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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photo Ops
'R'  Us 2.0

(In)Justice Ministers of
the Two BeeCees

StoneWally took some time out from endlessly repeating "It's before the courts" to meet in Victoria, behind his stonewall with an Attorney General who MAY represent an even more corrupt Justice System than we have to suffer in British Columbia. The nine thousand dead in the last couple of years in the ongoing drug wars in Mexico show where a disregard for the rule of law ultimately leads. According to the CBC:

The attorneys general of B.C. and the Mexican state of Baja California met in Victoria on Monday and pledged that the two governments would work together to deal with both regions' problems with the drug trade.

A statement of intent signed between the two governments committed both to "share information about criminal activities that transcend international borders."


NDP critic Mike Farnworth, however, dismissed the signing ceremony.

"It's a very nice photo-op," he said. "And I'm sure of the good intentions."

Farnworth said the ceremony will do nothing to put more police on the streets or prosecutors in the courts in B.C.

Meanwhile Back in Delta South

Wally recently announced he was "parachuting" from the Vancouver-Fraser View riding he narrowly won last time to the riding where he actually lives, but where he may be even less popular. Even a column published by the Campbell government's own PR Firm Canned Waste is less than sanguine about Wally's chances. According to their (the Asper Nation/Ipsos) polls released yesterday Gordo might have to be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live tree to lose on May 12. Of course Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer and the rest will carry as much water as necessary to help bring that about - though with their possible impending unemployment it's difficult to understand why. In spite of the pro-Campbell mandate that apparently prevails in Asperville, Brian Lewis in the Province points out:

Oppal may take the brunt of Delta's anger

It's a good thing that B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal selected a site like the Coast Tsawwassen Inn for last week's announcement that he's running as the governing Liberals' candidate in Delta South for the May 12 election.

After all, a hotel is most appropriate when you're carrying a lot of baggage.

The bags Oppal now carries hold a great deal of bitterness from many of this riding's residents over a series of decisions that the Gordon Campbell Liberals have made during the past few years.

In short, it's widely and justifiably believed that this municipality has been used as a doormat by a callous B.C. cabinet that has pushed through several major projects with little regard for local impacts.

Not only did Wally appear in court against the citizens of Delta seeking justice from the Campbell Cabal (as he did against the citizens of Kitimat), which he justifies due to his position as AG, but when not actively fighting his neighbors in court he "displayed an equally deafening silence on all critical Delta issues."

The Delta Optimist, another Canned Waste of paper, quotes independent candidate, Vicki Huntington (who refused requests to run for the BC liaR party) as saying:

"Where was Wally when the hospital was being downgraded? Where was Wally when his party took away Delta's legal right to make zoning decisions on agricultural land? Where was Wally when port expansion plans threatened to pollute his community and destroy our environment?"

As NDP candidate Dileep Athaide points out:
"He mentions he's not parachuting in because he lives here, but frankly no one would know he lived here because he's been so removed from any of our issues here in Delta South. This as being a member of the inner cabinet and of a government that's imposed so many harsh policies on us who live here,"

With such lack of support or cheerleading from the BC liaR PR firm, otherwise known as Canwest/Global, one might expect our King of Crimefighting to at least have the support of the ethnic community, who often take pride when one of their own achieve high level success. But, if the article by R. Paul Dhillon, in the self-proclaimed Leading Indo-Canadian Newspaper - The Link, SAY GOODBYE TARU! is any indication, that may be a stretch as well.

Oppal Most Likely Headed For Defeat In South Delta

BC Attorney General Wally (Wallace Taru) Oppal made it official this week that he will be running from the Liberal unfriendly riding of Delta South. It looks like either Oppal is so naïve that he thinks he is unbeatable even in a riding where there is open voter revolt against his party. Or Premier Gordon Campbell and his cronies are sending Oppal with a one-way ticket to political purgatory and permanent retirement by convincing him that he will surely win easily from Delta than Vancouver-Fraserview!


Perhaps it was the LINK’s earlier story where we posed the question in our headline: “Will Loud Mouth Wally Go Down To Defeat The Way Turncoat Dosanjh Almost Did?” that made him look potentially to Delta.

We reported that Oppal was again shooting off his mouth, saying that he isn’t afraid of his new NDP opponent Gabriel Yiu, a popular Chinese media personality who he would have faced at the polls on May 12.

“Let’s put it this way: John Nuraney beat him the last time,” Oppal said of Yiu. “

We wrote in response that “one is not sure if that is an insult to Yiu or Nuraney or both! But Oppal better watch out as the Chinese community is likely to come out in large numbers and send him off packing to retirement!”

Oppal will now run for re-election in Delta South, a riding that is currently held by Val Roddick, who is retiring because she knows that she can’t win.

Well, all we can do is wait for May 12th, and work as hard as we can in the meantime to ensure that British Columbians understand what is at stake this time. Expect no help from the CanWest/Global bunch, but what else is new. I truly think that the truth, or a public awareness of the truth, of what is really going on and what we are losing thanks to the Campbell agenda, is all that would be necessary to send Campbell and his accomplices packing. If that is packing a toothbrush for gaol, so much the better.

Rafe figures out Gordo & Gang

In the Tyee, Rafe Mair with Spare Us from Gullible Gord shows even he gets the Campbell Cabal.

I've finally figured it out. The Campbell government consists of incompetent, blundering fools with frozen smiles and expensive suits.

It's worse, really, because that incompetence is combined with thoughtlessness, arrogance and hubris -- a fatal mix

Rafe goes on to list some of the many ways this government has displayed their "thoughtlessness, arrogance and hubris," around Delta and elsewhere. Of course once started, it is difficult to end a list such as this, it is mind boggling how many scams they can try (so far successfully) to run at once. I think the sheer number of ways they are trying to sell off the province and enrich themselves isn't just the result of greed, but a strategy to overwhelm anyone trying to keep track and/or hold them accountable. Campbell's lap dog at the Tyee, commenter Luke Skywalker hasn't even appeared on the thread yet, much less dominated it as is his usual style. Has he lost his job with the Public Affairs Bureau, or has he be assigned other "dirty tricks" with an election in the wind?


Blogger North Van's Grumps said...

Every time Wally opens his mouth his standard reply is always "No Comment, its before the Courts".... can't he now make a rare exception by commenting on gang violence, because they are not before the Courts?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 9:29:00 PM PDT  
Blogger kootcoot said...

NVG, I'm not sure I get your point - are you saying that StoneWally has the right to address gang violence because it isn't before the courts? Or are you suggesting he isn't talking about that either - which isn't the case at all.

The fact is however that gang violence IS/has been before the courts on various fronts (i.e. Bacon brothers and associates, who also get tax-payer funded police protection, er, surveillance) and various Biker prosecutions and proceeds of crime property seizures. In each of these cases as well as the Pickton case, Wally can't contain his motor mouth, even on the courthouse steps.

It is only when the government for which he is the defense counsel (when he is supposed to be representing US) is under suspicion that he remembers that it is inappropriate for him to comment!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 7:20:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Kam Lee said...

Wally is done. He can't carry the load of his drunken master. The lieberals are failing in many areas. Lets get our province back. Get rid of gordo and his lying bunch of carpetbaggers!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 1:15:00 AM PDT  

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