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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Misinform, Mislead and
Make up stuff
Christy with Cabinet Members

The title above is a partial lift from the lede of Brian Hutchinson's piece concerning the BC LIEberal Campaign, which thankfully has only a week left to torture us.
VANCOUVER — It’s no secret that Christy Clark’s government has a credibility problem.

For the B.C. Liberal party to avoid annihilation on May 14, repairing damage caused by broken promises and re-establishing trust with the electorate must be priorities. But it seems they are not. Instead of treading carefully, taking pains to ensure that whatever she presents during the election campaign is airtight, verifiable and the plain honest truth, Ms. Clark continues to misinform, mislead and just make up stuff.

The premier spent almost an hour this week speaking with Vancouver radio talk show host Bill Good. He challenged her on a number of claims she’s been making on the campaign trail. Ms. Clark refers repeatedly to her government’s “balanced budget” and its efforts to make the province “debt free.”
For someone who has patiently, well most of the time, waited to see the last of this incredibly corrupt and "griftopian" criminal organization posing as a government it is indeed comforting to see a column in the right wing propaganda rag started by Lord Black of Crossdressing take Christy and her clown car to task so severely. Even more amazing, according to Mr. Hutchinson even Bill "not so" Good found it in him to challenge Grifty Clark on her claims of a balanced budget and repeated falsehood that Moody's and other bond rating agencies had somehow verified her claims. Of course that isn't part of what such agencies do, not to mention the fact that even what they actually do, they don't do very well (or perhaps very honestly) as was illustrated by the sh*tload of toxic financial instruments which received triple A ratings from them right up until their toxic nature almost destroyed the economies of both the USA and Europe. 

It is really fun to watch Christy and her gang pull out all the stops and descend into complete insanity as May 14 approaches. We even get the comic relief of seeing the return of the other Gordon (Wilson) to add an exclamation point to the desperation of the BC liaRs and the sycophantic supporters and beneficiaries.  I must admit though to being stunned to hear people who aren't totally batsh*t crazy suggest that the BC liaRs will win any seats at all. But then one has to remember that we still have that lost colony of Orange County known as the Okanagan Valley and the fundamentalist Hell of parts of the Fraser Valley where crooks such as John Les prosper as long as they profess to believe in Jesus and Free Enterprise - or more accurately Freebooting Pirate Enterprise.

As some was pointed out somewhere, it is most appropriate to see Gordon Wilson show up in time to be part of the demise of yet another political party to add to his PDA and near extinction of the NDP in 2001. Some folks of course think he is hoping to become leader of the remains of the LIEberal carcass, since according to Bob Mackin he may not be in charge of a flock of sheep anymore. The man who MAY want to lead the party of business apparently isn't good enough at business to run a sheep farm, and hopefully the sinking ship SS BC LIEberal won't find enough sheeple in British Columbia to fool yet again.

Of course if Christy and gang, as the suspicious recent polls try to imply, actually win this election it can only mean one of two possibilities - either they cheated (which would be no surprise) or the people and province I currently live among is even more batsh*t crazy than Christy and the Grifters. Either way re-location would be my response cause I don't want to be governed by crooks anymore, or be surrounded by the terminally insane!


Anonymous Kim said...

Exactly!!! Only I won't relocate, I can't afford the goddamned ferry!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 11:03:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Gary E said...

I firmly believe there is collusion between the blatantly pro liberal MSM and some of the so called pollsters.

Which by the way is the reason I think polling is a waste of good ink in the dead tree rags. And a waste of good air in the cyber versions.

Good piece Kootcoot

Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 5:51:00 PM PDT  

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