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Monday, April 09, 2007

Let's All Play

Almost half way back to the previous century on Friday, January 2, 2004, the front page of the Vancouver Sun was black with 27 questions printed on the front page concerning the recent (Sunday past) Raid on the Legislature, in recess, over a weekend, during the holidays. The answers to many of these questions are now known, but many are still unanswered or unaddressed. First there was nothing to talk about, nothing had happened. Now that it may actually happen nobody can say anything because the issue is before the Courts. Pardon moi, but isn't Robert Willy Pickton's guilt or innocence in the missing women murders also before the courts, but I certainly have to consciously avoid a lot more coverage of that trial, the witnesses and evidence than I have the stomach for.

According to the subhead line under RAID QUERIES REVISITED "reporters Chad Skelton and Neal Hall are in a position to find some answers." You will be well advised to remember to keep in mind the "some" that is placed before "answers" as it is a very relevant qualifier. I will just discuss a few of the questions that I find to be still highly interesting and perhaps very relevant.

7. Who was arrested that Sunday and then released?
At the time, Victoria police said that they had arrested one person in connection with the legislature raids but that no charges were laid. That person has never been indentified.

(?- we don't hear of the Victoria force much in relation to this incident - kc)

12. Does the Government know more than the pubic is being told?
That is hard to assess because elected officials have declined to comment about the case because it is before the courts
(I know it can be easy to forget this is before the courts and we do seem to be moving toward the Star Chamber type courts where everything is secret, including the fact it is even happening.)

21. Why did a 20-month investigation come to a head on a Sunday between Christmas and New Year's?
At the time there was speculation the legislature raids were conducted on Dec. 28 in the hopes of avoiding media attention. However, no evidence has emerged to support that.

(And as we now know the Vancouver Stunning Sun definitely had noticed it by Friday, January 2 when it published its blackface edition with a front page full of questions.)

One question I've been asking since the first week is:

22. Why was Dave Basi fired and Bob Virk only suspended?

See answer to question 23
(Here we are almost there - still gettting the run around, but let's hurry over to question 23.)

23. Why would the government fire someone who has not been charged with any crime?
Martyn Brown, the premier's chief of staff, (think of him as Campbell's "Scooter" - kc) later said that the decision to fire Dave Basi one day after the raids was based on the nature of Basi's job and information Brown had available at the time, including the fact that Basi's residence was searched by police while Virk's was not. The government fired Virk a year later, after he was criminally charged, along with Dave Basi's cousin Aneal Basi, a communications officer with the government, who was also charged in the case.

Well, this doesn't exactly make everything crystal clear, nobody was charged, named Basi or Virk, for almost a year after the raids. But they are words filling up space, and that's all it takes to confuse lots of folks.

I really like question 24!

24. Have the province's 28-billion operations been compromised?
Aside from the BC Rail spur line sale --- which had to be cancelled --- there is no evidence that the government operations were compromised by the case.

I guess that's all well and good. Theres no concern with lost revenues from BC Rail hauling coal to Prince Rupert to feed the 25 or so coal fired plants China is building every week or so (this is a rhetorical "quote" they are building lots, I've repressed the actual number). We will get to share the dirty air that blows back across the Pacific, but we are above being interested in making money as well. Totally unrelated also must be the rolling stock and hazardous materials littering the landscape anywhere near a former BC Rail right of way these days.

25. How long will this investigation cast a shadow over B.C.?
More than three years later the major criminal cases connected to the legislature raids are just now coming to trial.

That was written where one would expect to find the answer to Question 25, but I ain't buying it, it ain't an answer. I will answer question 25, more accurately, though it will still be lacking as I am on even more of a diet designed to grow mushrooms.

My Answer to 25: More than three years later most of the province has forgotten the raids ever happened, or thinks that the RCMP went nuts and everything should be dismissed. Only now are some minor trials of some second string ministerial aides with no real influence to sell, other than their access to those with INFLUENCE, are MAYBE going to be getting underway. However the government, which apparently controls and refuses to share much of the evidence may force aquittals by default for these minor functionaries. With the RCMP's recent track record, blaming any left over smell on the "out of control" horsemen could disperse the odor and life (or what passes for life) in BC can continue with the corporate elite continuing to exert their proper ownership over everything. The Shadow will last until the people have heard something that makes sense. You might say a shadow hangs over the JFK Assassination and/9-11, because the "official" conspiracy stories don't make sense.

My three "current" questions are:

1.How come the Sun is so zealous about emphasizing Basi and Virk links to the Federal Liberals and Paul Martin and/or Stephane Dion? They did live in BC. They did work for the BC Liberal Government in Victoria. Former Finance Minister Gary "ferret" Collins was Dave Basi's boss (in title anyway, maybe the inscrutable Martyn Brown was the Boss behind the mask). Former Transport Minister Jude "the non-dude" Reid was "officially" the boss of Virk. Of course we mustn't forget that His Holiness the Soup Nazi and his sidekick Martyn Brown are the real bosses.

2. Why doesn't the Sun even mention the relationship between the lead RCMP Inspector on this investigation, Kevin DeBruyckere - the brother-in-law to B.C. Liberal Executive Director Kelly Reichert? Most likely irrelevant, wouldn't you think?

3. Why Now?Are they feeling late to the dance, is there an agenda to prepare the peeps for, like dismissal, a plea, anything that leaves the truth, "out there somewhere?" I wouldn't be surprised if a few folks occasionally have difficulty sleeping at night, and I'm not talking about Basis or Virk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice stuff as always Koot. CBC AM690 at 11 am had an announcement about the trial.

I'll summarize it for you:

'The Basi and Virk trial will begin on April 18 with 6 months being set aside for the case - Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett announced today.

No plea has been entered by the accused - Trial will deal first with disclosure submissions.'

Have you looked into the activities of Tricky Dick Neufeld in Houston of late? Ross K has some interesting stuff on his travels and his dinner partners.

Brings the Villa Del Lupo to mind, imo.

keep up the good work, we miss you when you're not busy here at the house of infamy.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 1:25:00 PM PDT  
Blogger BC Mary said...

Hey Koot ... I've got a guy over at my place who swears that the trial isn't starting on 18 April 2007 even if Madam Justice Bennett says it is. He's said it 3 times today, in fact. Ain't starting. Ain't ... ain't starting. Who the heck would want to believe that.

But it is intriguing, isn't it, the way Basi, Virk and Basi have slipped into the background while B.C. Rail comes charging down the tracks with ... who's that guy at the controls ... is it Collins? Falcon? ... Campbell?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 7:37:00 PM PDT  
Blogger BC Mary said...

No, by golly, it's Ol' Bill Berardino!

And you can see Ol' Bill trudging in to work with his lunchbucket in his hand (er ... briefcase) on the morning of April 10. Just click here and scroll down for the electrifying (well, actually B.C.Rail was diesel) YouTube moment:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 1:06:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Secondlook said...

You're quite the jokster, Kootcoot re: Inspecor DeBruychere!! I noticed the same thing as you did about the 'scapel' editing used to omit this key fact by Canwest. As BC Mary pointed out on her site: "And that what ISN'T there, is usually the really important stuff."

This relationship surely taints the RCMP file re: the Legislative Raids big time. No wonder the Defendents have raised this elephant in the room!

What other politically sensitive files has Insp. DeBruyckere been given to 'handle'? There are others. Does anyone really think that any evidence re: B.C. Liberal politician wouldn't be sanitized from the investigation? P-L-E-A-S-E LOL!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 4:56:00 PM PDT  

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