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Friday, August 16, 2013

Got Lemons?
Make Lemonade!

Raytheon knows what to do with lemons.

Some business folk are starting to consider climate change as it affects and will more greatly affect their business. Insurance corporations are starting to notice that they are on the hook for pay outs for damages caused by once in a hundred year disasters that seem to be approaching semi-annual occurances and the costs from wildfires which seem to have a season that starts earlier and ends later every year. Sometimes it seems that if it ain't on fire, it's underwater these days. Unlike Big Oil, Big Clean (sic) Coal and the Fracking Freaks, Raytheon, rather than denying climate change is planning how to role with it and perhaps even increase their profits, even though humanity as a whole will lose big time.

Raytheon: Climate Change Could Create "Business Opportunities"

 Of all the business opportunities presented by global warming, Raytheon Company may have found one of the most alarming. The Massachusetts-based defense contractor — which makes everything from communications systems to Tomahawk missiles — thinks that future "security concerns" caused by climate change could mean expanded sales of its military products.
Not only is Raytheon not a company/corporation that doesn't just try to deny global warming, but indeed compared to the really bad boys of pollution is recognized for its efforts in mitigation by the EPA.
 Raytheon, it should be noted, isn't exactly gunning for catastrophic global warming. Quite the opposite, in fact: In February, the company received a "Climate Leadership Award" from the EPA for publicly reporting and aggressively reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. It's working on renewable energy technologies. And it has publicly warned of significant climate change-related risks to its business — from things like hurricanes, floods, droughts, and forest fires.
Of course Raytheon can\t turn around global warming by themselves and they are a major defense contractor whose products include the Tomahawk Missle. So if climate change leads to mass migrations and increased conflict as people without water or arable land move in on those who still have both, just think of lemons and lemonade and crank up the weapons production.   
......Raytheon wrote [registration required] last year that "expanded business opportunities are likely to arise as consumer behaviour and needs change in response to climate change."
What kind of business opportunities? Raytheon cites its renewable energy technologies, weather-prediction products, and emergency response equipment for natural disasters. But the company also expects to see "demand for its military products and services as security concerns may arise as results of droughts, floods, and storm events occur as a result of climate change."
The document says that these extreme weather conditions could have "destabilizing effects" and that on an international level, "climate change may cause humanitarian disasters, contribute to political violence, and undermine weak governments":
 So if all else fails crank up the missle production....................... and keep to the high ground!


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