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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brunch at Chez des Chiens!

For some strange reason much of the information fed to us "common folk" about the Legislature Raids and their resulting legal maneuverings, brings to mind that morning meal enjoyed by our canine friends. I'm not referring to anything to do with Belinda Stronach either, except to say that she has every right to feel disrespected by the likes of "Gumboots Crying in the Rain" MacKay, Norm Spector and those cult followers of the jolly King Ralphie. I wonder what would be the outcry if Ms. Stronach were to rise in the house and suggest (in an above board manner, that WOULD show up in Hansard), that the leader of our current excuse for a goverment is say......... "a pudgy, pasty, petulant chickenhawk?" I would bet that wouldn't slip by to a few chckles and winks, 'mongst the boys, ya know (nudge, nudge)!

While we are on the subject of dogs, however real dogs, I feel that freedom can be compared to a dog. With both it is important how you treat it and how you pay attention to it. If you ignore your dog, and don't address its needs it will probably wander off and find somewhere else to live. That is of course unless you have a monster big fence or keep it constantly on a chain, but then that doesn't exactly sound much like freedom either. Most people I run across in daily life don't even remember the Legislature Raids without some prompting, and then may say "aren't they done with that, yet?" I guess if "they" were done that would be just fine and dandy with those folks. They'll have plenty of time to think about it later when we're sitting in the dark, freezing so blow dryers can run free in the Arizona Desert.

I guess my point is that if we don't cherish and look after our freedoms (and our goods), nobody else will. People who are especially NOT concerned with your goods and freedoms would be those who covet them to satisfy their own greedy agenda. Of course who those people might be, or even if they are, is beyond my pay grade to determine.

But it would really kinda tickle some itch in me to know why:

1. Why did the Horsemen spend time during the holidays, when I'm certain they would have preferred being with their families, bring box after box after van load of documents out of the Legislature under sealed warrant (which by the way stayed mostly sealed until after the next election and is still approximately 20% redacted)?

2. One defendent was fired the day after the raid and the other stayed on paid leave, until he was charged, almost one year later. Why were they treated differently by people (their employers, the bcgov) who didn't know anything about what they were doing?

3. Just where is this legendary RCMP "Project Room" full of evidence? Surrey, Vancouver, Victoria (or maybe a mine shaft in Sandon)? See Part III of Robin Matthews' excellent coverage over at BC Mary's.

4. I can't help but wonder what would have come about thanks to Watergate, if the investigation had never gone beyond the original "plumbers?"

I don't know about you, but this dog has had enough breakfast for this morning. Besides there's other issues, like bringing a Grey Cup to Vancouver (to make up for not winning one there last year. Go Lions, they're serving frog's legs in Winnipeg this afternoon.


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