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Friday, April 06, 2007

Read All About It
The Sun!

When a gentleman reaches a certain age and state of health and condition, extreme shocks can seem frightening, even perhaps leading to more shocks with people saying "clear." Well, maybe I exaggerate, but I was definitely shocked (though pleasantly so), when I opened today's Sun and found on the first page of the second part, Westcoast News, the headline - "Former Victoria aides go on trial." The first trial date may be about 10 days from now, or April 16, but the Sun has three articles and various background material to prepare their readers for the big day, or the big hissing of a balloon losing air.

The headline after the jump reads -


Might as well call it that (BC Rail Trial), especially if the "paper of record" does also. A lot of the information seems to be emphasizing the Basi and Virk links with the federal Liberals rather than the BC Liarbrals who employed them and, oh yeah, just happened to be flogging a railroad to the 'chosen bidder'. It is so astounding and really demonstrates either hard stones or lack of a sense of reality to hear these clowns like Harper or the BC Liarbrals insist how the media has a leftie bias. Well, so far the media has paid a lot more attention to a certain deck in East Van and Ralph Goodale's possible transgressions than the unprecedented Raid on the Legislature on December 28, 2003. So just to keep it simple, we'll try to remember to refer to this as the BC Rail Trial, sounds good to me, and appropriate.

It is good to see the trial covered at all in the big time daily and they also promise more coverage for tomorrow. Tomorrow they will be addressing the questions they published on the front page on January 2, 2004. I have that paper somewhere, but nowhere I can locate. The background was black and the lettering white. They also promise to profile Mr. Bornmann (officially with 3 n's, according to the paper of record) or "Spiderman." Defense counsel has been advised by the special prosecutor that "Mr. Bornmann continues to this day to have the threat of criminal charges brought against him until after he testifies."

I'm gonna kinda try to relax, not get excited and be prepared for a bumpy ride, but dang it all anyhow, this show might finally be getting on the road and not a moment too soon! Oh yeah, and tomorrow I will be scoring the Vancouver Sun, thus doubling my normal weekly intake of fire starter. Though I've been talking about the real "hard copy" newspaper the Sun, for now (at present) this material is available on line at the Vancouver Sun.


Blogger BC Mary said...

About that Trial Date lottery, Koot.

Um ... er ... what's the prize?

And remember, these dates were taken and would've lost bigtime as they were all cancelled:

November 2005
April 2006
June 2006
September 2006
December 2006
February 2007

So, just for old time sake, I'm gonna pick June 2007 because it's the anniversary of the date I was so absolutely sure it was going to happen last time. That was June 6, 2006, i.e., 06 06 06. Neat number, eh.

So would the Gods of Torture actually choose 06 06 07? Naw ... maybe 07 07 07 just to be on the safe side.

That's if the whole shebang doesn't get thrown out during 04 07.

So I repeat: what's the prize of this Guess The Trial Date Lottery of yours?

Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 3:02:00 PM PDT  

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