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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Retraction - sort of!

With thanks to Bill Tieleman, whom I only take to task because he seems to be the only Holy Media Member aware of the Public's interest in this case, I have discovered an error in a previous post. It turns out that BC Mary and myself were looking at the wrong "Court Lists." But the fact is that the Government's "lets see how much we can hide" approach to sharing information online (Our bought and paid for information, by the way) was the most culpable party contributing to our confusion.

Bill, actually being an investigative reporter, tracked down this discrepancy and brought it to the attention of Mary and myself - and all I can say is "Thank You" Bill. But through his own investigating, Bill himself was made aware of the difficulty of actually finding the "Criminal Court" lists without actually talking to someone in Victoria. Any information that is difficult to find or access by an accredited member of the media, like Bill, certainly isn't readily accessible by the average member of the Public. Of course, just in case you hadn't noticed, I never thought that the concerns of the average hard-working, tax-paying person were a very high priority with the current excuse for a Government, that doesn't even bother to sit in the House of Infamy - anymore.

So I am now going to remove the link to download what we thought was the schedule and remove it from the server where it was residing to give members of the public access. However after much thought, I have decided to leave the posting itself as I feel that the issue of transparency and true justice are are both still relevant and the post itself still speaks to the "accidental or purposeful" government game of "Hide the Weenie."

The stricken out link still works, now though it shows you something I care about even more than I do the Legislature, and a big part of the reason I care about the Legislature at all.


Blogger Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for the kind comments, Koot, and glad I was able to solve one small mystery and eliminate one conspiracy theory.

There's more I could say to argue with you over past posts but let's just move on and keep following this important case in our own ways.

Keep reading 24 hours newspaper in Vancouver and keep checking my blog at:

for the latest news on the BC Legislature raid case.

Monday, November 20, 2006 at 12:58:00 PM PST  

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