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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When There is News
We Plan to Report It

I wonder if Ms. Lucinda ever wishes she could call those words back home and lock them in her notebook? Unfortunately it is worse than just having people like the Editor in Chief of the Times Colonist deciding what is worthy of being shared with the hoi polloi, but is the news even actually........well......really stuff based on "actual" facts that exist in actual reality. Even the official court department tasked with communicating with the citizens seems to play fast and loose with what is news and whether statements actually refer to anything that exists in reality. I will try to explain what's bothering me this morning and keep it simple.

On April 11, Neal Hall, theoretically after attending a hearing in the nice Arthur Erickson building, published in the Vancouver (keep 'em) Stunned that:

"The trial was to begin Monday but now will start two days later, on April 18, at the Vancouver Law Courts."

Silly me, after a straightforward factual(?) statement like that, why would I even bother to check the Court Schedule for today (Tuesday, April 17). But then if I had to think of a word to use as a theme for this ongoing exhibition of contempt for justice and contempt for the citizens of BC it would be "discrepancy" for discrepancies seem to pop up everywhere you look. Robin Matthews trying to access documents that he has been told he has the right to access, or BC Mary cruising up and down Vancouver Island searching for the courthouse that actually exists AND has computers with scheduling information. The kind of exercise that Mary went through last summer helps to remind one of the courthouses that the Soup Nazi and his minions closed as soon as possible after using the courts to smear and destroy the sitting premier and thus steal the "right" to form government. It has been made perfectly clear through the courthouse closings and their own (UN condemned) labor dealings with their own prosecutors, as well as their forgiving of legal judgments against their psuedoFish farming buddies how much respect they have for the law. Their dedication to improving the public access to justice is non-existent, unless by public you mean the Corporate Elite.

I was going to keep it simple, so, thanks to the eagle eyes of BC Mary I now discover that for today there are almost six pages of issues concerning the Basis and Mr. Virk. Now they are all ADD appearances, or in other words the code is ADD. For example PTC stands for pre-trial conference, which perhaps not surprisingly has been the reason for many of the previous occurrences in this case. There is a key to the codes on the Court site but they fail to define ADD. They are listed alphabetically and after:

ADC - App after alleg. Breach of Def. Cust. & Supervision

the next entry is

AHR - For an Arraignment Hearing

So I'll go out on a limb and guess it means Additional Disclosure Demands and not Attention Deficit Disorder. The second ADD is what I would imagine the Soup Nazi and his Crackers hope most of us are suffering from, frankly watching them in action indicates to me that they are pretty confident it is almost an epidemic.

As Mary also points out, the hearing time today is 2:00pm, instead of the usual 9:00am or so, or even the less usual logging/cow milking time in the extraordinarily early morning. Besides keeping everybody off step, it means nothing will show up on the noon news broadcasts and thus those with a reason to promote a spin can hopefully have them Gyros ready to go by the dinnertime excuse for news

If I was younger journalism would be an attractive career goal. I would get hired and then after arranging for my paychecks to be deposited would fly off to Tahiti to research about grass skirts or something. If any body back where my media was based complained, I would just point out that I need not come back, because there is no news to report, but.....when there is, if ever, I'll be there with bells on! And to be perfectly Frank, I can make up non-reality based news just as well in Tahiti as somewhere cold.

By the way, even the official communications channel of the Courts isn't really obligated to stick to actual facts. I guess a department that is full of lawyers should be expected to use almost as much prose expressing disclaimers as information. The main disclaimer heading to the schedule makes it clear that nothing is necessarily true, just because you read it here. To read the disclaimer from the Ministry of the AG click to go below the fold.


These court lists are not official court lists. The information may be updated after it is posted on this page. For confirmation of information contact the specific court registry.

If you have been served a summons or otherwise notified by the court that you are to come to a court appearance, but your name does not appear on the posted court list, you must still come to court.

The court lists of the Provincial and Supreme Court are available on the internet for public information and research purposes and may not be copied or distributed in any fashion for resale or other commercial use without the express written permission of the Office of the Chief Judge (Provincial Court lists) or Office of the Chief Justice (Supreme Court lists). Provincial and Supreme Court lists may be used without permission for public information and research, provided the material is accurately reproduced and an acknowledgement made of the source.

Every effort is made to ensure that the court lists posted are or remain consistent with statutory and court-ordered publication and disclosure bans. However the posting of court lists on this page in no way is a representation, express or implied, that the court lists conform with publication and disclosure bans. As bans may be granted at any stage in the proceeding, the daily list will not include details of a ban granted in court on that day. It is the responsibility of persons using or relying on the court lists to personally check with the applicable court clerk or registry for bans and ensure that they comply with any bans on publication or disclosure.

Ministry of Attorney General


Blogger BC Mary said...

This is a great column, Koot. I think you may have penned a classic here.

And it looks as if we're going to need these reminders that journalists don't need to be there, in order to write the story.

We've got these 3 clues now that CanWest isn't just about journalism anymore ... not even about selling advertising. Looks more to do with promoting a PoV.

But Lord sufferin' Jayzus, I never imagined that the court itself would stoop to participating in ... what shall we call it ... "advance preparation" for the hearts and minds of CanWest readers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 11:18:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Gazetteer said...

And now that we have heard about 'alleged' 'media monitoring' contracts that were apparently meant to 'sway public opinion', well.......


Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 10:57:00 AM PDT  

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