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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Sad Day
for British Columbia

 I foolishly thought I would awake with a smile on my face this morning, silly me!  I would never have believed that the voters (those who bothered to vote) of British Columbia would reward the less attractive and less intelligent/educated and even less principled BC version of Sarah Palin with not just a victory, but and increase in seats. 

The only small satisfaction to be taken by anyone not in line for LIEberal pork from last night's results is the fact that Christy failed to hold her own Vancouver-Point Grey seat. Though from Christy's view this is most likely a good thing, as now she has an excuse to prolong her absence from the Legislature, where she obviously doesn't care to spend time - nineteen days in session in the last year. Of course her fawning caucus will be falling over each other to step aside to give Christy a safe seat to contest as a reward for saving the bacon of the most dishonest, thieving and corrupt government in the history of Bee Cee. She won't be in any hurry, why call a by-election when she can just bask in the glory of her (well provincially) victory without having to even face the most polite question in the dreaded Legislature. 

I hope those who voted Green and no doubt made this stunning upset possible are now preparing to get involved in clean-ups of tarry goo from land and sea, as they helped guarantee the worst outcome in relation to protecting the pristine land of central B.C. and the coastlines both north and south. Andrew and Jane, you may as well say good-bye to wild salmon while there are still a few alive.  

It is perfectly clear that the road to success in politics in B.C. is lying and character assassination.  It is equally clear that Adrian Dix and the NDP refuse to acknowledge this and will continue to play nice while their opposition has no understanding for either truth, honour or the interests of those millions of B.C. residents who aren't donors. So it is a happy day for corporations like SNC Lavilan, who while facing charges of outright bans in much of the world are those chosen to do business in and help with the pillaging of British Columbia. 

BTW, calling Patrick Kinsella - you can come back now and buy another mansion, maybe in West Van this time, cause the gravy train will be running another four years in British Columbia - the Banana Republic of North America - the jurisdiction that makes Chicago look like a Sunday School Picnic!

One wag characterized the BC NDP as the Toronto Maple Laffs of politics, but that is too kind. At least the Leafs competed, except for the last minute and a half of game seven. Adrian Dix and the Dippers merely kept turning from one cheek to the other saying slap me. In 2001 leading up to the NDP massacre the MSM was like an arm of the soon to be created PABlum Brigade (PAB), with every news cast starting with the two gangsters (?) exiting a North Burnaby card room - yet the same media has spent the last twelve years doing everything possible to hide the corruption and lies the Campbell/Clark government has embodied - while giving inordinate barrels of ink and pixels to a missing sky train ticket and memo from almost twenty years ago.

Adrian, since you wouldn't be so "not nice" as to point out the myriad failing and sins of the BC LIEberal reign of terror, most of the apathetic voters of B.C. don't even know about them and therefore, this morning, think they have elected a good government and British Columbia is headed for a rosy future powered with gas (in more ways than one).

One last message I would like to address to Brad Bennet, son of Bennet the Lesser and Grandson of Wacky. I hope you are proud of yourself for helping this gang of thieves gain enough time to complete their project of giving away and/or destroying everything your grandfather built over twenty years to benefit ALL British Columbians.  

Green Crime Scenes!

It is impossible to parse just how a split vote would have gone without getting a truthful answer (judging from poll results - unlikely) from each voter who voted for the third party that possibly diluted the vote of one of the two major parties. However, it is reasonable to at least pose the possibility that many who voted Green would have voted NDP if the Green option had not been available. Since the environment is the main concern of the Green Party, then concern for the environment must be important for Green voters. Any Green voter who would default to the BC LIEberals obviously hasn't been paying attention - after all, they are the party that approved the Prosperity Mine proposal that even the government of that enemy of trees and fish everywhere, Stephen Harper couldn't get behind. By my admittedly rushed analysis, if the Greens had kept away from the following twelve ridings, Adrian Dix would be consulting with his wife about what to wear when visiting the LG in a few days.  


Comox Valley

Boundary Similkameen

Maple Ridge-Mission

Delta North

Vancouver Fraserview

Burnaby North


Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows

Port Moody - Coquitlam

Oak Bay - Gordon Head

Surry Fleetwood

Even if we let Andrew Weaver keep Oak Bay - Gordon Head, the Libs would be reduced to under forty seats and the dippers would have been sitting in 45 or so seats. So get busy Jane and Andrew, get yer rubber gloves, solvent, brushes and sponges ready and oh yeah, get used to eating farmed salmon and perhaps drinking bottled water and don't blame anybody but yourselves!


Anonymous e.a.f. said...

Right On! You said it right! To win in politics you have to fight like a pit bull. That is how Barrett, Harcourt, and Glen Clark won. Not by being nice and turning the other check. They pointed out the problems with the socred/lieberals.

The Greens have done a wonderful job ensuring B.C. becomes the mining capital of Canada. They expect to open a mine in the Comox Valley now, just above Barnes Sound, which has all the shell fish farms. Thank you Greens for ensuring we won't be able to repeal the Forest Act el gordo passed.

Me, I'm going to find my old bumber sticker which said, "Don't blame me. I voted NDP."

The B.C. Conservatives would have done a better job of running this province than the lieberals.

How voters could have voted for the lieberals and look children in the eye is beyond me. The kids in this province have had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 8 yrs. and only last yr. got to be the second highest in poverty. The kids in Surrey have so many portables they need 10 schools just to get them out of them. School districts keep having their budgets cut. There are only 63 pyschiatric beds for children in this province.

Think I'll see about getting my duel citizen ship so I can at least get health care in Europe or even Alberta.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 8:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger islandpapa said...

One can only hope that the first tanker coming out of Burrard Inlet that spews its guts layer the West Van shoreline with black gobuls of bunker C

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 8:01:00 AM PDT  
Blogger kootcoot said...


Or maybe it could run aground on the former timber license beachfront property on Juan de Fuca Strait that Rich Coleman gave to his brother for residential/recreational development. Covering some salmon pens and killing off a bunch of Atlantic Salmon and their fleas wouldn't be a bad idea either. But West Van first and let the rich buggers clean up their own effing beach!

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 8:57:00 AM PDT  

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