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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

? Anonymous ? Questions ? ? ? ? ?

I would like to respond to a comment by anonymous (by the way are you the same anonymous that commented earlier?) regarding the coverage of the "almost secret hearing."

Who did you see, on Global TV, recounting the details of this bizarre scene at the Vancouver Court House?
I didn't see anyone in particular on Global, just some videotape and voice over.

Whoever it was, had to have been called in advance, had to be waiting for them in the lobby of the court house, had to be special enough to chum along with them, right up into the court room. Whoever it was, had to be walking and talking with Judge Bennett, the special prosecutor, and the defense lawyers. Like part of the judiciary, almost.
Well they had video of the courthouse lobby early in the morning, almost deserted except for the people involved in the hearing. They were trying to get an elevator which wouldn't come so they went through a door, I assume to the stairs, that's what the voice over said.

But ... but then, this person goes on Global TV and describes it all ... ? Huh??
What about the seemingly 24/7 LIVE coverage of Glen Clark's deck imbroglio. Not only was he found innocent of any criminal charges even if guilty of poor judgement, but to me ties between the legislature and organized crime, the drug trade, money laundering and especially improprieties in the giving away of the assets of all British Columbians to benefit the few are all much more deserving of our attention. It even seems much more important than skimming some Bingo proceeds. Yet as of now it will be THREE years (barring further delays, pardons or pleas) before we have much idea what is happening or did happen. And then they hold sneak attack hearings practically in the middle of the night to push back the day of revelation even further. And the Main Stream Media gives them a pass for the most part. I saw or heard nothing on CBC radio or TeeVee and it is difficult to even find mention of the hearing anywhere, even Global now.

And who was there to record Berardino's request? and Judge Bennett's decision?>
Don't know, but shouldn't these things be public information?

And don't judges have their own super-special entrance to the Vancouver Court House?

I don't know, do you? Does it matter?

While we all thank you for this insight, it does have a strange, unreal feel to it.
It sure does, doesn't it? The whole affair stinks to high heaven and answers and/or explanation or an inquiring media are all sorely lacking. Can you imagine if that raid on the legislature happened on the NDP watch - we would be buried in coverage and speculation to the extent we would be bored by now rather than puzzled.


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