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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Upon Some Further

BC Mary points out today on her comment board the following:

Today in Vancouver Sun (thanks to DPL for telling me about it), Neal Hall has a start-to-finish summary of the Basi Virk Basi issues. A useful reminder.

I was going to tell you (bcmary) also, but between being in shock and temporarily having to yield the phone for other biz, forgot. I always thought you were hours ahead of me with the Stun anyhow. Where I am we get the edition that hits the street in town before the bars close, only we get it the next afternoon - at least it is technically the same day though.

What puzzled me greatly is his declaration that the trial begins on April 16. Because my notes say:

2 April - pre-trial hearing delayed (see Robin Mathews: Breaking News from Courtroom 53)

10 April - the 2 April hearing's new date

13 April - filing of Charter Rights application

16 April - begins a 3-week hearing on disclosure items.

But no trial date.

So I've asked Neal Hall for confirmation ... will certainly headline any clarification that comes in.

It isn't as if "discrepancy" isn't the norm regarding court appearances and non-appearances in this case. There are scheduled (published) dates that don't actually occur and then unscheduled surprise meetings in the middle of the night. It is difficult to be surprised by much of anything in this ongoing mystery tour other than when it is actually mentioned in public. Then the question becomes who mentioned it and why and whose agenda are they promoting.

Yesterday's piece in the Sun seemed to me to be layin' the groundwork to blame any bad things on those nasty Federal Liberals. The Soup Nazi and his Cabinet of Crackers want nothing but the best for each and every British Columbian (who is one of their "type.") Old people, sick people, poor people, native people (unless it involves alienating ALR land), and any others whose agenda differs from the corporate elite, need not apply.

Oh yeah, I guess I should point out since it gets repeated so much, that no elected officials are/were under investigation, bugging business dinners with executives is just RCMP recreation perhaps. Besides, what influence could the Soup Nazi or the Ferret have on decisions such as the giveaway of BC Rail? Obviously all those important decisions are in the capable and reasonably priced hands of people like Dave Basi and Bobby Virk. Stealing from the people of BC is OK, as long as it is kept reasonable and affordable for the elite and soon to be elite.

I too like Mary and others will be looking forward to seeing today's Sun and its promised coverage, but will leave my agenda perceiving antennae on full sweep. A couple articles from about a year ago here on this blog may be helpful to some folks trying to refresh their recollections of the timeline and/or characters. The first is called Brief Summary to Date and has many links to other sources. Also from April of last year is Dramatis Personae, which gives a rundown on many of the characters involved, mostly accused and witnesses. Maybe I should publish a guide to the attorneys, but that is in short form in yesterday's Sun, and you want to be careful what you say about lawyers unless you have lots of chain available and are on the shore of Lake Ontario, with the energy to start a BIG project.

But just for edification here are pics of the main lawyers who occasionally meet in BC Supreme Court over these issues. These are just the Special Prosecutor and the main attorney for each defendant.

Along with Justice Bennett these are the stars of vast teams of investigators, litigators and other members of the teams it takes to pursue justice in a democracy.

Having been a defendant myself in the past, and a successful one at that, sometimes, from my experience anyway, the defendant(s) seem(s) almost an afterthought or distraction from the legal beagles as they growl at each other using their particular protocols of growling techniques. In my case the fact that the US Justice Department attempted to obstruct justice at every opportunity contributed to my eventual victory. In this case I hope those who would like to see it all just go away are not granted their wish. The people of BC deserve to know a lot more about the Raid on the Leg, the sale(?) of BC Rail and many other things that they've been having to make do with the mushroom diet about. Taking away local authority over land use, selling off every stream, Kinder Morgan and I could go on. The only question here is where do we start and when are we done, when the Soup Nazi and Crackers are in orange jumpsuits?

Hopefully this trial will open the doors and expose what has been being done TO us by people who are supposed to be acting in OUR interests, not theirs.


Blogger BC Mary said...


Neal Hall didn't write back, so am still not sure if the TRIAL begins on 16 April but I do think SOMETHING begins on that date ... my notes call it a "3-week hearing on disclosure" which is a pretty heavy-duty Supreme Court drop-in for anybody.

My attention is fixed on Tuesday 13 April, noted as "Filing of Charter Rights application". I hope that Robin Mathews gets into court that day, as he always tells us EVERYthing we want to know but are afraid to ask.

Rumour has it that you are holding a Guess-the-Trial-Date lottery at House of Infamy ... is that true?

Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 11:54:00 AM PDT  

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