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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dawna Freisen
Dirt Disher!
Dawna Friesen working on her C.V. to apply to Glow Ball

GlowBall TeeVee seems to have a real tendency to hire anchors that serve some time in the big (read important) networks in the USA, like NBC,CBS and ABC - Faux News not so much. Canadian born, and returned, Kevin Newman, Chris Gailus and Dawna Friesen are all results of this policy. Of course compared to Chris Gailus who fluffs pillows for the establishment (read BC Liberals and their corporate masters) Dawna is a female Edwina J. Murrow. Though no fault of her own though, now Dawna is being forced to be almost a tabloid political version of the legally trained guy that runs the banks of "papparazzi reporters" at TMZ as the Global National becomes more and more like northern version of TMZ for politicians rather than irrelevant celebrities.

The Early Evening National on GlowBall runs from 5:30PM to 6:OOPM, here on the left coast and on Tuesday evening the first item up was the reconvened Senate Internal Economy Committee that had originally provided a white washed report on Mike Duffy's indescretions while making no effort to tone down the language in the cases of (former) Lib Senator Harb or Justin's TKO victim, (former) Con Senator Brazeau. Unlike the last meeting of this committee behind closed doors, this one was opened to the press and public and Mike Duffy was even invited to attend, which he chose not to do.

The mulligan do-over meeting not only removed the whitewash from the original report, but made public even more allegations, such as the fact that the Duffster had invoiced for per diem on many days when he was not in Ottawa, many of them not even in Canada - enjoying the warmer climes of Florida, for a number of these "claimed" days. Color me surprised, but Mr. Duffy was even actually on Prince Edward Island, imagine that, on some of the days he had billed the taxpayers for his oleaginous presence in Ottawa, and on others he had been on the road campaigning for his once buddy Stephen Harper in the campaign to steal the election of 2011. Also the committee moved to send the matter to the RCMP for further investigation. Considering how diligent the horsemen were on BC Rail and that they may not be able to say anything not approved by the adulterous Vic Toews, this doesn't exactly make me confident a real investigation will actually occur.

Next item, we moved on to Question Period in the House of Infamy - Federal Division, where Prime Sinister Harper actually showed up to take, but not necessarily answer questions about Mr. Duffy, Nigel Wright and $90,000 and change. Ever since Humpty Duffy had fallen down, Steven had been hiding in Peru and Columbia promoting trade deals with countries in some cases with even worse human rights records than his BFF China. But, hey, maybe he wanted to try and get a better deal on the raw ingredients for crack (cocaine) for his buddy bros in Toronto.

Speaking of the Ford brothers, then Dawna and her correspondents had to address the ongoing comedy at the Center of the Universe. It was fairly quiet on Rob's birthday Tuesday, as Rob offered cake to the maggots in the media that some of them accepted, another staffer or two quit and it was revealed that a homicide detective had been to interview a member of Ford's staff. Conflicting statements continue to swirl, like there is no video of the mayor smoking crack with dope dealers - one of which is since deceased, or Rob or a staffer know where the non-existent video is and Gawker had raised the $200,000 to buy the video but now can't find the owner, who also might be deceased, more recently.

The next item concerned Harper bud, Arthur Porter, who after being appointed the HEAD of the committee overseeing CSIS, had to leave the country as a fugitive evading charges for fraud and breach of trust around bribes and such around the new McGill Medical Centre construction to be undertaken by that pillar of corporate probity and friend of the Gaddaffis, SNC-Lavalin - who apparently never saw a job they didn't want to bribe for, even if they didn't need to do so. Mr. Porter, who had claimed to be too ill with stage four cancer to travel, was captured on an overnight layover in Panama enroute to Trinidad and Tobago from the Bahamas where he has been hiding out ever since he became a fugitive. In spite of statements to the opposite, apparently today he has stated that he will be fighting extradition to Canada to face the charges.

By this time there was barely ten minutes left of the half hour newscast and Dawna hadn't even mention anything about Bee Cee, which could easily have used up the rest of the show while staying with the same theme of corruption, cronyism and just plain criminal behavior by our leaders and their closest friends and staff. Just imagine how things would be if we hadn't elected the religiously upright, moral and honest and transparent Steven Slime to look after our interests. Hell, it is hard to see how we could be governed worse by the Hell's Angels anymore - except they might not lie as much and just depend on intimidation instead - not that the Harper government doesn't also use that tool - just ask former ambassador Colvin, Cindy Blackstock or the card carrying Conservative veterans that wanted to be treated better by Veterans Affairs.

Oh Canada, I weep for where we are going and we were such a wonderful country, unrecognizable now, thanks to the Harpster and his trained seals and fence posts with hair

Thanks - Dan Murphy


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