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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mary, Get Well!     
Welcome Laila!

...Perusing 8000 Documents...

Get Better Mary

BC Mary felt the need to be hospitalized last night or this morning, nothing as terrible as a mean old heart attack or stroke, but a flare up of her recurring problems with atrial fillibration. Well maybe with Global, CBC, the Globe and Mail and even some of the CanWest excuses for newspapers actually mentioning the BC Rail affair/trial this week, this is a good chance for our heroine, and the "journalist" most dependably on top of this issue (sorry Bill T.
and Sean H.), to get a bit of rest from the stress of daily trying to dig up what those with far more resources try to conceal!

BC Mary, everyone who loves British Columbia is rooting, praying and cheering for you to regain your strength and health as soon as possible! Hopefully you will be in great shape to celebrate the day that Campbell and his cabal get to do the perp walk, or at least be forced to yield their stranglehold on the government and assets of British Columbia.

Laila Yuile - citizen/mom

I'm Laila Yuile

Laila Yuile pays attention to many issues in her blog, especially those that impinge on a parent living in Surrey. However, a parent living in Surrey is a citizen of British Columbia, just as is a grumpy old Koot living in the sticks and the BC Rail theft and trial is personal to all citizens of the "Best Place on Earth!" Her blog has joined my short list of those that care about the raids and I hope others will take the time to check out her views from time to time as I will even more in the future.

Two recent posts at her place dealing with Basi, Virk, Basi etc. are:

Reality is easy. It’s deception that’s the hard work.” ~ Lauryn Hill - about the 8000 documents relating to the BC Rail Sale (giveaway) recently made public thanks to Leonard Krog

BC Mary of the ” The Legislature Raids” offers this view for British Columbians

Thanks to Laila I discovered a page at the NDP Caucus where the public can access all 8000 pages of the documents forced into the light. They also have provided links to what appear to be particularly significant parts, saving lots of time for those who may have other things to do with their life than pore through 8000 documents.

B.C. Rail Corruption Trial - Key Documents
Front Page | English
In late February, the New Democrat Official Opposition were granted access to 15 binders of material relating to the B.C. Rail corruption trial.

In the initial analysis, some key documents were uncovered.

Yvette Wells' notebooks show that the B.C. Liberals were keeping bidders 'engaged' while they provided sensitive information to CN and finalized negotiations. That process is further revealed by this document.

A January, 2003 document details that CN was at a significant advantage over the other bidders, months before the deal was finalized.

A set of documents show how then-Finance Minister Gary Collins' office was doing partisan fund-raising out of the taxpayer-funded legislative offices.

An email from a B.C. Rail executive exhorting the Campbell government to not foul up the transfer of the railroad.

A collection of documents detailing the Campbell government's advertising and communications strategies going back to 2002.

Documents detailing how Brian Kieran worked closely with the Premier's Office to arrange meetings between Gordon Campbell and Pat Broe of Broe Companies Ltd, the parent company of OmniTRAX.

The Charles River fairness evaluation , which the Liberals used to defend the transaction, was sent to the key people involved in brokering the deal prior to release.

The complete set of documents are here .

Ross of Pacific Gazette mentioned in a comment at Mary's that he will try to post relevant info at his place while Mary is resting, and I will also try to be more active than lately, if I can. Also the comment board at Mary's will be moderated in her absence, just likely not as promptly as usual. However, as long as we think the comment doesn't breach Mary's standards of "on topic" and is not offensive, it will most likely show up. I know Mary will enjoy catching up on any conversation that happens at her place while she is focusing on getting back into fighting trim.


Anonymous secondlook said...

Your heartfelt post above honoring British Columbia's heroine, BC Mary is seconded by me, Koot.

No question, Mary has done an amazing job covering every nook, cranny and spider's web involved in the Raid on the Leg/BC Rail fiasco; including some skeletons in the closet yet to be dragged out. She has a 'clickety click' mind that makes the nuances all connect into a clear scenario.

She will indeed find this sudden exposure of the nitty gritty 'dirt band' and some truth in the MSM very healing!

British Columbians owe this courageous, strong voice of reason much gratitude.

Here's to you and your warm homecoming from your mulitides of fans!

Btw, Koot, you rate high in my books, too! Keep those feet held close to the fires.

Karma in action is wonderful to behold, isn't it?

Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 2:53:00 PM PDT  

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