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Monday, February 26, 2007

What, GlowBall TeeVee
Might Not be Telling You!

Well here it is February 26, the date we were told back in mid-January that there was going to be a pre-trial hearing regarding further disclosure. Since I am lucky enough to live in British Columbia with it's open access to information about the Courts I went to the Court Lists website shortly after six this morning, the time the current day's schedule is supposed to be published. Well this is what I found there.

Last Updated:

Sun Feb 25 20:00:00 PST 2007



Now these listings have been there since last Friday, and I would assume tell us about the schedule for last Friday. Later on I went back when it was almost 7:00 AM (and though I am way east of Vancouver, I'm still in the Pacific Standard Time Zone - it's not like I live in Creston or something). On the site they claim to have updated at 5:30 this morning, but I know that means somebody either got there and started at that time or they are simply lying.

In the world I live in the time something is updated is when it is published ON THE WEB. But hey, within an hour and a half, I guess that's close enough for government. Just like 22 hours and three hospitals is timely emergency service, though not timely enough to save a finger injured on the job from being amputated.

Oh, I almost forgot something kinda important - there is no mention of the BC Rail (or Basi/Virk) trial in the schedule for the Vancouver Law Courts. Of course for some reason there are court hearings etc. listed for New Westminister and Victoria under the Vancouver heading. Maybe if I search every other court house listing in British Columbia, I will find it under Williams Lake or something. Do they even have a Court House in Williams Lake? They have a tendency to close them down, because the population's access to justice is just too easy. The government has many more important things to do than provide venues for its citizens to seek justice. I mean, there are rivers, utilities, railroads and other assets from the common to give away or sell cheap, in the name of ideology and making sure one's pockets go jingle jangle. There's also those all important "conversations" about Health Care, now if only they could figure out where to find all the people that want Privatized Medicine so they could listen to them, instead of the folks they've had to hear so far.


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