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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why Mary and I Blog!

A reader of BC Mary's Blog (likely another Kootenay resident, judging from the username) left a comment that illustrates why it is important that SOMEBODY, if only we amateur journalists, try to shine some light on the machinations of this investigation and hopefully eventual trial. Honest government has nothing to fear from the bright light of day and public scrutiny. It seems that all parties cry out for open transparent government when they are in opposition, but once they form government, not so much.

Watching Keith Baldrey's sudden interest in this matter on Global TV suggest he is nothing short of a Basi, Basi, Virk apologist.

I can't believe this, right before our eyes we see the RCMP being put on trial for catching these rotten apples. Where is the media indignation about three government officials engaging in wholly unacceptable conduct?

The coverage is essentially a fraud. We've seen him take the government position before, but this time it is really too much.
Documents Available for Downloading!

I posted a .jpg image of part of the Vancouver Court Listings for October 30, 2006 in yesterday's post. Blogger's format etc. required me to reduce the size and as a result the print wasn't as clear as I would like. Anyone interested in perusing the complete lists for that day in Vancouver Supreme Court can download their own copy, at no charge, at the following:

Vancouver Court Listings - October 30, 2006
   new hope

As explained above in a later post, this download has been removed, because it became apparent that it wasn't relevant to the case in question. However, I still feel that the whole issue could involve government or other even higher powers using mis-direction or lack of direction to keep the public in the dark. I don't know if it rises to the level of "Obstruction of Justice," a prohibited behaviour listed in the Canada Criminal Code, but even that might be a reasonable thing to consider. BTW, the link still works, even though it is striked (stricken(?) out, but all you will see is my Grand Daughter.

Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent is required to open and read most BC government information available online. Thus I will leave the link to Acrobat for anyone who might need to install it. Most people have this on their computer, if you don't it is available at and is a free download.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done kootcoot. One wonders if Bill Tieleman will stop by so he can update his appreciation of the way court services services the public's need to know.

You and Mary are doing an invaluable service.

Monday, November 13, 2006 at 9:39:00 AM PST  

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