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Monday, May 11, 2009


Update ......10:03am May 11!

Raw Logs and Jobs Out
       Value Added Products In!

Hot off the presses over at Laila's place (I swear Laila must be the previously unacknowledged offspring produced by the union of Lois Lane and Clark Kent (as Superman)- Laila does more "journalism" in her sleep than the soon to be "re-deployed" massed minions of Can 'O Crap/ASSper Empire do while they're getting paid!

” Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is Premier”

Despite heralding the value of our precious BC lumber,and promising to help the desperate situation of forestry workers all over the province, the BC Liberals actually imported American lumber from Oregon based Stimson Lumber!!!!

The fool and his team actually used imported wood to hold up those very large and obnoxious like L.Ron Hubbard, self- promoting signs along highway 1 – you know the ones. Billboard size con-artist click Gateway Propaganda crap? Yep, all those posts could have been bought from a local Surrey mill, Mackenzie Sawmill, ensuring that whats made in BC, is used in BC. The company is only 3 Kilometres from the Port Mann Bridge….

Ironic? Yes.

Surprising? NO!!

While this may seem like a small and petty story, the sentiment is clear.

Put your money where your mouth is Premier Gordon Campbell. Using American lumber isn’t exactly going to ” Keep BC Strong!”

(bolded parts - kc)

Update ......6:53am, May 11!

Approximate quote off the air:

"People..(in the riding) are not happy about the little publicized "accomodation fee" (a mere, nominal $1,000.00 - just a "processing" fee or WTF - kc) that if paid to the Inferior Health Authority may help them be able to find an extended care bed faster or at all."

David French
Assoc. Producer
CBC Kelowna

I was awakening between six and seven AM into the middle of a discussion of various ridings (and the issues in them) served by the CBC outlet in Kelowna, that miraculously STILL exists and even has enough staff to broadcast still. I assumed that Mr. French was referring to the charges made for services to non-clients of the recently Gordonized Americanized (ie Maximus), BC Medical Plan, usually tourists or visitors - BUT NO!!!! Apparently the equivalent of a "key payment" that ethically questionable practice even in New York City, can even more ethically corruptly determine which patient in need gets the one bed left in our region after the IHA slash and burn campaign of the infamous first term of Gordon "the Terrible" Campbell version 1.0.

This protocol will speed up triage in the ER and elsewhere in the health care system. It will be much faster for the staff to diagnose the condition of the patient's bank account and dispense limited resources based on those vital (dollar) signs. Hmmmm, reminds me of somewhere else.......hmmmm, oh yeah, America the Beautiful!


the cash should be Green (US)
What's wrong with this Picture?*

The guy who looks like David Anderson, former Liberal (Liberal Party of Canada - no relation to the BC liaR Party of Gordon Campbell) MP from British Columbia, should have his hands full of Gordo Green C-Notes, to more accurately portray the manner in which so much of our province is being sold off or given away to mostly American interests. Even Canadian National is little more now than the Canadian subsidiary of an American (or North American - US/offshore controlled) Corporation. Add to the BC Rail treason the disbursements and gifts to Kinder-Morgan (descendent of Enron - the company that took corruption to a new level of low), Accenture (the refugees of the company that cooked the books for Enron), Maximus, and the list goes on.

The View from the House
The Official Endorsement
or un-Endorsement

Time to Take Out the Trash!

Tuesday May 12 is garbage day in my community, like every Tuesday that isn't also a holiday. Let's hope it is considered garbage day all across our province,and that the good people of British Columbia will join together to take out the trash in Victoria. I don't want to sound sexist, but maybe it is time to send a woman, Carole James, to "clean house!" Lord knows, we probably need a Haz-Mat crew to remove the stench from the Rockpile in James Bay.

Thanks Frank!

Commenter Frank, over at the Mild One that hands out a line, points out the the prediction from is:

Libs 41
NDP 37

Too close to call 7

Frank reminds us that this organization called 35 of 36 seats correctily in Stevie's unecessary federal election exercise last fall!

The Juicy Bits

Blackmore of VictoriaIt has been extremely intriguing to observe the reaction of the Gordon Campbell forces, comprised of the Liberal Party of BC, the 233 +/- minions of the Public Affairs Bureau, and the combined forces of the ASSper (or Canned Western Feces) Empire, to last weekend's revelations by BC Mary of Gordon Campbell's almost Warren Jeffs style collection of families. No wonder Wally Oppal took so long to go after Winston Blackmore and the other guy in Bountiful, he probably had to seek legal advice that would allow him to leave the Gordon Campbell situation off of the charge sheet.

BC Mary has had a difficult time dealing with the story of CEO Campbell's confusing apparent duplication of families. On one level what consenting adults, even those in the public eye, do in their spare time is their business. However when those same officials not only put their personal, intimate or family friends on the public payroll and let the public underwrite what in the case of Lara Dauphinee are outrageous expenses compared to most, if not all, other public officials, both elected and non-elected, it becomes the public's BUSINESS.

If Gordon the Hypocrite manages to elude accountability yet again and remain the CEO premier of BC, he will owe Canned Waste/GlowBall an almost infinite amount of gratitude. These same sleazeballs, masquerading as news outlets, that joined and gave massive assistance to Gordo in the character assassination of Gordon Wilson and Judy Tyabji, over similiar activities, or Glen Clark about the most famous small back porch deck in the universe, have bent over both backwards and frontwards to protect their hero/frontman for the Corporate Agenda from any and all criticism of a personal, political, ethical or purely economic nature. As BC Mary noted yesterday at her place, the great Can 'O Crap may be only staying on life support until re-installing Gord in Victoria, after which they will do the right thing and DIE!

One correspondent wrote to point out the difference between how genuine liberal Pierre Elliot Trudeau handled a situation with some similarities to what appears to be happening with our CEO. When Pierre and Ms. Coyne, over twenty years ago, produced a child out of wedlock, they immediately, but without great fanfare, informed the press and Canadians in general about the arrival of their child. After that the child was accorded the privacy to grow up, without the indignity of having the resources of government and the media devoted to ignoring and denying the very possiblity of the child's existence or the relationship that spawned the child.

I can't really say what the true situation is vis-a-vis the Campbell family(ies) situation. With the entire resources of government and media erecting a cone of silence, how could I? However the fact that within twenty-four hours of BC Mary publishing the results of her painstaking research the BC Liberal PR Machine Vancouver Sun and GlowBall TeeVee News both had features about Gordon and Nancy's never ending Love Story speaks volumes. This is the woman who moved to Squamish, who had not been seen at the CEO's side since his lie encrusted, phoney crocodile tears dampened, apology to the people of BC for getting caught for drunk driving in America, the VERY FIRST TIME HE DRANK AND DROVE!!!!

If our CEO can't be trusted to be "transPARENT" about his own "family" life - what else can we take him on his word about?

3 Pictures = 3,000 Words

This is not an NDP Site!

I wouldn't blame anyone who got the mistaken impression that the House supports the NDP in a general sense. Here at the House we are actually members of the ABC (Anybody but Campbell) Party, which is related to the ABC (Anybody but Conservatives) co-alition of Danny Williams in Newfoundland and Labrador. If I thought Jane Sterk had a chance of forming government on May 13th, I would consider voting for my Green Candidate, though in my riding a vote for anyone but the NDP candidate, Katrine Conroy, is essentially thrown away, this riding is a lock. However, due to the realities of BC Politics, I have to be NDP by default. Anyone that isn't a convicted felon would be an improvement over Gordon and his Merry Band of Thieves. Come to think of it, even a reformed but previously convicted felon would most likely be a step towards higher ethical standards in Victoria. The important thing is to get out and vote (unless you plan to for for Capo Campbell, that is).

Vote ABC May 12

Anybody But Campbell

No More Gordo
stealing the store!


Anonymous laila said...

Holy geez Koot,it took me an hour to get to the bottom of this one!!

Haha! Excellent work as always.I just took a stroll over to my local polling station and there was a long lineup of Indians waiting to vote, the majority voting NDP. Despite all his pandering to the chinese and indian vote because he thinks they block vote( sometimes they have but the indian community here is split on this one), Gordon should have concentrated on the rest of BC.

That being said, there's not a heck of a lot he could say or do at this point to make a difference to anyone!

Thank you for keeping up the good fight Koot, and for doing it with such flair!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 11:27:00 AM PDT  

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