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Saturday, May 23, 2009

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Please, get in Mr. Van Dongen

I Don't Need Ding Dong
Van Dongen's Mail!

When the ole Koot checked his email this morning he was surprised to find a brochure from Finest Chauffeurs (and Escorts - as BC Mary pointed out). Aside from the fact that they only offer services in New York City and certain states of the empire to the south, and most of their services come at an hourly rate that would exhaust my monthly income in less than a day, it was difficult to understand why I of all people would be receiving this. This made even less sense than someone in Nigeria trying to find out my bank account numbers and passwords - they would only learn than Africa doesn't have a monopoly on poverty.

I finally concluded that this was somehow mis-directed and was originally a referral to John Van Dongen, former Minister of State for Street Racing by his buddy Gordo Campbell, who may well be a satisfied customer of Finest Chauffeurs, from the days when he was neither in Canada, nor allowed to drive himself. Fortunately for Gordo (and old Ding Dong Dongen) we the taxpayers are happy to pick up the tab for chauffeurs for them, whether thay are legally required or not. It is difficult to concentrate on traffic AND looting and pillaging the province at the same time, even for smart people.

Personal Escorts
If you require an escort only, Finest Chauffeurs can accommodate you. Our Personal escorts are ideal for busy executives, dignitaries, and public figures such as entertainers and sports figures, who may want to enjoy the night out.

Apparently Finest will provide services that go waaaay beyond just driving you in their or your car-car. And I hope Ding Dong ain't too disappointed that I've got his gift certificate.


Let the Truth Now Dribble Out!

Now that the purported election (in which 20% of the electorate was enough to certify four more years of larceny and lies) is over, even the faithful lackeys at Glow Ball/Canned Waste are free to allow the odd morsel of truth dribble from their lips, pens and keyboards. Little proofs of Gordo's superb economic management like the fact that the welfare rolls of so-called "employable" applicants in BC has jumped by 50% in the last six months. Wow -added to the fact that BC leads even Ontario (heavily affected by troubles in the Auto Sector) in job losses for the first three months of this year and we can rest assured we have a top-notch CEO.

The government has moved quickly to alleviate any inconvience that the little remaining access to the justice system people retained was giving their plans to sell off what little is left of our province. Almost the next day after the Election in Hell, the entire Attorney General's website was re-vamped and not so much to make it simpler, easier or more intuitive to access. Of course the promotion of Justice Bennett off the bench of Basi-Virk was just a coincidence because we all know that Stephen Harper and Gordon Campbell are mortal political foes, RIGHT! I'll need to be revising my various court links to the right when I quit feeling too disgusted!

But Canned Waste, et. al. haven't totally forgotten their lackey status and duties. It is amazing to listen to how much they can make over the fact that the NDP caucus, AS THEY ALWAYS SAID FROM DAY ONE, may be re-visiting how they deal with the, Gordon Campbell ram-rodded through the Ledge, unseemly pay raise. And don't be telling me about the "semi-secret" gold-plated pension benefits being "vested" as if the BC liaRs were passing on those - though they are stealing so much elsewhere and getting such cushy directorships etc. they hardly need them.

Meanwhile in the Land of Hate Harper!

Never failing in their efforts to keep the Republican flames of hate fully fanned and active the PsuedoCons (or Canadian Wing of the RePugnant Party) have launched their hate offensive on Iggy already, even though there is no election in sight, and Steve prefers to hide behind the skirts of the GG anymore, anyway. Stevie's PR hacks, and I do mean HACKS - including his own near and dear DRAFT-DODGING Flanagan - have decided that the fact that Michael Ignatieff, who went to university with that rabid commie, Bob Rae IN CANADA, is now just visiting. This is because he has be doing suspect things like teaching at HARVARD, a school Little Stevie could probably never even gain admittance to as a freshman or Cambridge/Oxford.

Now I myself find it strange, as an immigrant, that a man who might be P.M. may have spent less time in Canada than I, but that is better than a George W. Bush or Sarah Palin who never went anywhere until the public started paying the travel expenses. Besides, I thought Stephen Harper DEFECTED from Canada years ago, when he left Ontario to go to the agricultural extension of the Chicago School of Economics in Calgary, Alberta. BTW, is Alberta still part of Canada, and if so, should it be? I think a few hours in a land registry would prove that technically Alberta is just a colonial jurisdiction more properly considered a part of Greater Houston!

I'll be getting to you sisonosis

I haven't had time to check out your blog(s) yet, but you should give your head a shake (except it may be up somewhere too tight to do so, as you accuse Mary's of being). Your rant makes no sense, other than to dissect it may help me understand why the people of British Columbia are so anxious to elect and re-elect criminals and fools to high office. Your anti-union, anti-NDP, anti-Mary (and it is so obvious you don't have a clue where she's coming from) could come straight from the lips of Kerkoff himself, but we all know he has no "Special Interests" nor do GE, CN, Kinder-Morgan, Accenture and all the other sociopathic corporations that our CEO Campbell prefers to serve, rather than the people of BC.

I don't understand why you left your crap on an older post, unless you were embarrassed by it and hoped no one would see it. Anyway, I may well address your comment on the front page in the near future and do not expect a rave review.


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