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Monday, May 08, 2006

A New Blog Link

I added another blog to the list on the right this morning. I'll let
them describe themselves.

Public Eye Online is a daily journal covering the backrooms of provincial and federal politics in British Columbia, breaking headlining stories before they become headlines. Our voice is neither conservative nor progressive. It is independent and irreverent, biased only against pomposity and hypocrisy

Their focus being the backrooms of politics in BC, they are pretty well obligated to devote some coverage to this affair. Some articles of theirs in this vein include:

The toothless Fang

Fascinating news from the lobby firm formerly known as Pilothouse Public Affairs Inc.: late last week, the company circulated an email to friends and associates announcing it has "embarked on an internal transition that will mark the beginning of Brian Kieran's preparation for inevitable retirement from government relations..

Included in this article is a copy of Brian's letter to himself regarding the re-organization of K and E, formerly Pilothouse. I just can't resist posting the heading of his letter.

From: Brian Kieran
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 07:38:03 -0800
To: Brian Kieran
Subject: K&E Update

Charges without powder
The Crown has stayed charges against one of the men connected with the raid on the provincial legislature, we have learned. Mandeep Sandhu, a former executive member of the Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca federal Liberal constituency association, was charged with conspiracy to traffic in marijuana in September 2004

Unfinished Tales
Even on the day criminal charges were being laid against him, former ministerial assistant David Basi remained a consumate political operative.......yet, at the Victoria courthouse, he was still backslapping reporters, even reaching across a row of cameras to shake hands while his pinstripped lawyer Michael Bolton was being scrummed

Like every other news media and/or blog the Public Eye Online hasn't had much since the release of the information and add ALR related charges. This affair has been like that from the beginning, months go by with no real news. With the trial scheduled to begin on June 5, inquiring minds may be able to end their fast.


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