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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Help Wanted*
*Canadians need not apply
Coolies changing shifts at H(an) D(ynasty) Murray River Mine
According to the Financial Post's Legal Post:
OTTAWA — The government was justified in issuing a positive labour market opinion that allowed a British Columbia mining company to hire 201 temporary foreign workers from China, the Federal Court ruled Tuesday.
The decision comes after two unions challenged the government and the companies involved, arguing Canadians are available to do the jobs required and that it was not necessary to look outside the country for foreign labour
So much for exploiting the environment and resource development at least providing good family supporting jobs, unless the goal is to support families in China! Years ago executing a pipe dream like the current Christy Clark pipedream of LNG riches the SoCreds built a whole community with infrastructure at Tumbler Ridge in direct competition with numerous coal mines already despoiling the streams of southeastern BC that at least had the advantage of a shorter haul to tidewater so Asians could pollute the atmosphere with the emissions from our coal (a large percentage of the particulate matter in L.A. smog is from coal burning plants in China and not cars on L.A. freeways).
So now a Chinese company with pull in Ottawa and Victoria gets to utilize the facilities paid for by B.C. taxpayers, and if the royalty scheme is anything like the billion dollar annual deficit building one in Alberta the gooey tar sands, not only will we realize no jobs but the provincial coffers little or no revenue. In spite of the fact Cheating Lying Christy Clark claimed they had fought for the rights of BC or Canadian workers, according to documents obtained by the BC Federation of Labor it was indeed the opposite, quel surprise.
Federation president Jim Sinclair says a Freedom of Information request has unearthed incriminating documents
“What it shows is that the provincial government was training mining companies on how to bring Temporary Foreign Workers to work in BC mines at the same time they were cutting back training money for British Columbians to work in those mines.”
Earlier this week, court documents showed a federal agent complaining about the pressure put on her by the province with regard to the work permits.
The government was actively, on a daily basis, phoning the federal government and pressuring it to give the permits to the mining company so that they could hire 200 foreigners for jobs clearly British Columbians could have done.

It isn't like the BC LIEberals would ever misrepresent the truth - think BC Rail, think HST, think the imaginary budget deficit of $495 million prior to the 2009 election that turned out to be closer to $2 billion. Meanwhile the two pronged attack on working Canadians, and those who wish they had a job, from the HarperCons and the BC liaRs ccontinues apace. Don't forget Christy's motto, (Chinese) Families First! Forget about the oft mentioned excuse that Canadians lack the skills, the current RBC situation puts the lie to that as the Royal Bank, one of the biggest in North America, and extremely profitable, uses the Temporary Workers Program to bring in foreign workers so their own CANADIAN IT professionals can train them to take their own jobs back to India, leaving the trainers unemployed tomorrow.
When will the assholes, the traitorous loyal to no nation multi-national corporate carpetbaggers realize without a middle class earning wages that create some disposable income HERE in North America, their products and services will have no market, no money, no customers = no profits! The garment workers in Bangladesh, those still alive, or the workers building Apple crap in prison like conditions in China won't be able to buy the garments or the Apple crap. Most of us will be out of work, and the one percenters, by definition aren't much a mass market - though business might be good for BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari. All those assholes can look forward to building walls around themselves and hiring security (which they already do) so they can stay in their sanctuaries and count their ill gotten gains.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what i wonder is was the bc election an honest election or was it another piece of shit like the federal election or like the Florida and Ohio dominated elections when Dubya got illegally elected...

You could say it can't happen here, but this government has lied about a lot of other things and they do control elections bc.

Friday, May 24, 2013 at 5:03:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous e.a.f. said...

with the HD mine being able to bring in workers from China, Lord Dunsmuir would be proud. He was able to pay workers from China half of what he paid European miners. Looks like we haave come full circle. We will become strangers in our own country.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 11:53:00 PM PDT  

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