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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Black Day
in May

Inmate number 18330-424
and his buddy Vic the nanny impregnator
chilling at the Coleman Federal Detention Complex

Well, today we learned that unlike many actual Canadians who get enmeshed in difficulty with totalitarian regimes in Africa or the Middle East, through no misconduct of their own, the Harper Government(TM) will be welcoming convicted Brit felon Conrad Black back to the bosom of his shrew Barbara Amiel and the centre of the universe, otherwise known as Tranna. Although Harper and his thugs, Jason Kenny and Vic "smelly" Toews deny that "Lordy" Black, as he is known to his fellow prisoners, is getting any special treatment, he already has a temporary residency permit to live in Canada from May 2012 to May 2013, in spite of the fact that for most people it takes a year or more to receive such a permit. NDP MP Pat Martin thought that Lard Black should get a much shorter temporary permit, and said:
I think he should be allowed back in this country for 24 hours – long enough to strip him of his Order of Canada.
Generally one has to show remorse and accept responsibility for their transgressions in order to receive such a permit, or parole, but the Laird of Crossdressing still maintains he did nothing wrong and was a victim of a frame job by jealous losers. But I don't find it surprising that Lard Butt of the Media would be allowed back into Canada as soon as possible because CONrad is their kind of criminal. The party of fixed elections, fixed bids on useless planes, and sixteen dollar glasses of orange juice can only admire a man(?) of such despicable greed and arrogance.

However, the return of Canada's greediest swindler so far prosecuted in the USA isn't the reason this is a Black Wednesday in May. No, today May 2, 2012 is the one year anniversary of the success of the PsuedoCons' exercise in voter suppression and election fraud and their achievement of attaining a majority government, in spite of the fact that almost two thirds of Canadians who bothered to vote chose anybody but Harper and his thugs. The Globe and Mail, not surprisingly since they endorsed the election of Harper and his acolytes, think that the Harper Government(TM) has had a very good year, with the exception of the omnibus crime bill, which according to the anonymous editorial board of the Flailing Goober amounted to:
On crime, the government kept its promise to be tough, but a foolish promise kept should not be much satisfaction.
Actually, while it may have been a good year for the Harper Government(TM), it hasn't been quite so good for Canadians, a great number of whom have been labeled enemies of the state by the Canadian Taliban of Treason Stephen the Fascist Harper. Veterans who had the temerity to advocate for the rights of themselves and their colleagues have had their private medical records pored over by Harper staff trying to discredit them. Anyone who thinks that fish habitat, the north coast or anything in the environment might matter to future Canadians has been all but rounded up and taken to concentration camps. Future seniors will have to try to live in a world increasingly polluted and dangerous, due to Harper's all out attack on the environment, fresh water, food inspection and public health an extra two years before being deemed worthy of collecting their pension, while companies like Air Canada (Aveos) and Caterpillar receive generous government subsidies and close plants and abandon Canada and their Canadian workers anyway.

In a Yahoo Canada summing up of the Harperites' first year in power, Andy Radia had a different view than the Goober and Pail of Crap, being more over (or is that under) whelmed by the ongoing scandals, scandals that have been dominating the discourse IN SPITE of the ongoing super human efforts at secrecy and lack of transparency by Harper and his minions.

During the election campaign a leaked auditor general's report suggested then-industry minister Tony Clement funneled $50 million of G8 legacy money into dubious projects in his riding.

Clement claims he "recommended projects" to John Baird, the then-infrastructure minister who had sole authority to decide which projects would get federal cash.
In November, the RCMP announced that it had found no basis for further investigation of Clement.

Irwin Cotler affair:

In November, it was reported that constituents in the Montreal riding of Mount Royal were receiving calls from a telephone number identified as "Campaign Research" asking if they intend to support the Conservative party in an impending federal by-election.

There was one problem though: Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, who represents Mount Royal, had no plans of stepping down and there was no impending by-election.
According to an article in the National Post, the Conservative party eventually admitted to making the calls but claimed they were simply identifying supporters.

Peter MacKay's helicopter trip:

Opposition MPs went on the attack in December over Defence Minister Peter MacKay's 10-minute trip on a search-and-rescue helicopter in July 2010.

The helicopter picked up MacKay from a remote fishing lodge in central Newfoundland at a cost to taxpayers of $32,000.
Despite leaked documents suggesting the helicopter pick-up was only to be under the "guise" of a search-and-rescue exercise, MacKay continues to insist he did nothing wrong.

Robo-call scandal:

As Postmedia News reported in February, Elections Canada and police are looking into reports that automated calls in as many as 18 ridings falsely advised voters that the locations of their polling stations had changed.

At least some of these calls were linked to Racknine, a small Edmonton call centre that worked for the Tory national campaign.
The investigation continues.

Christian Paradis' ethics problem:

In March, industry minister Paradis was found guilty of conflict of interest for helping former caucus colleague Rahim Jaffer meet with senior bureaucrats on a controversial green-energy project.

According to Tim Harper of the Toronto Star, Paradis is now under investigation in two more ethics cases.

F-35 debacle:

Last month, auditor general Michael Ferguson tabled a scathing report claiming the Harper government's plan to buy new F-35 fighter jets was conducted with key data hidden from decision makers and parliamentarians.

Moreover, during a post-report conference, Ferguson said the Harper government would have known that the F-35 was estimated to cost $25 billion, not the $14.7 billion the public was told in the weeks before the last federal election.
The Harper government tried to explain the discrepancy away by claiming it was due to differing accounting methodologies.

Bev Oda's $16 orange juice:

Bev Oda's travel expenses to the UK caused controversy last week.

A Canadian Press story revealed that the international cooperation minister was originally booked to stay at a London hotel where she was attending a conference last June, but had her staff rebook her at the swanky Savoy hotel, where her stay cost her about $665 per night.

The total bill for her three-day stay including the room and room service was $1,995. The room charges included an orange juice that cost $16.

Oda also hired a car and driver, at a cost of about $1,000 per day, to bring her to the hotel she was originally supposed to stay at.
She eventually apologized for her lavish spending and repaid the money out of her own pocket.

Of course Mr. Radia's account merely skims the surface, as many more ridings than 18 are in question, the F-35 situation is much more complicated and Bev Oda hasn't necessarily paid back the almost $1000 per day limo fares to go to the hotel she should have been waking up in (two km from the Savoy). Andy also forgot to mention that early in their mandate, this corrupt gang that called an election to avoid being found in contempt of Parliament, quietly plead guilty to electoral fraud/overspending from a previous election, charges that they had vehemently denied for at least two years.

As a dedicated foe of Harper and his cohorts and everything they stand for, I can only hope that they do as well in the year ahead, and if they do even better, perhaps they will have been run out of office and with real good fortune, some of them will be sitting in prison


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Conservative chair, Andrew Scheer let the Nazi Harper and his henchman MacKay off the hook. Their lies and deceit, regarding the costs of the F-35, is not valid.

They also said, the robo-calls have actually been traced to Harper and his Conservative henchmen.

In BC, they came up with bull shit about, the $6 million thieved from the tax payers dollars, to pay Basi and Virks legal fees. They said, it's on the tax payers dime.

Harper's favorite henchman Campbell, was the one who lied and said, the BCR wasn't for sale. He sold it and the priceless Real Estate that went with it.

Boessenkoll, another of Harper's henchmen, has been placed in with the disgusting BC Liberals. Van Dongen another BC Liberal, crossed over to the BC Conservatives. Why doesn't he own up to, doing nothina about Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR?? He was right there and said bugger all.

The BC Conservatives support Harper, on the Enbridge pipeline.

All the said party's, seem to have interchangeable parts, one size fits all.

They all work for Harper the Nazi Reformer, of his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. The skinheads organized that fascist party.

Whoever would have thought, Canada could have such evil, within our once decent and good country? Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.

Monday, May 7, 2012 at 5:48:00 PM PDT  

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