this!!!!!

If you should try to go to:

Maybe because you would like to see some of the 8000 documents that only took five years and a Freedom of Information request by a lawyer, MLA and justice critic for the loyal opposition party of BC, you might try the link above and this is what you find

Click on Image to Enlarge

In case you can't read the print (and refuse to click on the image to enlarge), I will make it easy for you and reprint the message.

Site off-line

This site is unavailable until the conclusion of the provincial general election May 12. Thank you for visiting.

I guess it would be inappropriate for the electorate to have access to PUBLIC documents dealing with actual ISSUES, during an election. Let's face it election time is when we are supposed to spend two days fixated on a picture of a young man's hand over the CLOTHED breast of a woman, whom one must assume is a friend of the young man. While we wallow in the licentiousness of these photos, also let us not even think about the fact that someone violated this person's privacy in a way similar to if he had complained about someone "exposing" themselves after looking into their bathroom window with binoculars.

Well, if the voters of BC allow themselves to be distracted for the next three weeks from actual issues, maybe they will deserve to wake up in a couple years in the equivalent of a depleted gravel pit, after giving Gordo another four years to finish selling off everything of value that still remains in public hands!

I don't know why these documents have been taken down. If they NDP decided this was the proper thing to do, they simply don't understand what is at stake. If somehow the government of Gordon Campbell has engineered this, they need to be called on it. Whoever is responsible needs to explain their reasons for doing so - or is the whole election itself now sub-judice?


I always felt that Gordon Campbell was a genuine martyr. I mean, here he is the Premier of the "Best Place on Earth," yet he forces himself to spend so much time in another location, one that can only be second best, at best - Maui! So I was amused when I found this in my inbox.

Burnaby, BC – Events that have coincided with Premier Gordon Campbell’s annual trips to Maui are the focus of the latest online election ad from The police raid on government offices, Campbell’s apparent epiphany regarding the environment, and Campbell’s infamous arrest for drunk driving are all inferred in the ad.

Titled “Gordo Five-O,” the new ad follows the provocative, humourous approach used in the “Gordon Campbell Hates You” ads to provoke discussion of core issues, including issues of leadership.

Gordo Five-O and Gordon Campbell Hates You, as well as other videos, can be viewed online at


Blogger G West said...

And now we hear threats of SLAPP suits from patrick the K....this is going to be an interesting election.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 10:43:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Laila said...

Koot, both the Liberal and NDP CAUCUS sites are down right now, but the the regular NDP and Liberal sites are up.. however, the documents should be up on another site soon... ; ) stay tuned!

Great posts,and comments under your rivers/power post. I'd love a copy of that spreadsheet when you are done.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 7:52:00 AM PDT  

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